Goatee With Sideburns: Benefits, Guide, Examples

Do you wanna know everything about the goatee with sideburns beard style?

Is it good or bad and how to do it?

goatee with sideburns

If yes, you are in the right place.

Nowadays, many men wear a goatee, and time has shown that they will continue to do so because goatees have been one of the most popular beard styles ever.

What can you do if you want to stand out, though?

A goatee with sideburns is one of your options! But what exactly is a goatee with sideburns?

In short, a goatee with sideburns is a hybrid beard style including a traditional goatee and long sideburns. It is a disconnected beard style because if those two are connected it is called an extended goatee or a full beard. Easy to maintain, perfect for men with patchy beards who want attention.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of this beard style, who is this beard style for and how to do and maintain it.

Let’s get started!

Benefits Of A Goatee With Sideburns

benefits of a goatee with sideburns
Makes You Stand Out
Gives A Retro Tone While Maintaining The Time Tested Beard Style
Some Men Look Weird In Pure Or Full Goatee

Believe it or not, there are a lot men wearing the goatee beard style. A lot.

Actually, I have already over 10 articles for goatees on this blog and I plan to do many more. Why?

Simply because so many men search for it.

Do you want to be one of them?

Some of you will say no! A goatee with sideburns is not so common. You don’t see a guy wearing this beard style everywhere. You will immediately draw attention.

Some people want attention, some others don’t. Ask yourself who you are.

Secondly, there are some men search for retro men’s fashion ideas but then they think about it twice and they fear to express themselves. However, this beard style combines the modern era but gives a retro tone which can make you unique.

Thirdly, do you think that every man looks amazing wearing a goatee?

Hell, no. In fact, I look so bad and weird in a goatee. I can’t stop laughing at myself.

But, a goatee with sideburns is different, it changes your face shape and angles a little bit, it looks more like a beard, and generally, it is different.

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You don’t lose anything to try it and if you don’t like it, you just trim or shave the sideburns and you are back to a traditional goatee.

So, simple.

Who Is A Goatee With Sideburns For?

who is a goatee for

We have briefly discussed this but let’s summarize. This beard style is for:

A man who wants to stand out from anybody else.
A man who shows masculinity and courage to be different
A man who can’t grow a full beard
A man who wants to combine retro and modern style
A man who looks weird in a traditional goatee

These are only some types of men that a goatee with sideburns would help.

When you want to stand out, you have to be the first, you have to try what other fear to try and get out. Women always like men that stand out.

Women always need a masculine man who is different than everyone else, can provide security for them and yes this style makes you look more alpha for sure. It gives you confidence.

Also, some men can’t grow full beards and that’s ok. You can’t control your genetics. At least for the time being.

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But, if you look strange in a goatee and you can’t grow a full beard, then a variation of a traditional goatee might work for you.

Finally, some men live their live and travel the world seeing and loving retro stuff, retro cars, retro houses, retro clothing, etc.

Why shouldn’t they be able to have their own semi retro beard style?

For all those reasons, a man can wear a goatee with sideburns.

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Let’s now see how we can grow a beard style like that.

How To Trim A Goatee With Sideburns?

how to trim a goatee with sideburns

The steps we have to take are nearly the same as trying to create a goatee but we will need to pay attention on the sideburns. That’s the only difference.

What will we need?

Well, we won’t need anything special or expensive. The things we will need are:

  • A high quality beard trimmer
  • A facial shampoo
  • A razor for shaving(optional)
  • After shave lotion
  • Beard Oil

Supposedly, we all have these things already and we don’t need to buy anything.

Let’s now see the steps to grow a goatee with sideburns.

Trim the whole beard
Create Your Goatee First
Trim Your Cheeks Without The Sideburns
Shave Everything Outside(Optional)
Apply Some Beard Oil

The first thing you should always do is exfoliate. Exfoliating with a brush won’t take you more 1-2 minutes and it will allow you to have a much better shaving experience removing the dead cells and dirt from your face.

Also, always wash your face. It helps.

The second step to achieve your desirable beard style is to trim your whole beard. Don’t overthink it, just trim it to be even but not very much.

Remember, you wanna have beard not stubble.

Now, things get more serious. Now is the time for you to shape your goatee. The most difficult part that everyone misses is the neckline and therefore I have made a whole article about the goatee neckline that you can read here.

A goatee neckline should lie exactly 2 fingers’ width above Adam’s apple. (your very characteristic lump in the middle of your neck)

Also, do not make your two sides of the goatee too narrow. This is a regular mistake that all of us have made. Remember, you can always trim it further later on if you want to.

So, now you have the goatee but you also have a full beard. It is time to shave everything in your cheeks except your sideburns.

As you can easily understand, the width and length of the sideburns is exclusively your choice.

Longer sideburns help square and round faces while shorter sideburns can help oval faces or men with weak chin. However, very short sideburns won’t have much of an impact. Typically, you want it from 0,25 to 0,5 inches long.

You need your sideburns to be relatively long to support this beard style.

Also, your sideburns’ width plays an important role in the final result. Your beard’s width is something that depends on your preferences. The average sideburns’ width is 1,5 to 3,5 inches.

Trim everything between your sideburns and goatee. This has to be done without the guard(naked blade). You want your face well trimmed or shaven so that the sideburns and the goatee are well seen.

You can keep the soul patch, in my opinion it’s good to have.

If you don’t want the stubble that the naked guard will leave, then apply high-quality shaving cream. Then, stretch your skin and shave everywhere except the goatee area and the sideburns.

Shaving not will remove your stubble but also will make the goatee and sideburns’ lines much sharper and thus the beard look much better and more define.

Remember, there has to be some gap between the sideburns and the goatee. Don’t connect them if you want this beard style.

So far so good, we are almost done!

Now, you have your desirable look but we need to do one more step before we finish.

After, you wash your face and dry it with a towel you should apply after shave lotion so that your skin is not itching or swelling and also helps cuts from shaving heal faster.

Before you leave the bathroom, apply some beard oil to your new beard.

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Congrats! You have made it!

sideburn goatee


The goatee with sideburns beard style is a hybrid style that combines the traditional goatee with the sideburns.

It is a very nice beard style for men who want to stand out, get all the attention and look like alphas. High confident men.

It is not a very difficult style to do but it is not the easiest as well.

It requires a good trimmer, a nice mirror and basic trimming skills. It also needs often maintenance. One time a week at the very least.

You can also use a razor to make it sharper.

And that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you found this article helpful and easy to read. We always try our best to serve you.

Are you ready for a change this year or you fear other people’s opinion once again?

Take action!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to comment down below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe and…let it grow!


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