Do Beards Make Your Nose Look Smaller? [The Truth]

Having a big nose can be a real headache.

Normally, we should be ok with everything on our body but if this is something that hurts your confidence you should definitely do something about it.

A simple solution would be to visit a doctor and talk about plastic surgery but this is easier said than done.

Growing a beard can actually make your nose look smaller. Your nose, of course, is not smaller or narrower but a well-groomed beard creates that illusion of a more balanced face, removing attention from your big nose towards the beard and your overall appearance.

I hope this makes sense to you.

In today’s article, we will discuss why growing a beard can make your nose look shorter and improve your looks, the best beard styles if you have a big nose and we will also answer all of your questions.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Can Beards Make Your Nose Look Smaller?

beard makes nose look smaller

The whole goal is to redirect somebody’s attention from your nose to your face. I want you to understand this.

Whatever trick you use or read on the internet about makeup, different hairstyles that pair well with big or wide noses etc etc, all have to do with this one thing.

Getting people’s attention away from the nose and redirecting it to something awesome you have whether this is your beard, your overall face, your body, or your hair. You get the point.

It is crucial to understand this thing cause everything else I write in this article or you find online has to do with this.

It’s all about proportions. Make your face look more balanced.

Back to the beard.

Guys with wide beards should wear stubble or short beards. You don’t want to wear pointed or long beards making your face look weird. In fact, stubble according to multiple studies on both men and women is the most attractive beard style. I would recommend you try the heavy stubble.

On the other hand, if you have a long nose you definitely wanna grow a long, bushy beard. Something like Lumberjacks grow and remove any attention from your nose.

Imagine a man with a long, thick beard maybe long hair too and a masculine body…Who will stare at his nose?

He is a true mighty Viking!

I really hope you understand what I am trying to say. You won’t find these tips anywhere. I have tried many things that worked and didn’t work. Trust me.

Now, let’s move on.

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Best Beard Styles That Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Beards For Guys With Wide Noses

Heavy Stubble

heavy stubble beard

Heavy stubble is the longest type of stubble beard. It is simply facial hair that is about 5mm long. Longer facial hair than 5mm is called a (short) beard.

To grow heavy stubble from clean-shaven will take you 10-12 days. If you already have a beard you can use your beard trimmer to trim it down to 4-5mm long once it grows too much.

This is an amazing and very easy style to wear. Women and men love it.

This style will change your life. Give it a try.

Medium Stubble

Medium stubble is shorter than heavy stubble and longer than light stubble. It is about 3-4mm long and you will need 5-6 day in order to grow it if you are clean-shaven.

Again, if you already have a longer beard, you will need to trim it down to the desired length with your beard trimmer. Be careful, some trimmers like Philips’ have their guards named 1,2,3 according to mm and other trimmers like Wahl’s have their guards named 1,2,3 according to inches (guard 1= 1/8 inch, etc)

This is very important to know.

Before you start trimming, we advise you to wash your facial hair, dry it well and apply some beard oil, so that the trimming is smoother, faster and more precise.

Remember to oil your trimmer often as well and keep it clean and sharp.

10mm Beard

A 10mm beard falls into the category of short beard styles, the next level after a heavy stubble.

At this length, beards tend to be quite messy, and they grow unruly in men who don’t follow a beard-grooming routine.

If you wanna wear this beard style, make sure you create nice sharp lines on the top of your cheeks and also a sharp neckline. This was your beard will look well-groomed and will attract people’s attention.

If you plan to grow this one from scratch, it will take you about 20-25 days depending on your beard growth rate.

As we discussed before for the other beard styles, you will need to keep your beard at this length with your beard trimmer. Place guard #9 or #10 if your trimmer has this option and keep your beard neat!

The benefits of growing such a beard are:

  • It looks stylish.
  • You can easily switch to stubble styles if you want to.
  • It looks professional.
  • And of course, it grabs attention and no one messes up with your nose!

Beards For Guys With Long Noses

Lumberjack Beard

The lumberjack beard is a beard style that is characterized by long facial hair that is quite thick, strong and healthy. It requires great genetics, patience because you will need long sideburns, a full mustache, and a thick full beard all connected together.

This style cannot be done by everyone.

However, if you have these great genes, although you have a long nose, you will look masculine and women will crave for your attention.

Women are attracted by masculine, strong men. They are not attracted only by handsome men.

Quick lesson. Even if you have great looks, you will lose your woman if you act softly. You need to get responsibility, decisions, leadership. You have to able to protect her and your children.

Facial hair can help you with that but you should also have the manly personality. Unlock your inner beast.

Nose is not a big deal for women. Trust me.

I have talked to thousands of men and have told me the same thing.

Viking Beard

viking beard

The Viking beard has managed to survive and look great till the 21st century because of the image of power and strength associated with it.

Most of the Viking beard styles that are shown today are pretty good approximations of the ancient styles.

To wear a Viking beard, you have to have a thick beard without many patches. That’s the reason why most men can’t wear it.

However, again, if you have this type of thick beard, please take advantage of it!

Most men have thin or patchy beards!

You can also braid your beard when it reaches a certain length and look even more unique. Now tell me, will anyone even notice your nose?

Absolutely not!

Goatee Beard

Now, you will tell me, Hey Tasos all good if we have a thick beard but what if we can’t grow a full beard and we have a patchy beard?

As always, I have you covered. If you are not able to grow a thick beard, you can wear a goatee. To be honest, goatee beard is not my favorite. But, that’s personal taste.

In general, goatee beard styles are ok and have stood the test of time.

The goatee is a short and usually pointed beard that grows on a man’s chin. It has a close resemblance to the tuft of hair on a goat’s chin hence its name.

An amazing goatee variation for guys with long noses is the long goatee. The long goatee is just a traditional goatee that is very long. Be careful here.

Your mustache should be short. Don’t wear the Van Dyke beard with the handlebar mustache because that brings the eyes’ more attention closer to your nose.

To Sum Things Up

Gentlemen, we should all realize that nobody is perfect. Some of us have big noses, others are short, others are tall, others are bald, etc etc.


You are awesome!

Having a wide or a big nose is a thing but the only problem with it is when it makes you lose your confidence. The way you look at yourself is exactly the way other people look at you.

Growing a beard is one of the ways you can create a balance on your face and look great.

We have discussed some of the best beard styles for guys with big noses.

On top of that, you can add some length and volume on your hair, get a more masculine body, wear nice clothes, etc etc.

All of these things will make you look better.

And that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you learn something and you found this article helpful and easy to understand.

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My goal was not just to give you this magical facial hair style that will transform you.

My goal is to boost your confidence and change the way you look from the inside rather than the outside.

Happy grooming!

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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