Heavy Stubble: Best Beard Styles, How To Grow And Maintain, Length

Do you wanna learn what a heavy stubble is and how you can grow and maintain it easily?

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Heavy stubble was once seen as a pariah that earned the ill-will of the society and fashion world and was not deemed worthy enough to be included among its ranks.

However, in recent years it has made a comeback so much that it symbolizes effortless masculinity today.

But, what exactly is a heavy stubble and how can you get it?

In short, heavy stubble is a beard style that requires facial hair approximately 4mm long. If you are clean-shaven you will need around 10 days to get this look. To maintain this beard style you will need a beard trimmer to cut your facial hair to 1/8 inch or 4-5mm when it starts growing.

This article will tell you all that is there to know about:

  • Heavy stubble definition
  • How to grow a heavy stubble
  • The best heavy stubble beard styles
  • How to maintain a heavy stubble
  • Answers to the most common questions about heavy stubble beard

And more…

Let’s get started!

What Is A Heavy Stubble: Heavy Stubble Length

heavy stubble

To understand what a heavy stubble is, you need to first know what stubble is.

A stubble falls somewhere between the category of a short beard and clean-shaven. You can grow a stubble by just not shaving for a day. This is called the 1-day stubble or 5 o’clock shadow.

A heavy stubble beard is what is commonly referred to as a “10-day beard” or “lazy man’s beard.”

The facial hair is around 1/8 inch or 4-5mm long when it comes to heavy stubble.

This is because it will take the average man ten days to grow this beard, and also, since it requires no specific care or upkeeps, it is perfect for the lazier souls among us.

However, if you want to maintain it all year long you will need a very good beard trimmer and some more stuff we will discuss in a moment.

A heavy stubble is a perfect style that signals masculinity and a devil-may-care attitude.

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Heavy Vs. Medium Vs. Light Stubble

Light vs Medium vs Heavy Stubble

There are subtle differences between the three of them based on stubble length and visibility.

As the name implies, the light stubble is just one to three days old growth of hair on your face. It is preferred by a lot of men because it can hide patchy areas.

The medium stubble takes approximately 4-7 days to grow.

The heavy stubble beard is a step up in length and is quite visible to the naked eye as it takes up to 10 days to grow. It has a length of 4-5mm (1/8 inch).

What does the heavy stubble say about you?

is heavy stubble attractive

We won’t speculate regarding this issue but tell you exactly what science has to say about this.

Is the heavy stubble attractive?

According to well-proven studies, it was found that women show a preference for men with heavy stubble, compared to guys who are clean-shaven or have full beards.

The researchers were professors from the university who presented photos of smiling men to heterosexual men and women.

The photos had the men in four different looks – clean-shaven, five days of beard growth, ten days of beard growth, and a full beard.

The respondents were now asked to rate the photos based on attractiveness. The photos which had guys with heavy stubble were found to be the clear favorites among women.

The survey results conclude that facial hair made men look more mature, dominant, aggressive, and more masculine.

While, at the same time, if you have a heavy stubble, your attractiveness quotient leaps in front of women.

Therefore, yes, the heavy stubble is attractive, and it says that you are not obsessed with looks but rather have a cool and relaxed approach towards your appearance.

How to Get The Heavy Stubble Beard?

How to Get Heavy Stubble Beard

Now that you know that the stubble is attractive, here is how you can go about getting that look. A 10-day stubble should ideally give you a beard that is the length of 4-5mm.

First, you need to grow your beard for two weeks and trim the heavy stubble beard.

Once the beard has grown, here is what you need to do step-by-step.

Step 1.

Before you start, make your beard damp with pre-shave oil and dry it completely.

Step 2.

Get a beard trimmer or dedicated stubble trimmer and set the length to 4-5mm. In case it has guard combs, you can use the one that is 5mm or 1/8inch in length.

You should start shaving in the direction of your hair growth. This ensures that you don’t have uneven stubble. When using the trimmer, make sure the pressure you apply is consistent.

If you have areas in your beard where facial hair is thicker make sure to apply some more pressure or trim against the grain to make it even to the rest of your beard.

Step 3.

Next, outline the heavy stubble’s cheek line and jawline.

A general rule of thumb is to limit the neckline to one inch below the jawline while you can keep the cheek line as high as you want without making it look patchy.

Another way to find how far your neckline should extend is to just shave 2 finger width above Adam’s apple.

As you can easily understand, growing a heavy stubble beard is not that demanding. However, make sure you have a high-quality beard trimmer.

How to Maintain The Heavy Stubble Look

how to maintain heavy stubble

Maintaining a heavy stubble beard is not very difficult but needs to be done consistently. Let’s get a closer look.

Trim your facial hair every week (or even every 5 days)

Trim your facial hair often to the desired length of 4-5mm to maintain the heavy stubble look.

Of course, this is the most important thing you should do when it comes to maintaining the right length and not letting your facial hair grow too much.

Also, use a beard exfoliating scrub regularly while brushing your beard regularly to remove dead skin and beardruff.

You can also additionally do the following things to maintain the heavy stubble look.

Give your face beard oil

If you thought that beard oil was only good for those with an already developed beard, you are wrong.

Beard oil can help you bring out the best stubble as it is a special combination of essential oils and carrier oils. This means that the carrier oils have properties that help to lengthen and strengthen the hair.

The oil helps to replenish the lost moisture and natural oil on your skin. This helps you to keep your skin hydrated and also leaves you with fresher looking skin and a non-itchy beard. Additionally, you have the benefit of smelling great.

Enjoy the benefits of a Stubble Softener

Beard oil will help to soften up a stubble beard, but if you’re still worried about having a rough and prickly stubble, you can take the help of a stubble softener.

A stubble softener takes the jagged edge of the stubble hair and makes them smooth.

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Using a stubble softener is not necessary but can help you to get a softer feel along with a cleaner looking appearance.

What If You Have A Patchy Stubble?

patchy stubble

If you have a patchy beard, there is actually no need to worry.

This is because patchy beards give you character and show that you are not afraid of showing who you are. It adds authenticity to the stubble.

Despite the above, if you still feel that you need to get rid of your patchy heavy stubble, here are some things that you can do.

If you have patchy or scraggly hair growth on your cheeks, you can go for a stubble goatee.

It doesn’t matter if your mustache and chin hair don’t connect; you can wear a disconnected goatee for example the Van Dyke beard.

Stubble hair, like regular hair, can get out of hand and grow in all directions. Use a brush to straighten them. The added benefit is that your hair will look full and thick after brushing.

Keep your stubble clean. Just because it is tiny in size doesn’t mean it will not get dirty. Wash it with water and use a natural beard shampoo once or twice a week.

5 Best Heavy Stubble Beard Styles That You Can Rock With Ease

Heavy stubble is not just one look style. You can still style your stubble in ways that will guarantee you “oohs” and “aahs” of admirers and onlookers.

Heavy stubbles will give you the best of versatility among all beards because the hair is full and thick.

Here are five heavy stubble beard styles that you need to look at and make your own.

1. The Classic Heavy Stubble Beard Style

Classic Heavy Stubble Beard Style

As the name suggests, this is the original heavy stubble look with hair on the cheeks, jawline, and mustache area.

However, make sure that the neckline and cheek lines are well-defined and clean.

The heavy stubble beard is a simple yet elegant style that depends on good grooming for its success.

2. The Heavy Stubble With A Mustache

Heavy Stubble With A Mustache

The USP of this look is that the mustache in this look is longer than the other facial hair, ensuring that the mustache always stands out.

A great style for mustache lovers, you can show off your mustache in any style you want, although a handlebar mustache or a Chevron style usually accompanies this style.

The heavy stubble surrounding this mustache is a wonderful contrast and adds to the beauty of the look.

Make sure to groom your stubble properly to keep your look stylish and sleek.

3. The Heavy Stubble Chinstrap With Goatee

Heavy Stubble Chinstrap

When you want to define your jawline and give it a well-defined shape from one end to another, a chinstrap is the best option.

As the name says, it is a strap of facial hair that runs along the jawline from ear to ear.

The thickness of the beard can vary, but the look is the same.

We will disclose to you that chinstraps have not been the most popular form of beards over the years as the chief complaint against it is that it is immature looking.

However, we would say that when you add a goatee to your chinstrap, you immediately change your look to a suave and sophisticated look.

The USP of this style is that it will add definition to the chin and the jawline.

            The best part is when your chinstrap and goatee are made out of stubble; there is little maintenance involved.

4. The Extended Goatee With Heavy Stubble

If you have a weak chin, this subtle style could just be the perfect choice for you. It adds the hint of definition to your chin without drawing too much attention to it.

It is a great way to do a little more than the regular full goatee.

5. The Heavy Stubble Goatee

Heavy Stubble Goatee

Since this a heavy stubble goatee, the focus is on the hair on the chin, and so the length here needs to be 4-5 mm in length.

This style is best for men with patchy cheek hair as you don’t need any hair on the cheeks at all.

Since this is a goatee, you can style for a mustache, which could be or need not be connected to the chin hair.

These are just some of the heavy stubble beard styles that you can sport. There are many more, and you can always pick one that takes your fancy and experiment with it.

Which famous celebrities wear heavy stubble?

It is the job of celebrities to look good, and public appearances matter a lot for them.

Therefore, it is no surprise to find many celebrities endorsing the heavy stubble look by sporting it.

Some celebrities known for carrying off this look with style and panache are – Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Statham, David Beckham, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Adam Levine.

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There you have it. All that you need to know about heavy stubble: it is easy to style and maintain, and the best part is it can be sported on different occasions.

Good grooming is the key to a good beard, and we hope you’ll do the same.

Heavy stubble is one of the most if not the most attractive beard style you can grow. It needs your attention and often trimming but in general, you won’t have any problems.

Longer beards are much more difficult to maintain. Itching, beard hairs sticking out, under beard skin dryness, patchiness, and more can be a headache for most men.

We also discussed the best heavy stubble beard styles. Of course, there are more and you can get creative.

Finally, we covered a lot of questions that most men have as far as heavy stubble is concerned.

And that’s it for today…I really hope you liked this article cause we put a ton of effort into it.

If you have any questions and comments regarding the heavy stubble, feel free to write to us or comment below and we will be more than happy to answer.

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