How To Know If I Can Grow A Beard?

how to know If I can grow a beard

Let’s face it. More and more men, nowadays, really like the idea of growing a beard. Also, more and more studies prove that bearded men are more desirable by women. Many men just like themselves growing facial hair or they are bored to shave often. Actually, there are plenty of reasons that men grow beards … Read more

How To Make Your Beard And Mustache Connect: Step By Step

how to make beard connect to mustache

In your journey to manhood and your journey of growing a glorious beard worthy of poems and ballads, you might have stumbled upon a problem with seemingly no solution. The problem of a mustache that doesn’t connect to your beard. This could be a problem because everyone suffering from the same problem could have a … Read more

How To Brush Your Beard [Even If You Are New]

Having a complete long beard seems to become more and more popular nowadays…Some men, however, think that taking care of their beard, using the right products, combing it, washing their faces, etc, are too much… This is probably why they have these typical stereotypes that men should not look themselves in the mirror for more … Read more

Can Native Americans Grow Beards?

Can native americans grow beards

A very common question that actually comes up a lot is …” Can Native Americans Grow Beards?” Let me explain… These days, beard growing is becoming more and more popular and every man, including the ethnicity of native Americans, wants to really know if they can potentially grow a beard or if they are doomed … Read more