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Hello and welcome to Beardlong.com!

I am Tasos (from Anastasios), the owner of Beardlong.com.

Our Mission

The mission of Beardlong.com is to help people learn everything about beard growth, beard care and health, beard styles, beard types, hairstyles, and more…

Let’s face it…Growing a beard is challenging.

More and more, people, nowadays, want to have a beautiful long beard but there are also others that need information because they have acne or other beard issues.

With all the information out there, bearded men need a reliable source where they can get unbiased, researched and informative beard information all in one place.

Whatever your problem is, we are here to help.

Our Team

Anastasios (Tasos) Moulios

I have had a passion for beard growth and generally hair growth from a very young age and therefore I have been searching, studying, and learning as much as I could for quite some time…

I am not pretending to be a doctor or something extraordinary. I am just a normal guy like you that has a passion for beard growth and beard care and I want to share my knowledge with you.

Also, I am a strong believer that when you do something you really love, it gives you the ultimate pleasure and you give 100%. That’s why most people who do what they want, succeed in life.

Answering people’s questions, giving beard tips, and helping others with beard care give me the ultimate pleasure and this is also the goal of this blog.

Every beard is different, every face is different and every single one of you has different needs and preferences. What might work for me, might not work for someone else and that’s why I am here. 

I am here to cover the vast majority of your questions and needs. You will immediately understand that the content in this site is different from anyone else’s and that’s not because I am someone special or a guru.

It is Beardlong’s focus on the reader, focus on you that makes us different.

Let’s go!

Anastasios Moulios, Barber and Hairstylist

Expertise: Barbering

Experience: 8 years

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