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In this blog, we will educate you about beard styles, beard growth, beard grooming tips, our favorite beard tools, and much more!

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Beard Styles

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Beard Tips

In this blog you will learn everything you need to know to grow a thick, healthy and awesome beard.

This blog’s purpose is not to sell you products as most of our competitors do. 

This blog focuses on helping men educate themselves on beard problems, beard needs, how to use various tools and products, the latest beard styles, and much more.

The basic categories are beard styles, beard tips and reviews.

The beard style category discusses various beard styles that men wear and make them look more attractive and musculine such as the ducktail beard or the long goatee.

The beard tips category focuses on specific tips on how to do various things on your beard such beard trimming, how to get rid off beard dye, beard dyeing etc.

The latest important category is the reviews category. Honestly, I do not focus on this category but I do have some objective reviews of product that I have personally tested. I am writing my own thoughts and I do not guide you to buy them as everyone else in the industry does. Some examples may be, best beard rollers, top trimmers under $30, trimmers for black men and goes on.

After all, not all of you care about trimmers, balms and oils all day. You have very specific questions about facial hair and we are here to clarify everything.

Focusing on helping you is and will always be our #1 priority.

Welcome, again, gentlemen!

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