How To Disconnect Mustache From Beard Step By Step

If you’re trying out different beard styles, you might want to give it a go and separate mustache from beard.

If that’s the case, you are in the right place!

disconnected mustache from beard

Disconnecting a beard from your mustache might just give you the style you want and make you stand out from other men.

So, these are the main steps on how to separate a mustache from your beard without any products:

  • Brush your beard and mustache downwards.
  • Divide the ‘stache
  • Lift the edges of the mustache
  • Use a hairdryer on the edges
  • Curl the mustache

Now, let’s discuss how exactly you will be able to do those things.

Let’s get straight into it!

Why Do Some Men Want To Separate Mustache From Beards?

Men don’t always just separate their beards from mustaches just because they want it to look good on them. Some men have it naturally, but that also offers various options to choose from.

But, when they want to do it with their own will, they’re trying to make their facial hair look fresh.

There are lots of different styles you could make work when a mustache is separated from the beard, and we’ll go over them in a bit.

Probably the main reason why men will want to separate mustaches from beards is to stand out from other men and look different.

If the mustache is blended with the beard in the first place, you won’t really be able to tell the difference between the two.

Some people want to showcase what a great mustache they have and will disconnect one from the other to make it stand out.

How To Separate Mustache From Beard Step-By-Step

How To Separate Mustache From Beard

We’ve already mentioned the main steps on how you can naturally disconnect your mustache from your beard, but let’s talk about each step in detail. This will help you showcase your mustache to the fullest.

Brush Your Mustache And Beard

This will allow you to remove any tangles, any dead hair, etc. Your beard and mustache should be clean and tidy to achieve the best result possible.

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Divide the ‘Stache

The next thing you’d want to do when disconnecting your mustache from your beard is to divide the left and the right side of the mustache.

Start moving your comb from the cupid’s bow (the middle of the mustache) and go all the way to one of the edges. Do that a few times on the left side and a few times on the right side. This technique is a good way to separate mustache sides from each other.

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Lift The Edges Of The Mustache

You should first place one of your forefingers below one of the two edges of the ‘stache and lift it up, manually separating it from the beard. Hold it tight before continuing to the next step.

Use A Hairdryer On The Edges

The first thing you’d want to do before going through with this step is to put the hairdryer on low blowing and heat settings. This is common knowledge but also really important as you don’t want to burn your beard and skin while holding the hairdryer for too long in a specific position.

While you’re holding one of the two edges of the mustache with your forefinger, use the hair dryer to blow it away from the beard.

Imagine wanting to get a handlebar mustache. You won’t but it’s the same concept.

This will help your mustache stay in a certain sport, ultimately disconnecting it from a beard.

Curl The Edges

This step also includes using a hairdryer, but you’ll want to change the low-heat setting, to no heat at all. There’s usually a button that will make the hairdryer blow cold air. This is great for keeping something in place.

Use your forefinger to curl up the edge of the mustache and hold it in a place like that. After that, you’ll want to use the hairdryer on it with the cold settings to freeze it in a spot like that. This will lift the edges, separating the mustache from the beard even more.

That’s how you disconnect your mustache from your beard without using any product like beard wax which you definitely can do.

Best Disconnected Beard Styles

There are lots of disconnected beard styles that might look good on you, most of them are short beard styles, but we’ll try to cover some of the most famous ones out there.


A manly gentleman is what will first come to people’s minds when they see a beard style like this. A handlebar is very tough to pull off as you need to have a full beard and a fantastic mustache to make it work.

It’s definitely one of the most famous beard styles out there. The edges of the mustache are twisted and this resembles the handles of a motorcycle and that’s where the name of the style comes from.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to regularly style your facial hair because if you don’t the mustache will fall down and it will look more like a Fu Manchu beard, not a Handlebar.


We saw one of the most famous appearances of Beardstache by Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible.

This style is ultimately a short boxed beard, but with mustache being showcased more. You do this by trimming the beard often while letting the ‘stache grow and stand out more.

This style is amazing because it’s not that hard to pull off but it looks very stylish. After you make it work, continue to trim the beard regularly while also applying beard oil to your mustache.

Chin Strap Beard

Some people will like to rock the chin strap beard with their mustache slightly connected to the beard, but you don’t have to do that.

You can test this style by changing the beard thickness and see what works for you, but all in all, the beard shouldn’t cover a big area over the jawline.

Van Dyke

This style was named after a painter from the 17th century named Anthony Van Dyck and Johnny Depp is the most famous celebrity that has been rocking this for quite some time.

You’ll want to try this style out if you’re having problems growing a thicker and fuller beard. That’s why this is perfect for those men that have patchy beards and want to try something very stylish.

The Van Dyke is basically a goatee except that the mustache and the beard aren’t connected to each other. You should trim the length on occasion while keeping the jawline and the cheeks free.

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Full Beard

There is not much explanation needed about this beard style. You need to be able to grow thick facial hair. You can grow it really long and disconnect the mustache from the beard.

You will look very masculine and manly.

Will Dyeing Your Mustache Lighter Than Your Beard Make It Stand Out Even More?

long beard with mustache

Basically, the short answer for a question like this is yes, but let’s talk a little bit more about why that’s the case.

How does dyeing your mustache actually make it stand out from your beard? The answer is pretty obvious and it’s due to the contrast of the colors.

If you’re having a pretty dark beard and mustache in general, the colors will just blend in with each other. However, if you dye your ‘stache to a lighter color, the contrast will make it seem like it’s separated even more, which is a neat trick to try out.

We should also talk about whether something like this is good for your facial hair and skin and which types of dyes we could be using.

Temporary or Permanent Dyes

It’s pretty clear that permanent facial hair dyes will last longer than the temporary ones, but they don’t last forever, right?

Permanent facial hair dyes actually stay up until new hair grows out. Applying a permanent dye to your beard will put lasting chemicals on it, making it keep its color for around 6 weeks.

However, if you’re just trying out facial hair dyes, you should first try out the temporary ones before trying out the permanent options.

Are Facial Hair Dyes Safe?

While beard dyes can’t actually stop your facial hair from growing, they can potentially cause damage to the hair that it’s been applied to.

Most beard dyes won’t have any effect on your beard whatsoever.

But, we wanna inform you about them because if you use them very often you may face problems.

Dr. Draelos mentioned that using beard dye can make your facial hair loose which will increase shedding in general.

She also stated that since beard dye contains both hydrogen peroxide and ammonia it will also loosen telogen hairs. Hair dye will also make your facial hair weaker in the process.

You can read the full article here.

If you fear all of that, I have written a complete article with natural ways you can dye a beard or mustache without beard dyes. You can check it out here.

All in all, beard dyes are safe and if something bad happens you can just stop using the dye and everything will be solved but we want you at least to be aware and make your choice.

Can I Just Trim My Beard And Not My Mustache To Get This Style?

Trimming your beard and not your mustache is always an option when you want to separate one from the other.

This is pretty much the go-to way to do it if you have a shorter beard, but if you want to have a full long beard with a separated ‘stache, it’s not the best way to do it.

When it comes to disconnected beard styles in general, most men want to have that ‘handlebar’ look that refines manliness.

Trimming your beard and not your mustache is definitely a good option for some separated styles, but most men with a disconnected mustache want to grow long beards.

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Using Mustache Wax To Disconnect Mustache From Beard

Now, even with this method, your mustache won’t be disconnected from your beard for a long period of time. Remember, you did it in a completely natural way.

If you want to have your mustache disconnected from your beard for longer you can also use mustache wax and it will help.

However, in my opinion, you still need to do the whole process but on top of that just add some wax in the end. The hairdryer helps a lot.

Take a small quantity of wax, rub it a little bit to warm it, and apply it with your 2 fingers from the middle all the way out. Then, if you have, get a mustache comb (a small comb) and brush your mustache from the middle all the way out again so that the wax is evenly distributed.

And that’s really it. A very simple process that will give a long-lasting disconnected mustache just in 2-3 minutes!


To separate mustache from beard, you need to divide the mustache and try to lift its edges up. Then, you need to use a hairdryer to lift and curl its edges. If they are going down, it won’t be easily seen as separated from the beard. Finally, you can wax your mustache and dye it to make it stand out even more.

In short, this is the concept. It is really simple and easy to do especially if you have done it 2-3 times. Practice makes perfect, right?

And…that’s it for today’s article! I really hope you found it helpful and interesting.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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