Can You Shave With Just Water? (Read This Before Trying It)

As men, we have different methods of shaving our beards which we have become accustomed to. Several factors are responsible for different men’s choices of these shaving methods. These factors may be due to sensitivity or texture of your skin, budget, and sometimes, mere preference.

Some men are comfortable with shaving with just water, while some use shaving creams, foams, gels, waxing, etc. However, shaving with just water is not as easy as it sounds. This is due to the risks of shaving accidents and injuries such as bumps, cuts, and burns. While you can shave with just water, it is essential to take some precautions.

shaving with just water

Regardless of your chosen shaving method, precaution is necessary to avoid skin irritations and burns. This article focuses on keeping your skin and hair healthy while shaving with just water.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Pros And Cons Of Shaving With Just Water

shave with just water?

Shaving with just water is not ideal but it is definitely an option especially if you don’t have sensitive skin. However, like everything else in life, it comes with some advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s discuss them.

Pros of Shaving With Just Water

  • It saves money. This is an obvious one. If you don’t buy shaving creams or gels or foams, you save a considerable amount of money in the long run.
  • It saves time. By not applying foam or gel, you save time. You also shave faster and when you rinse with water you also do it much faster.

Cons Of Shaving With Just Water

  • Increased risk of cuts. Everyone understands that shaving without any lubricant increases the risk of bumps and cuts.
  • Unpleasant shaving experience. Even if you don’t cut yourself, shaving without shaving creams, gels or foams makes it very annoying and more painful. These products have been produced to serve the human’s need to shave easier and more conveniently.
  • Higher risk of skin irritation. Again, even if you don’t cut yourself, razor burn, itchiness, redness and irritation may be unavoidable.

Keep in mind that I am not telling you these things to persuade you about anything. But, I have to be clear and tell you the truth as always. For most men, shaving with just water, without shaving cream is very unpleasant.

What To Expect If You Shave With Just Water

shave with water

Shaving with just water will be doing your finances a lot of favor due to the relatively high costs of shaving products. Shaving with water removes the cost of shaving powders, soaps, and creams.

Shaving with just water can safely be regarded as the cheapest shaving method. While shaving with just water might be a low-cost option, it is essential to note what to expect in cases where that is the only available option.

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This shaving method comes with a no moisturizing effect. The absence of soap on the hair and skin increases the friction that occurs when the razor gets on the skin. Soap, by its nature, has some lubricating effects that reduce the friction that occurs when the razor goes over the skin, resulting in a smooth shave.

The friction that occurs when shaving with just water is more stressful on your hair strands, making shaving a painful experience.

This is due to the absence of the lubricating and moisturizing effects of shaving products. Using just water on the skin also increases the possibility of cuts and shaving irritations like burns and bumps. This is a typical one and should be foreseeable.

Are Shaving Creams, Foams, Or Gels Necessary?

Every man’s goal is to have a face free of razor burns and bumps, but you might not quickly achieve this if shaving creams and gels are absent from your shaving regimen. Razor burns are skin irritations that appear on the skin after shaving.

It appears red on the skin and is often caused by the friction from running razors over your skin. Shaving gels, creams, and foams help avoid this by lubricating your skin in preparation for shaving. As a result, you cannot downplay the importance of shaving creams, foams, and gels on the skin.

Beard hair is naturally tough and sometimes spiky, and shaving it without lubricants might be uncomfortable. Shaving creams and gels create a softening effect on the skin as a result of certain ingredients contained in them. These ingredients also reduce the chances of skin irritations like redness and razor burns.

Shaving creams and gels enable the razor to glide over your skin smoothly, thanks to reduced friction. This makes shaving more comfortable as your skin and hair are moisturized.

Shaving creams and gels also help one keep track of the places that have been shaved. This might not be so much of an advantage, but it helps you not miss any spot.

The effects of shaving creams and gels on the hair and skin are that they lubricate, hydrate, smoothen, and refresh your hair and skin.

How To Shave Your Face With Just Water ( + 1 Underrated Tip)

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of shaving with just water, let’s see how you can do it more effectively for those of you that keep wanting to try it.

Unlike using shaving cream and gels, shaving with just water requires extra precautions because it lacks the majority, if not all, of the advantages that come with using shaving cream and gels. You might want to follow these precautions.

1. Get the required razor

The choice of the razor when shaving with just water is vital. Most razors are good but getting the required razor for shaving is essential. It is important to note that an expensive razor may not necessarily be the right razor. A two-edged razor blade is often the required razor. Preferably, use a disposable one as it is about the safest when shaving with just water.

Razors lose their effectiveness and become blunt when there’s contact with water. If reused, this will lead to rusting and eventually cause skin irritations. Ensure that the razor is new and sharp enough. A dull razor will increase the chances of cuts on the skin more than a new razor.

2. The use of cold water

This will come as a surprise for most people. I know.

I had been shaving with warm water for years when I was in the military.

However, once I started shaving with cold water, I never looked back.

Cold water makes your skin tighter, firmer and easier for the razor to glide. Moreover, cold water makes your facial hair stand straight out! The same thing happens across your whole body when it is freezing, right?

Another benefit of cold water shaving is that it wakes you up and you feel refreshed and ready to do stuff or start your day.

Even if you feel weird about it, give it a try and you won’t regret it. Remember, I have been there too.

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3. Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the removal of dead cells from the outer layer of the skin. This process is very vital for the skin before shaving, especially one done without soap.

Exfoliation can be done with the use of a preferred cleanser. The cleanser reduces the excess oil on the face and removes dirt. Ensure to wet your face with warm water before applying the cleanser.

Slightly rub the cleanser across every part of the face and then rinse off with warm water after a few minutes. Exfoliation also improves your skin’s health and gives you a fresh look.

4. Shave firmly and carefully

Shaving with just water requires some skill and patience. It is often advisable to shave on wet skin and constantly apply water if your skin starts drying up. Continuous addition of warm water is required because it is the only lubricant when shaving without soaps, creams, or gels.

Unlike shaving creams which keep you on track of the areas that the razor has passed through, shaving with just water won’t earn you that. You might have to carefully run the razor over the same spot a few times.

5. Shave After Bath

Shaving after a bath is really underrated! Shaving after taking a bath makes the whole process so much smoother. Especially, for those of you that will not use a lubricant why not moisturize your face and facial hair before shaving?

I can’t recommend this enough!

6. Don’t Go Against The Grain

It is tempting to shave against the grain. It lasts longer. Your face is smoother and more clean-shaven.

However, shaving against the grain is very demanding. If you have sensitive skin and you are shaving without foam, you will have a hard time. It is actually a recipe for disaster.

Remember, this site is NOT like other websites that focus on making you buy something. I don’t make money if you buy foams or gels. They cost 4-5-6$ depending on the country you live in and I don’t even have a link so that you can buy them!

I am trying to save you from unnecessary mistakes using my personal experience. That’s all I do. I hope you understand.

7. Aftershave maintenance

After shaving, you can sprinkle cold water on the area. The essence of this is to reduce shaving irritations. Dry with a clean towel afterward.

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How To Shave With Budget Options You Already Have In Your House

shaving in budget

Budget options are alternatives to using shaving cream, gel, or soap. These options are primarily found in the house and are safe to use. In terms of use, there is no particular method.

After applying any of the options on the skin, all that is required is to get the required razor and shave slowly and carefully. These options include conditioner, Aloe Vera, body lotion, shea butter, etc.

1. Conditioner

The hair conditioner has many hydrating ingredients that make it easy to glide a razor across your skin. The first step is to gently massage the conditioner into the skin. You should do this some minutes before shaving to let your skin absorb the conditioner. Once hydrated, you may begin shaving as your hair won’t feel the absence of shaving cream.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another good substitute for shaving creams. This plant is mainly found around the house, and because of its small size, it can survive in just a bucket filled with sand placed in a corner where rays of sunlight can get to it.

Aloe Vera has a jelly-like texture; when applied to the skin, friction is reduced, and shaving becomes enjoyable. Apply the aloe Vera to the skin and shave carefully.

3. Body lotion

Body lotion naturally moisturizes the skin and can temporarily serve as a shaving lubricant because of its texture and moisturizing effect. When applied to the skin, it makes shaving with a razor smooth and comfortable.

4. Shea butter

This is another budget option, and it is of good use. This is because of the anti-inflammatory property contained in it that nourishes the skin, heals cuts, and reduces the appearance of old and new scars. Shea butter can be used as a quick fix to shaving problems, resulting in seamless results.

Should I Apply After-Shave Lotion?

Aftershave lotion is a cosmetic product used to prevent infections and is usually applied after shaving. The use of aftershave lotions depends on your skin’s sensitivity, and it is optional.

Men with sensitive skin might be required to take this extra step of using an aftershave lotion to prevent any irritation after shaving. In addition, some aftershaves contain essential oils that replenish the skin and improve its appearance.

Aftershave lotions are also a good alternative if your skin is sensitive to alcohol-based aftershave products. The use of aftershave also depends on how often you shave. If you shave frequently, getting an aftershave lotion might be necessary to keep your skin moisturized.

To Sum Things Up

Shaving with just water is not the best thing to do.

However, some of you will still do it no matter what I say! And that’s ok!

In fact, there are some serious advantages to shaving only with water.

Today we discussed the pros and cons of shaving with no lubricant, foam, gel. In my opinion, the pros of using a shaving lubricant product far outweighs the pros of shaving with just water.

But, if you ask me, is it possible to shave with just water and be fine? The answer is yes! It can happen especially if you don’t have sensitive skin!

My point is, what’s the problem of not using foam? If it is the cost, you can try the budget options that you already have at your disposal! It will make the experience much more convenient.

Don’t you have a shower gel or a soap to wash your hands? Use that if you don’t wanna buy a shaving product!

And… that’s it for today! I really hope we covered all your questions!

But, if you have still questions lemme us know in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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