Do Beards Hide Double Chins?

Double chin is a common problem for so many men.

When you start putting on weight, you start seeing fat getting accumulated in your chin area too, and gradually it turns out to be a double chin.

can beard hide double chin

But most of you wonder, do beards hide double chins?

In short, growing a beard absolutely does help to hide a double chin. However, there are many beard styles and you should think wisely before you choose the beard style that will help you achieve your goal.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about double chins and beards.

Let’s get straight into it!

Do Beards Hide Double Chins?

Do Beards Hide Double Chins?

As we said, a double chin is a very common problem, which means many men are suffering from it. There can be many reasons why you may have a double chin. 

With age, your skin laxity decreases, making your chin line sag, people who eat unhealthy food, overweight men, genetics, the posture of your body, all these things can make you have that unwanted double chin. 

As per our analysis, we have noticed that people who grow their beard hair or have a full beard can hide a double chin effectively. 

No matter what your age is, a beard can undoubtedly help. 

We spoke to ten men who had a double chin and full beard. We asked why they were embracing this look.

Through our research, we found out that all of them were keeping full beards, if not longer, to hide their double chin. Also, the beard has helped them boost their morale.

Thus, a beard not only hides a double chin but helps men to boost their confidence as well. So, all you need to do is grow a full beard. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Along with this, you also need to make sure that your beard’s length is a bit longer than your double chin; that’s how you are going to hide it. 

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How To Shave Beards To Hide Double Chins

How To Shave Beards To Hide Double Chins

Now that you know growing your beard will allow you to hide your double chin, it is time to understand how to go about it. 

Once a man starts to age, they begin seeing hairline receding and thinning. Growing beard hair can compensate for the loss of scalp hair. 

Since it is all about beard growing, you might think that the process will be easy. However, that’s far from the truth. Hiding a double chin with a beard will require a good and healthy beard. You need to style it and maintain it properly. 

On top of that, you also need to see which beard style will suit your face. A full beard is an option, but you need to be sure that it suits your facial features.

We have prepared a useful guide that will help you to hide your double chin with a beard. Find out which style suits your face. Let us look at the various face types first.

can beards hide double chins?

1. Square Face 

If you have a square chin and wide jawline, then you have a square face. Another feature of men with a square face is that they have a broader forehead. 

2. Heart Face 

If your forehead is more significant than your jawline and cheekbones, then you have a heart face. Men with a heart face will have a pointed chin. 

3. Round Face 

Your face length and cheekbones measurements will be the same. Your jaw will be less defined and softer. 

4. Triangular Face 

If your jawline measurement is more than your cheekbones, then you have a triangular face. 

5. Rectangular Face 

People with a rectangular face will have more face length. Your jawlines, cheekbones, and forehead will be of similar sizes. 

6. Oval Face

An oval face will have a greater face length than the cheekbones’ width. The forehead will also be greater than the jawline. 

7. Diamond Face 

Your face length will have a greater length. However, your jawline will be the smallest with descending forehead and cheekbones. 

Once you recognize which face type you have, you can then think about growing your beard. Whether you have a soft double chin or a heavy one, choose the right beard as per your face. 

For A Rectangular Face 

A rectangular face is longer than the other face types. This means that pointy, triangular, or longer beard style will only end up making your face look longer. Here’s the beard style you need to grow.

Have a fuller beard on your cheeks. Grow your beard just an inch or half an inch longer than your double chin, and that way, your face will look even. With a fuller beard on your cheeks, your jaw will look wider. 

Don’t exaggerate the face type that you already have. Hide the problematic area by letting your beard grow just an inch or half. 

For A Triangular Face 

The triangular face has a prominent chin, which means once you start having a double chin, all the attention will directly shift to your chin. 

For a triangular face, we will recommend going with a Garibaldi beard. This is one beard style that compliments a triangular face really well.

However, this beard style will take at least eight months to grow.

But if your beard grows fast, you will see at least one and a half-inch length in two months. That will be long enough to hide your double chin. 

Apart from this, you can try Verdi Beard. Verdi is shorter in length, and it will take a couple of months to achieve this look. 

For A Round Shape 

Since round face has similar face length and cheekbones measurements, you can try a full beard or pointed beard. These two are long enough to keep your double chin hidden. 

For a pointed beard, you need to first grow a full beard. It will take you at least two months to grow a full beard, and once you do, trim the lower half of your beard to give it a pointed shape. 

Since these are full beards and pointed beards, it becomes essential to maintain them accordingly. Brush your beard and shampoo them from time to time. 

Keep your beard detangled so that it doesn’t look messy. 

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For A Diamond Face

Men with a diamond face shape will have wide cheekbones, a narrow jawline and forehead. If you have a double chin, it will look prominent on a diamond face shape.

Hence, your goal will be to keep beard hair on the chin. 

Our suggestion would be to go with a full beard to hide your double chin.

Don’t go too long, though. And avoid going for pointed beard style. Keep it even to accentuate your overall face. If you want, you can go wider on the jawbone edge and cheeks. 

For A Heart Face 

Since you have a broad forehead with a pointed and narrow chin, your face type will benefit the most with a beard style that will add some volume to the bottom of your face. 

Stay away from beard styles, such as a ducktail or a goatee, because that will only accentuate your chin more, which you need to hide. 

We will suggest heavy and full styles for a heart-shaped face, such as a classic full beard. The good thing about a full beard is that it goes well with most of the face types. Another beard style that will look good is Garibaldi. 

The only problem with Garibaldi is that it takes time to grow this beard style; we will suggest growing your mustache as well. 

For A Square Face 

A square faced man is blessed with a good jawline; however, a double chin can ruin your look. The beard style that you need to go for is a long beard with low profiles at the sides. 

Yet again, a full beard is what will suit you the best. But remember to groom it. Carry a full beard style that will have neatly blended and tapered sides.  

For An Oval Face

Men with oval faces are the luckiest because they can carry any beard style they want. You can go for a full beard, pointed beard, and anything that will let you hide your double chin. 

In terms of options, almost every beard style will look good on you.

Since you are blessed with such a good face structure, just take care of your beard and maintain it properly. Any long beard style will suit your face type, and you will be able to hide your double chin. 

Best Beard Styles To Hide A Double Chin

Best Beard Styles To Hide A Double Chin

We have picked the top beard styles that you can go for to hide your double chin. These beard styles will go with almost all face types. So, let’s find out what are the top beard styles!

Full Beard Style

A full beard style means that your entire cheek and neck area will be covered. To grow a full beard style, you’ll have to wait for two to three months. 

This is one of the most common and preferred beard styles for men with double chins.

Face type: All face types.

Short Rounded Beard

The beard style to flaunt when you have a chubby face and double chin is a short rounded beard.

Let your beard grow for at least two months, and use a good trimmer to trim your beard to make it look uniform. This beard style will follow your face’s natural curve. 

Face type: This beard style will suit diamond, square, and round-shaped faces. 

Short Boxed Beard 

A short boxed beard will have a little more length, perfect for hiding your double chin. The edges will be sharper, and it will accentuate your jawline. 

Face Type: Short boxed beard is suitable for all face types. 

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Verdi and Garibaldi

Verdi and Garibaldi, both, incorporates a mustache along with a long beard. If you want to carry on a Verdi or Garibaldi beard style, you will have to allow it to grow at least 3-4 inches long. Since these are long beard styles, it will take eight months to grow. 

Face Type: Round, diamond, heart, triangle-shaped face. 

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How To Make Jawline Sharper With A Beard?

How To Make Jawline Sharper With A Beard?

Whether you have a double chin or even a weak chin, some ways can let you have a super chiseled jawline. If you get your beard game on point, you will actually end up making your jaw look sharper. 

Here are some tips to follow:

  • You can try a faded beard style. Faded style makes your face appear slimmer from both sides. The hair length on the chin will be a little longer. Just make sure to shape the beard properly because you need to make your face look slimmer. 
  • Another trick that you can try is shaving the upper portion of the beard on the cheeks. This way, your face will look narrow, allowing your cheekbones to pop. 
  • For men who are blessed with a naturally dense beard, use it to your advantage. Keep your beard hair thick throughout your face, and trim any extra hair that you see. Use a sharp razor to trim that excess hair. When it comes to your chin, keep it full. 
  • Another trick that you can try to make your jawline look sharper is by keeping the beard on your jawline area well-shaped. 


Find the perfect beard style for your face, and hide that stubborn double chin! Growing a beard is the best solution to go for. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and start growing your beard! 

To sum up, do beards hide double chins?


Choose the best beard style and hide your double chin forever!

And…that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you found it useful.

If you have any comments or questions let us know in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Are you ready to get rid of your double chin and get your confidence back?

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