How To Color Very Short Beard Without Staining Your Skin

Are you wondering how to dye your short beard but you don’t wanna make a mess and spread the color all over your face?

If that’s the case this article is for you.

stubble beard styles

Rocking a short or stubble beard is the best choice for men who want to look masculine but also very stylish and well-groomed.

Still, sometimes you wanna make a significant change, experiment with new colors, and see if it makes you look better and sexier.

In short, to dye a short beard you should follow the following steps:

  • Choose a dye with a color that matches your natural beard color
  • Collect everything you will need beforehand
  • Read product’s instructions carefully
  • Prepare the beard dye
  • Prepare your beard
  • Perform a simple patch test
  • Apply vaseline or jelly on the skin surrounding your beard
  • Brush the dye carefully onto your beard
  • Leave the beard dye for as long as instructions on the packaging suggest (no less, no more)
  • When ready, wash your beard and face.

If you follow these steps you won’t have any problem dyeing your stubble beard. However, it is obvious that there are a lot more details to discuss.

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know to dye a stubble beard, maintain it, the best dyes and we will answer all questions you may have.

Let’s get started!

Why Do Men Dye Their Beards?

Why do men dye their beards
Best Beard Style Ideas

Dyed stubble goes in and out of style. Gray hairs are associated with intellect, but not every man wants to be seen and perceived as a savant judged by his beard.

There are many reasons why someone wants to dye his beard.

Some of them may be:

  • You don’t like your beard’s color
  • You don’t wanna look old
  • You want to make your stubble look fuller
  • You want to experiment and make a change

Whatever your reason is, you would definitely be interested in knowing how to do it efficiently to prevent self-consciousness or potential embarrassment.

Age is the primary factor that impacts your hair color, whether it be facial or head hair. And dyeing your beard is a challenging task unless you are an expert. If you are trying it for the first time, it can get tricky.

The beard dye trickles, and if you fail to clean it up speedily, it will leave spots that won’t go away easily. The effort of maintaining a beard doesn’t only require growth and grooming; it demands a lot more than that to keep it look just perfect.

But it is still worth it because it makes you appear strong and masculine. It adds charisma to a man’s personality and makes you look super attractive.

Coloring your short beard can really help you get your confidence back up, feel younger, and let you be yourself. So, do not hesitate!

Can You Dye A Stubble Beard Without Staining Your Skin?

dye stubble beard without staining your skin

Obviously, you can!

Dyeing is not bound to long-beard only; you can dye your short beard to any color you want; it doesn’t matter if it’s short, medium, or a reasonably long stubble.

The one particular thing you must remember is that; evenly apply the dye to give your stubble a simple and genuine look.

And it’s safe to dye a stubble beard when the products you are going to use for your beard are suitable for your skin type.

Undoubtedly, redness, irritation, and other allergic reactions can happen if you use a product that is of poor quality or doesn’t suit your skin type.

Luckily, we will give you all the important information that you need to know about what products are suitable for your skin and which ones you should avoid.

What Will You Need To Color Stubble Beard?

how to dye short beard

Before we get to know the whole procedure of dyeing your short beard, you have to understand the preventive measures to lessen the staining of your skin if you have already bought the products to dye your beard.

You will need a small brush to dye your facial hair. Don’t neglect anything mentioned here, as all the accessories and tools play a key role in holding the stains at bay.

One more method to keep away from the stains is by using Vaseline on the outer layer of the beard.

It will protect the beard from dripping and leakage. Alcohol-based wipes are handy, and they can be helpful for quick stains removal. Finally, wearing latex gloves is recommended to protect and cover your hands from them receiving unneeded stains.

Helpful Things To Know Before Starting The Process.

Follow these steps to dye your stubble beard without staining your skin. And if you are not sure about whether the dye would cause allergy to your skin or not, you can test it by applying a bit of it on the sensitive area of your body, like your leg or forearm.

If your skin doesn’t get reddish or you don’t feel any kind of itching, you can use the products on your beard.

  1. If you plan to dye your stubble tomorrow, wash your beard one day before to avoid debris. Also, the beard would be ready for the dyeing products.
  2. As you already know beard dye might stain your t-shirt, it would be a good idea to wear a t-shirt that you won’t regret wearing for the dyeing because of the permanent stains on it. You might need to rub your hands; dye drops can fall on it or drip down. It will be perfect if you dye the beard near a sink.
  3. One more thing that you should have while dying your beard is patience. Because dying will take time. You have to wait as recommended and don’t hurry to get it done immediately.
  4. Moreover, apply it properly and don’t try to get it done speedily. You should concentrate on doing it properly.

Most men are scared of dying their beards on their own as they are upset about getting their skin stained. That’s why you must follow all steps with care. You should comb your facial hair before applying the dye.

Taking the perfect precautions will make sure that no such issues will happen. Now, you might have the gist of dying your stubble beard. Let’s get into the basics of dyeing your stubble like a pro.

The very first step is to get organized, meaning collect all the supplies that you’ll need and keep them in front of you throughout the process.

The stuff you’ll need include;

  • Vaseline
  • Beard dye
  • Rubber gloves
  • Paper towels to clean up the mess and stains
  • Applicator (some hair-dying products include a mascara-type brush)
  • Alcohol-based wipes or tint remover (to remove the dye easily from your skin or other areas)

How To Dye Your Short Beard Step By Step

Step 1

Choose The Right Beard Color

Choosing the right color is the most crucial part of dyeing your beard. The objective is to get expected results that don’t provide unnatural or a jarring look with the final hair tone. Thus, spare some time to consider the following;

Observe your gray hair density

Observe your gray hair and then decide whether you want to have complete dye or a touch-up application.

If you have less gray hair, go for a traditional beard dye that offers full coverage. If you have more gray hair, use a touch-up beard dye. It will give you a natural salt-and-pepper finish look.

Also, You should choose a beard dye that is close to your natural hair look.

Applying a dye that is way too dark as compared to the hair on the top of your head will look weird. Head hair, eyebrows, and beard color should be close or at least natural. Imagine having a blonde beard with black hair and brown eyebrows…

Another thing I want to talk about is that sometimes we won’t have the best results after dyeing our beard only once. This happens when the color are opposite.

Let’s say you have a completely white beard and you wanna turn it black. Do you think it will ever be possible?

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The result will be more like gray. But, then after some time, you may dye it again.

Step 2

Collect everything you will need beforehand

Get the dyeing kit ready and wear your gloves.

If you need anything after you have started the process either you will create a mess or you won’t stick to the exact duration of the process. So, please collect everything you may possibly need.

Remember, if you leave the beard dye longer it will make your beard darker than you may want. This will result in an unnatural result. We just wanna look awesome not weird.

Step 3

Read product’s instructions carefully

This may look like an obvious one but please make sure to not skip it. Every product is different and especially when you are applying anything on your face you should be extra cautious.

Step 4

Prepare the beard dye

Beard dye kits contain a base color tube and a color developer tube; the developer works as a filler and makes the dye thicker.

Add both ingredients to a tray and mix them. Make a mixture that should be enough to hide your beard one time. No need to overdo it when you are doing it for the first time.

Step 5

Prepare Your Beard

Preparing your beard for the dyeing process is really important for a successful final result. The preparation includes washing your beard with shampoo and also drying it very well.

We want to remove any dirt, any unnecessary oils, and generally, anything that may prevent the beard dye from going deep and doing what it is supposed to do.

It may seem obvious but I bet most of you skip it.

The last thing thing you want to do before you start applying the dye is to comb your beard; it, you will let the beard catch the color on better.

Step 6

Apply vaseline (petroleum jelly) onto your skin around your beard

Vaseline is extremely important when it comes to dyeing your beard without staining your skin. It will allow you to only dye the areas you want and not for example your cheeks and your neck.

It is a very easy but vital step you shouldn’t skip.

Step 7

Perform a simple patch test

This is very self-explanatory. We want to make sure that we won’t cause any damage, irritation, acne, allergy, etc by using a beard dye.

Put a small part of the beard dye you are going to use on your elbow and see if it cause any inflammation or redness.

If everything is ok, move on.

Step 8

Brush the beard dye onto your beard carefully

After mixing the color and developer, use your applicator/toothbrush (old) and apply the dye on your beard in an up-and-down gesture.

Make sure the dye has reached deep down your beard. Cover all seeable patches. Make sure that you have covered all of your beards while trying your best to keep the dye from sticking to your skin.

Step 9

Leave the dye on your beard to work according to the instructions in the packaging

Follow the instructions given on the package and wait for the allotted time. Then, you can test the color by using a cotton swab or towel to wipe off a tiny area of the beard. If it’s not working, apply a thick paste on that area and wait for a couple of minutes.

Start applying light and gradually increase the thickness. The color will fade after one or two washes, so it’s okay if the color looks a little dark at first.

Don’t wait for extra minutes, and follow the exact instructions given on the package.

Step 10

Wash it over

When you observe the expected color or time has passed according to the instructions, rinse your beard with cold or lukewarm water and wash out the extra dye.

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Use a plain paper towel to pat dry your beard. Use a beard shampoo that is best for color-treated hair.

That’s it! You have done it! Congrats!

But, before we move on to other things we should discuss, I want to remind you that when you are dyeing your beard for the first time the color may not be exactly the one you like and that’s ok.

The next time you will do it better, you will buy a different color or you will leave the dye onto your beard for longer or shorter.

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Everything in life requires trial and error to master and beard dyeing is not an exception!

How To Maintain The Color Of Your Beard For Longer

Choosing The Right Color For Your Beard

Dyeing a short beard is one thing but maintaining it properly is a whole different story.

Let’s see the most important things you need to know to maintain your dyed beard.

  • Don’t scrub or rinse your newly-dyed beard too much.
  • Invest in products designed to work on colored beards.
  • Dye your beard relatively often. Even the ”permanent” dyes don’t last forever.

These things may sound obvious but most of us skip them and then we wonder why do our beards fade so fast…

Scrubbing your beard too much and washing it with hot water is mathematically going to make it fade really fast.

Also, most beard products like conditioners, shampoos, oils, etc, especially the cheap ones, are not designed for dyed beards. Please invest in high-quality beard products if you want your beard color to last longer.

The final thing you should understand is that most dyes require regular coloring when the color begins to fade. Follow-up colorings are much easier and you will get better results with 1 application.

Best Dyes To Color Your Beard

This is not an article in which we review or promote dyes. I will only show you the 2 best beard dyes without much information because this article is already very long.

I suppose some of you are interested in knowing which dye to buy.

Just For Men Mustache & Beard

This beard dye is the most common dye that men use. It is very cheap, it works well and it is relatively safe.

However, we should always be very catious when we apply something to our face. What works for me or millions of men may not work for you.

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

This is an organic and natural beard dye. You will probably need to leave the dye for longer but the results will be good again.

Most men find this dye excellent.

From our experience, though, this dye has an important disadvantage. For the first 24-36 hours your beard may become green. However, it goes away.

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Also, you will need to repeat the process 3-4 times and for longer (30-40 minutes) to see good results. Remember this is a natural beard dye.

All in all, I would test the Just for Men dye first and if I am allergic or not pleased with it I would go to the natural dye.


Dyeing your beard without staining your skin might seem like a very difficult task for you but it should not. In fact, you can achieve a very good result by following the steps we mentioned here.

Also, practice makes perfect. You know that, don’t you?

You can get it right just by practising it and by having some basic equipment to make your life easier.

Just follow the steps and you will be perfectly fine if you try it 2 or 3 times. It is not rocket science after all, anyone can do it!

Are you ready to color your beard without staining your skin and look younger and more attractive?

It is time for all of us (me included) to destroy these taboos that society and even our family has. Coloring our scalp hair or our beards or taking care of ourselves should not make us feel guilty. Right?

At the end of the day, love yourself and do what you wanna do. People will always judge and criticize no matter how good you are.

Are you ready to get your dream beard color without staining your skin?

Just follow the steps in this article and give it a try.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them down below and I will be more than happy to help.

Until Next Time,

Stay safe and…Let it grow!

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