5 Best Cheap Beard Trimmers To Trim Your Beard Like A Pro

Are you looking for the right tools to manage your facial fuzz?

In this blog post, we have assembled the best budget beard trimmers to get the job done easily, effectively and without breaking the bank.

Although it’s easy to grow a beard without doing anything, you’re probable to face a messy, untidy mess if you let nature keep doing everything without any interference.

So you owe it to yourself to take essential matters into your own hands. It’s quite a simple process when you have the correct beard trimmer to get the job done.

Finding the best inexpensive beard trimmer for your facial hair situation is a personal struggle, as the perfect beard comes in several shapes, styles, and sizes therefore you need a good trimmer to trim it properly.

However, the best trimmers, like most things in life, are a bit expensive for some of you (around $50 or more).

If you are on a rush here are the best budget beard trimmers on the market:

In this article, we will discuss many interesting things that will help you form your opinion when it comes to choosing a good beard trimmer and the pros and cons of all of these products.

Let’s get started!

Why Are Beard Trimmers Essential For Men Nowadays?

best budget trimmers

Beard trimmers are a modern-day essential nowadays. Crafting a perfect beard, whether it’s a more sculpted one or a bushy hipster flex, takes patience, time, and a good trimmer.

Modern men want the latest tech in their armory to tackle their hairy issues. More essentially, they need it to make sure they don’t look like a hobo on a video call or a zoom meeting with their colleagues/ clients.

Beard trimmers are used to cut hair elsewhere. In the past few years, updates in rechargeable batteries have granted the cordless trimmers to perform best for more than one hour.

Many beard trimmers in the market also use blades that need very little maintenance – as a primary tip: search for self-sharpening blades.

These blades can work well without applying oil on every use. You would also observe how, where you’ll be using the trimmer.

Have you kept the same beard for years, and you are looking for a one-trick pony? Do you switch between long and short beard styles and want a trimmer that provides a vast variety? Will you leave your trimmer in a bathroom cabinet or take it on your business/ vocational trip?

The five best budget beard trimmers mentioned below are going to cover all of your concerns but before we get into them let’s discuss what makes a good beard trimmer after all.

What Makes A High-Quality Trimmer?

man trimming a beard

There are many factors that you should focus on while choosing the best beard trimmer.

  • Length: most trimmers consist of an attachable comb that ranges from 0.2mm-0.3mm so that you can cut your beard to the length you want. Others have inbuilt adjustable combs that are changeable with the help of a touchscreen or wheel.
  • Motor: you should buy a beard trimmer with adequate oomph to cut through the thickest hair without pulling or requiring several passes. Important.
  • Battery life: If you want to spend your time shaping your beard in the morning, you’ll need long battery life to sustain your complex shaving routine. The trimmers we have on the list will last from one to three hours and will keep you going over many shaves. We usually take around 15-20 minutes to touch up our facial fuzz.
  • Accessories: Mostly, trimmers come with accessories to make your shaving experience simpler.
  • Size and grip: The best beard trimmers are lightweight and easy to use and handle.
  • Recharge Time: battery life is not the only thing; you should be concerned about how long it will take to get back to fully charged. The trimmers on our list can take from 10 minutes to one hour to recover their juice.
  • Price: A good price point for the best beard trimmers is always an important factor. Very high-quality trimmers cost about $50. Anything way higher than that is most probably not worth it.

Some beard trimmers can be used with the cord plugged in so that you are free from the thought of charging it, while others can be used without a cord if you want to use it anywhere.

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The top things to notice in a new beard trimmer are adjustability, maneuverability, and obviously, the price.

5 Best Budget Beard Trimmers

We have chosen these five best beard trimmers based on their reliable blade guard, ease of use, motor, and cost-effectiveness.

  1. Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom

Phillips is very well-known to create amazing beard trimmers. Everyone knows that. This beard trimmer features a friendly design with various useful add-ons and just the perfect amount of power required for precise grooming and comfort.

Having tested nearly every beard trimmer available on the market, this one is my favorite when it comes to quality but also low price.

  • Pros: The package contains everything that a man could ask for. With a slim design, the trimmer can stand in a small cabinet or upright on a countertop. It’s an all-purpose hair, beard, and body trimmer. It consists of 13 combs, 3 guards for beard and 1 for stubble beard, 3 different widths for the head, and a nose hair trimmer.
  • Cons: The battery life is about 60 minutes after one full charge.

Obviously, these cons are only compared to other products at the same price range. If you compare this to a very high-quality yet more expensive beard trimmer it will lack in every category (motor, blades, battery, weight, etc)

  1. Wahl 5622

Wahl is another well-known brand for creating beard trimmers with great success. Wahl 5622 is an amazing product that is used by thousands of men daily.

  • Pros: This trimmer has a nice grip and also offers precise trimming and avoiding slipups that can accidentally remove bigger chunks of a mustache or beard. It is working while it is charging which is a big deal when you want to use it for longer for example for a haircut of 2 people. Of course, it can also trim the rest of your body relatively well. The package includes stainless steel blades,14 different trimming lengths, 3 stubble, and 3 hair combs.
  • Cons: This trimmer is a bit loud and small if you have big hands. Some men do have hair pulled but it is rare and the technique matters a lot.

All in all, it is an excellent trimmer for its price. Obviously, it is far from perfect but you can’t find better trimmers than those we recommend here after testing most trimmers on the market.

I feel kinda bad writing this article because I always want to recommend the most elite products for you. But now that I have to keep the price low, the quality also drops. I really hope this is understandable.

  1. Hatteker Mens Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer

Ok, we discussed the best 2 extremely cheap trimmers available. Obviously, we won’t discuss any expensive trimmers but I feel I have to give you the best options for a bit more money. Amazon doesn’t allow us to write the exact price because these things change.

The first 2 trimmers cost around $20 at the time this article was written. The next 3 trimmers will cost from $20-$35 so that I give you some more decent options.

The best beard trimmers cost over $55 so I regard the $30 trimmers as budget alternatives.

After this parenthesis let’s come back to our analysis.

The Hatteker Mens Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer is a really solid option that you will definitely like.

  • Pros: This beard trimmer is light and easy to use. It is affordable but very efficient and will help you groom your beard without any concerns. The main body has a good design and it is surprizingly precise with a variety of guards.

It is also washable, easy to clean and it has self-sharpening blades.

  • Cons: Its battery lasts for 60 minutes which is not bad but also not great. Another thing to know is that this tool is not a shaver. If you want a very very short trim, it may not be able to do it. But, if you want to trim your beard, get your perfect stubble, etc, you will be very pleased with it.

Fun fact, my brother uses this trimmer quite often despite the fact that we have got many more expensive options at home. It is funny that he loves this tool so much!

  1. Philips Norelco Beard & Stubble Trimmer

This beard trimmer works a little bit differently. Its main characteristic is that it has a zoom wheel that helps you choose the exact length you want very precisely.

  • Pros: This beard trimmer has 10 adjustable length settings at 3/64 (1mm) increments.

Its battery life is 90 minutes and it also provides an indicator for you to be able to see when to charge it. There are a lot of men who complain that their trimmer doesn’t have this option.

We were a bit in doubt about this Phillips Norelco trimmer, but after using it, it becomes one of our favorite trimming tools. Blades have rounded tips that let you trim your facial hair smoothly. Also, its 2x steel blades are self-sharpening which makes this tool more durable and efficient.

Finally, this tool is easy to clean and hold.

  • Cons: It may create a mess in your bathroom. Stay near the sink. You may need to trim 2-3 times the same area for best results.

All in all, a very good trimmer at this mid to low price range.

  1. Philips Norelco MG5750/49 Multigroom

Another amazing budget-friendly option. Obviously, much better than Phillips Norelco MG3750. This trimmer really stands out from the competition because of his low price and his excellent performance.

  • Pros: Another all-in-one trimmer that allows you to not trim your beard but other parts of your body as well. It has a very decent motor that allows you to trim efficiently and ensures that it won’t pull hair. It also includes 18 trimming guards to allow different styles and needs.

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Really precise. Its battery is also really strong and improved. It lasts 3 hours and it is also working while plugged in which is kinda important for many people.

  • Cons: There is no charger/battery indicator of any kind to show you how much battery is left. It is also not waterproof.

All in all, this product is impressive at this relatively low price.

How Often Should You Trim Your Beard?

A beard can look sharp and well-maintained if trimmed regularly. Each beard style has different maintenance requirements.

For example, stubble beard styles require little but very often trimming.

In general, maintaining a weekly beard grooming routine will keep your facial hair neat and well-groomed. A well-maintained beard is always very attractive.

Even if you grow a long beard, trimming your cheeks, your neckline and the split ends will also improve the way you look.

If you ignored it for too long, the shape of your beard will vanish and it will take a long time to accomplish the expected result.

Final Words

So, which beard trimmer did you choose out of all these?

Finally, it depends on your personal preferences and on how much money you want to invest in your trimmer.

But if you have thick facial hair of any shape, style, or length, choosing one of these budget trimmers would be the best decision.

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I’m sure at least one of these has caught your eye. As for me, I prefer the last one Philips Norelco MG5750/49 Multigroom. It is quite good. Honestly.

Now, I know this is a guide for cheap trimmers but at the end of the day the word ”cheap” or ”budget” is very subjective. Even the best trimmer that we recommend costs around $55-$60 as for the time this article is written which may be affordable for some of you.

If you wanna take a look at the best trimmer in general, click here.

No matter what you choose, keep in mind the pros and cons of these trimmers and choose the one that suits you.

Happy Grooming gentlemen!


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