Best Cordless Beard Trimmers [Tested]

For the metropolitan man, looks matter a great deal and many go to great lengths to take care of their appearances. From the slick haircut to the sharp suits, the pursuit of maintaining a fresh look simply has no limits.

A well-trimmed and styled goatee or beard, not only looks attractive but equally also shows others that you take great pride in maintaining a good appearance.

best cordless beard trimmers

A well-groomed beard is supposed to be well defined and requires great input in terms of upkeep to make it look good always.

To help you in this journey, a beard trimmer essentially becomes an important tool for ensuring your beard is always neat and well-trimmed. Like everything else, investing in a high-quality trimmer guarantees the best results over an extended period of time.

Are you trying to figure out which are the best cordless beard trimmers for your facial hair? A list of the best cordless beard trimmers that we have tried and tested includes:

For those of you that do not have time to read the rest of this article, these are the top cordless beard trimmers. But, if you want to learn more about the topic, please keep reading!

Cordless Beard Trimmers Benefits and Utility

Get Ready To Experience Unmatched Convenience

If you currently use a corded trimmer, then you are probably aware of the limitations presented by its power cable. You remain tethered to the power outlet, meaning you are denied the freedom to shave anywhere.

The trimmers with no cords, on the other hand, are much better considering they are portable and allow you to carry on with your shaving routine virtually anywhere.

What’s more, they are battery-powered tools that require no connection to a socket during regular use. For this reason, you can carry the trimmer and use it wherever you go.


Most cordless trimmers are versatile, meaning you can use them to trim your other body parts too. The modern trimmers allow users to manipulate a broad range of feature settings.

As a result, the modern variants enable you to safely trim your legs, back hair, and chest, thanks to the assorted attachments. Therefore, if you wish to deal with your body hair besides your beard, then a cordless trimmer is a worthwhile investment.

Bigger Battery Capacity For Extended Usage

The biggest problem of cordless trimmers used to be that they didn’t have a long-lasting battery.

However, the modern variants come fitted with bigger batteries and fast charge capabilities. With longer battery life and the lightweight nature of these tools, users can enjoy extended use. You can be sure that you won’t be missing your corded beard trimmer.

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Things to Consider Before Buying A Cordless Beard Trimmer

best cordless beard trimmers

The Length of Your Beard

Whether you choose to have short stubble, medium trimmed, or long trimmed beard, make sure the trimmer you pick offers the specific features that will enable it to trim your beard.

It should essentially have the perfect or ideal setting for your needs. Please choose wisely.

The Motor

The motor should be capable of delivering sufficient power for your personal trimming needs without any drops in performance.

When you opt for the high-end trimmers, it is highly unlikely that you will have any issues with the motors, as these are built to provide greater reliability while delivering great power to the blade.

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But, in general, corded trimmers are safer. Especially, when you choose a cheap corded trimmer chances are it will be much better than a cordless trimmer at the same price point.

What I am trying to tell you is that cordless trimmers should be high-quality otherwise you may be in serious trouble. (having to stop your trim to charge it, dealing with motor issues, etc)

Corded vs. Cordless

Before you order your favorite beard trimmer, it is important that you choose between the corded or cordless variants. It is worth noting that the cordless models present you with greater flexibility – you can use these anywhere with no limitations.

On the other side, corded trimmers tend to last longer. The battery of cordless trimmers seems to last for a shorter period of time day by day.

Think about your mobile phone or your laptop. No matter their quality are they able to have the same battery capability forever?

What that means for you?

In short, if you buy a high-quality corded beard trimmer it will probably last forever or at least 15-20 years whereas a cordless trimmer will last only for some years until its battery loses its capabality.

If you choose to go cordless, you have one ultimate decision to consider – How long does the trimmer last on a single charge?

And how long you want your trimmer to last before you buy a new one.

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We don’t tell you buy this or that but we have to tell you the truth upfront so that you don’t get disappointed.

Best Cordless Beard Trimmers To Buy

Best Overall – Andis 32475 Slimline

You will no doubt be charmed by a single glance at the futuristic body of the Andis 32475 Slimline. It is somewhat longer than most typical trimmers at 8.1 inches and weighs just 11.2 ounces.

However, the body isn’t just for looks but provides the additional benefit of being more ergonomic than most trimmers.

For this reason, the trimmer is shaped nicely to provide a proper, comfortable grip while being used. Included in the package are the trimmer, blade brush, 4 detachable attachments, a charging stand adapter, and oil.

The Andis Slimline Pro trimmer is a superb device particularly suited for trimming your neckline, as well as some light-duty touch-ups. It boasts a motor with groundbreaking technology to help boost speed while lasting longer on a single charge.

From a single charge, you can expect the Andis Slimline Pro to last 2 hours, which is honestly better than most trimmers in its class. It is worth noting that the Andis 32475 incorporates a unique rotary motor technology, which is significantly more powerful than the traditional electromagnetic ones used in most trimmers.

The improved motor delivers more torque thus making cutting through a lot of hair easier. In other words, the trimmer will get the job done more effortlessly.


The only possible downside we discovered about owning the Andis Slimline is that the metallic finish is prone to easily scratch.

So, no matter how careful you may be, scratches will be inevitable. Besides that, it is a decent trimmer at the price point that will last many years while seeing you through countless shaves.

Runner Up – Philips Norelco MG5750/49

The Philips Norelco Multigroom MG5750 trimmer is a highly advanced trimmer offering exceptional value to cater to your personal grooming needs.

The tempered steel blades self-sharpen and offer great resistance to corrosion. What’s more, the highly durable trimmer incorporates a reinforced motor, impact-resistant cutter guards, and a mechanically robust lithium-ion battery pack capable of providing 3 hours run-time.

From our tests, we confirmed that the device can go a couple of months without a recharge. However, you may notice a little fluctuation in motor speed after the three-hour mark.

The device is an all-in-one trimmer that is suitable for use on the face, body, and hair styling. Rest assured knowing the 17 attachments will cater to your every trimming need.

Anyone shopping around for an all-rounder with sufficient power to trim through a thick beard, then the Phillips Norelco MG5750 comes highly recommended. Since it is designed to cater to body and hair trimming needs of varying nature, the numerous attachments certainly come in handy.

During the tests we conducted, we discovered that the MG5750 features a powerful motor, meaning overgrown facial hair can be made to look stylish and sleek in minutes.

The trimmer has sufficient power to remove a huge chunk of beard. It is therefore a good choice for the times you need to achieve a fresh look quickly for an interview or a date.


The MG5750 is one of the heaviest trimmers we tested, weighing in at 0.75 Pounds. Even so, we sincerely loved the ergonomic feel of the device.

Some users may prefer the Philips MG3750 – our choice for those on a budget. If you travel frequently, you may have a leaning towards the MG3750.

Best Budget Trimmer – Philips Norelco MG3750

If you would like to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a modern beard trimmer, then we strongly recommend the Philips MG3750 – the least expensive one that still outshines virtually all other trimmers in every front.

For its price, it has a powerful motor that passed all our trimming tests. The slim trimmer feels comfortable in the hand and is nimble enough to provide satisfying results – whether you’re shaping or detailing your facial hairs.

Besides your beard, you may additionally use the device to trim your hair as well as your body hairs. It is particularly handy for trimming pubic hair.

Even though the manufacturer terms it as a multipurpose trimmer, the main head (11/16 inch wide) of the MG3750 trimmer makes hair removal a more daunting task compared to the MG5750. In the package, you will find seven robust trimmer combs, a detail trimmer, and a highly efficient nose hair trimmer.

Based on the feel in the hand, using the MG3750 offers users a completely different experience, especially if compared to the other trimmers we tested. Weighing in at 3.7 ounces, the trimmer is lighter than most cordless variants.

For this reason, it may not feel so stable when you hold it in your hand. Even so, its dexterity is a winning factor for completing detail trims.

The lightweight nature of the MG3750 makes it suitable for travel. You can simply toss the trimmer into your toiletry bag without incurring extra weight, thanks to its lightweight nature.


While the average battery life is indicated as 60 minutes, our unit provided 18 minutes more usage time. Therefore, you might need to charge your unit at least twice each week. Fortunately, a 15- minute charge time allows you to use the unit for five minutes though.

Another Great Budget Choice – Remington PG6025

The Remington PG6025 is yet another decent trimmer that offers straightforward capability. The metal front and rubber grip housing make this a sleek device.

While it is only supplied with minimal attachments compared to other models, it is a highly capable trimmer that allows you to have control over the trimming speed.

The trimmer comes with 8 useful attachments and several setting options that will help you get the most from the device. With these additional accessories, you get the chance to achieve your desired look within a short time.

The versatility that comes with the functionality is significantly boosted at this price range and after testing the device for a couple of months, we were all in agreement about the fact that it makes the process of shaving more comfortable and satisfactory while guaranteeing safety.

The blade is constructed from quality surgical steel and boasts great durability. Steel is also a fantastic option for those men who are allergic to nickel, meaning the likelihood of experiencing any form of skin irritations is minimal.

The blades are also indicated as self-sharpening – expect a smooth, clean trim each time you use the device.

Weighing just 1 Pound and measuring 9.2 inches in length, the Remington is an easy hold, and maneuverability around the facial region is fantastic.

The battery life is indicated as 50 minutes, but we were able to get slightly more time out of the fully charged trimmer.


Even though the Remington is a well-made device worth the investment that will still get the job done, we wish to point out some issues worth noting.

To begin with, the blades wear out fast (typically a year) over intense usage and this period is quite short, even though they are deemed to be self-sharpening. What’s more, power output is on the lower side, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise due to its low cost.

In addition, the trimmer isn’t waterproof, meaning you can only use it in dry conditions. Even so, each of the supplied attachments is washable for long life and easy maintenance.


We understand how challenging and confusing it can be to narrow down your search to a suitable cordless beard trimmer that matches your needs.

However, with the easy tips and information we provide above, the most difficult bit is now behind you. With the aforementioned tips, you can choose your preferred trimming kit for the best results.

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Remember what may be the best for you, may not be the best for other people. Every one of you is different. Everyone has different priorities, so choose wisely.

And that’s really it for today’s article…I really hope you found it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them in the comment section below and will be more than happy to help.

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