The Beardstache Style: How To Grow, Easy Guide, Styles, Pics

The Beardstache is one of the recent additions to the hall of facial hair fame.

Coming into focus sometime in the year 2014, this is a hairstyle that has captured the imagination (and the faces) of men across the globe. In 2021, it is still going strong, and we need to see how its run continues.


If you’re new to the Beardstache style and have been contemplating having one for some time, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we will tell you what is a beardstache, how to grow and maintain it, the face shapes suitable for it, and also help you decide whether a beardstache is good for you.

What is Beardstache?

what is beardstache

The beardstache is a style of beard and mustache where the mustache is thick and prominent compared to a shorter length beard. The central focus here is on the mustache and how it blends in with the short beard or even stubble length beard.

For those of you familiar with different mustache styles, you can imagine the beardstache as something that is a 10-day stubble or heavy stubble combined with a longer mustache style, such as the Walrus or Chevron mustache.

It is not mandatory to blend your mustache with the beard, although some people like to do that.

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You’re most welcome to keep the mustache and the beard distinctly separate with tidy, clean-shaven areas in between.

How To Grow A Beardstache

how to grow a beardstache

The beardstache is about cultivating two different lengths and highlighting the contrast. Let your mustache grow but at the same time, take care of it to see that it doesn’t extend beyond your jawline.

Hence, this calls for some delicate work.

Here are the steps involved:

1) Choose the Right Comb Guards

The key to great beardstache lies in knowing the correct comb guard lengths. The idea is that after shaving your beard, your mustache should be the prominent highlight.

The ideal comb length, according to us, would be 4mm or lower.

2) Decide the length and style of your mustache

Since the mustache is the hero of the entire look, you need to decide on the thickness and length of the mustache.

As mentioned above, a long mustache style will definitely have an advantage here.

You can choose from different long mustache styles such as the handlebar, Chevron, horseshoe, walrus, and more. If you want to go extreme and have your mustache cover your upper lip, just do it.

Remember if your upper lip is very narrow or your mustache is not thick, it will be hard for you achieve this beard style.

And before you start to determine your existing mustache length, don’t forget to dry your mustache and brush it.

3) Outline the beard

Defining your jawline and cheek line will help you to style your beard and make it shorter than your mustache.

A beard shape that just covers your chin and extends along your jawline to your sideburns can also work well in a beardstache look. You can choose from among short beard styles to complement your longer mustache.

4) Follow the rule of the beardstache

Look at yourself in the mirror. Is your mustache longer than your beard?

If yes, congratulations.

If no, consider trimming down your hair on the chin and mouth, leaving a heavy stubble.

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The bottom line is that your mustache should be thick and full while your beard should be neat and short.

How To Maintain A Beardstache

Now we come to the hard part of maintaining the beardstache.

The beardstache is asymmetric in nature, and therefore, the lengths of the hair can get out of hand very quickly and look messy.

Keep a high-quality beard trimmer handy to maintain the length of the hair around the chin and cheeks to something like an extended stubble or even a full beard stubble—nothing more, nothing less. 

Our best-recommended beard trimmer to keep your stubble short and neat is the best seller by Phillips.

Another thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you don’t grow your mustache beyond the jawline.

If you find your mustache growing unruly at any point, apply some mustache wax to keep hairs from sticking out and stylish. Also, comb it often. It helps if it is very long.

We also suggest that you give a shape to the beard around the neck instead of letting it fade.

What does the beardstache say about you?

what beardstache says about you

The mustache with stubble is a beard style that can be worn by all. While movie stars and models might have popularized the style, there should be nothing stopping you from wearing it.

A beardstache conveys the message that you are not a stickler for trends and certainly don’t mind defying conventions.

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It is not that you have no respect for tradition or convention, but you think that there is no harm in moving away from previously defined paths and trying something new.

At the same time, you’re not looking to announce to the world that you’re a defiant radical.

You have a good sense of style, and are confident in your skin.

You’re not afraid to state that you are not dependent on a full beard to make a statement about your manliness.  You’re manly but not dependent on a full beard to convey this message.

What Kind of Faces Suit the Beardstache

While certain beard experts will tell you that a beardstache suits better for a face that has a very distinct jawline and more space above the lips to grow a beard.

We are of the opinion that it’s possible to grow your beardstache regardless of facial shape while keeping certain styling parameters in mind.

Having said that, we do agree that faces with square, diamond, oval, and triangle shapes give off a naturally compatible vibe with the beardstache.

Experts also say that heart-shaped faces and round-faced men wouldn’t look good with a beardstache, but we don’t see that as something etched in stone.

We believe that more than your face shape, it is your beard growing experience that has a say in what looks good or not good on you.

Even the best beard styles can go wrong if crafted incompetently.

Celebrities with Beardstaches

The mustache with stubble is an expected part of fashion in 2021, made popular by celebrities from different fields. 

Some of the celebs who have carried off a beardstache in the best possible way and set fashion precedents for us are – Jon Hamm, Henry Cavill, Jamie Dornan, and Jeff Buoncristiano.

celebrities with beardstache

Is The Beardstache Here To Stay?

The advent of the beardstache craze is commonly attributed to models Chris John Millington and Jeff Buoncristiano, who shocked the fashion community in 2014 by shaving off their beard and leaving just the stache and the stubble.

Thus, was born the beardstache.

Other celebs were quick to follow; Actor Jamie Dornan is one of the early adopters.

Suddenly, the media started taking note too. The London-based Telegraph newspaper went so far as to say – “The beard is dead, long live the beardstache”. They were taking it a bit too far if you ask us.

Things have toned down from those early days, and we, of course, know by now that the beardstache does signal a new era in the way beards are imagined of and worn.

However, what we do acknowledge and think is that this is not another short-lived fad that will outgrow the fancy of beardsmen.

Rather, this is a style of facial hair that is here to stay, and while it is a clear break from the traditional full beard, it is ‘hairy’ enough to not constitute a clean-shaven or ‘barely any hair’ look.

What this style brings to the table is that you no longer have to choose between a ‘full beard’ or a ‘clean-shaven’ look.

There is a comfortable middle ground here that anybody can choose to go with without sacrificing their facial hair completely.

Best Beard Trimmer For Beardstache

Our Best Pick: Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 Men’s

This is one of the best beard trimmers out there. It includes 14 guide combs, it has a great design and cuts very precisely from 0,5mm to 10mm.

It is powerful even without charging and its battery lasts for 5 hours which is spectacular.

Its blades, also, don’t require oiling to sharpen.

Its only downside for us is its weight. Its stainless steel body makes it a bit heavy to keep but nothing too concerning. This trimmer is nearly perfect and very affordable.

Also, keep in mind that you won’t need to purchase a beard trimmer every year. This is a necessary tool for your everyday beard care routine. If you get a quality beard trimmer like this, you will possibly keep it for years to come.

At least this is how we think. Longterm.

Runner Up: Wahl Professional – Peanut Classic – Hair Clippers – Beard Trimmer 

This beard trimmer is different from other trimmers because it is very precise and able to trim long and thick beards. It has great power and durability.

It is also very light weighting only 4 ounces. It is also smaller and easy to keep but also powerful.

Highly recommended.

Budget Option: Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

For some of you, pricing may be the number #1 priority and you are looking for the best cheap trimmer. If that’s the case this is your go-to option.

It trims very well, nearly as well as our top pick. But, it is made from plastic rather than stainless steel. Therefore, it is lighter and easier to ease but obviously, it is a lower-quality item.

The good thing is that it doesn’t pull any hairs out which is very important for a cheap trimmer.

An important downside is the battery life which is around 60 minutes which is not very good.

Overall, this is the best cheap trimmer by far.


So, are you going to try out the beardstache this summer, or are you going to stick to whatever you have been carrying off so far?

The beardstache is not for everyone.

You will definitely look diferent than most of the other guys. If that’s ok with you, then go for it.

You will grab attention instantly. In fact, you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it just trim the mustache and wear a stubble full beard. It is that simple. You only need a mirror and a good beard trimmer! That’s really it!

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And that’s it for today’s article, I really hope you found it useful.

If you have any questions let us know in the comments and as usual, don’t hesitate to write to us if you have any doubts about any particular styles.

Are you ready to make a change?

Take action!

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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