How To Bleach A Beard? [Even If You Are A Beginner]

So, you want to bleach your beard! You might have seen celebrities coloring their beard, which soon became a trend.

And this might have inspired you to bleach your beard too! Now that it’s a trend you are wondering… How to bleach a beard properly?

how to bleach a beard

In short, the beard bleaching process is:

  • Do A Patch Test
  • Wash your face and remove head hair from your face(if you have long hair)
  • Get the bleach and read its instructions carefully.
  • Mix the ingredients
  • Apply the bleach using the spatula included inside.
  • Leave the bleach there exactly for as many minutes as the instructions suggest
  • Remove the bleach
  • Wash your face with warm water
  • Apply a moisturizing cream

That’s the process. Of course, we will discuss everything in detail later on, so keep reading!

The key to bleaching your beard properly is to understand that it is a time-bound exercise and you need to follow the instructions carefully.

The bleach that you will buy from the market will contain instructions. The goal is to follow the instructions carefully and not exceed the time.

Let’s get into it!

Why Would Someone Want To Bleach A Beard?

how to bleach a beard

Beard bleaching became a trend a few years back. But bleaching a beard is somewhat a personal choice. You may want to experiment with your look, or you see gray beard hair.

Well, whatever the reason is, beard bleaching experience is as exciting as hair bleaching.

Here are some of the reasons why you should bleach your beard.

  • To get a new look

Beards are exceptionally sensitive, and they can get damaged way faster than the hair that’s on your scalp.

That’s why we wouldn’t suggest dyeing your beard regularly. If you are bored with your everyday look, you can get a fresh look by bleaching your beard.

With the advancement in technology, good quality beard bleaches are getting manufactured. You can pick the one that contains the least amount of chemicals and won’t irritate your skin.

Just make sure that you are bleaching your beard correctly, and everything will be fine.

  • You see gray hair

This is the main reason why you will want to bleach your beard hair. As we grow older, just like our scalp hair, our beard hair starts losing its pigment. And this is when you start seeing gray hair peeping out.

Gray hair makes you look older, and a few grays can ruin your overall look as well. This is why people who are young with gray hair often consider bleaching their beards.

To get rid of gray beard hair, bleaching is the best resort.

  • You want to recharge

The third reason why bleaching your beard is a good option is that you need to recharge yourself. The same old look with the same old beard color can make you live a monotonous life.

When you bleach your beard, you get yourself a fresh look, which ultimately recharges you.

Is It Safe To Bleach A Beard?

is it safe to bleach a beard

The answer to whether bleaching the a beard is safe or not is somewhat complicated. There can be many reasons why you might want to bleach your beard, and we bet all the reasons are valid.

However, no matter how good the bleach is, it will affect your beard hair somehow or the other. In comparison to our scalp hair, our beard hair is sensitive. The beard strands can get damaged if we don’t use the right beard bleach.

We will never recommend bleaching the beard on a regular basis because then your beard will become more prone to damages.

It is safe to bleach a beard unless you choose a poor-quality bleach loaded with chemicals. The thumb rule is to go for a good beard bleach product, which is free from harmful chemicals. Or even if there are some chemicals, it won’t damage your beard thoroughly.

Also, don’t bleach your beard regularly because that’s when it becomes unsafe.

Beard Bleaching Vs. Beard Dyeing: Differences

This is one of the most common questions. Whenever someone thinks of coloring their beard, they often struggle to choose between beard bleaching and beard dyeing.

Both beard bleach and beard dye will let you change the beard color. The only difference is that beard bleach is available in a lighter shade only, but you will see many more options in terms of shades when it comes to beard dye.

PropertiesBeard BleachBeard Dye
Definition  When you bleach your beard hair, the process will involve stripping the beard hair color.On the other hand, dyeing involves the process of completely changing the beard hair color.
Process Involved  When you bleach your beard hair, it will make every hair strand turn light in color, mostly light yellow or white.But the beard dyeing process will let you apply a coat of color on the beard hair strands.
Type of Color available  Bleaching will only let you lighten the hair color.But the dye will be available in multiple colors, allowing you to dye your beard in any color you want.  

How To Bleach A Beard?

Men of all ages will experience gray hair in life.

Hormonal changes and environmental factors are the main reason why you may start seeing gray beard hair. Even though there is nothing to be embarrassed about developing gray hair on your beard, you may want to bleach it to look younger.

Bleaching is a safe process depending on the type of product you have chosen. It is painless, easy, and a cost-effective way to get rid of your gray beard hair.

Whether you want to bleach your beard white for Xmas or blonde or whatever the process remains the same. What changes is only the bleach. The actual product that we use.

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Check our recommended beard bleach on Amazon. (But please before you buy, read their description to find out if this is the best for you. They have different types for white, different tones, etc)

Preparation Guide

Now that you are all set to apply bleach on your beard, why not take some time to prepare yourself for the same?

It is always better to see whether the bleach you have purchased is safe to use or not. Here are some tips that will help you get started:

  1. Read the label of the bleach carefully. See if the bleach contains any ingredients that you are allergic to. If there is anything that can irritate your skin, better not to go ahead with it.
  2. The bleach that you are going for should be manufactured for facial hair only. The quality of your scalp hair and beard hair is different. Hence don’t apply hair bleach.
  3. Once you have read the ingredients and are sure that the bleach is free from harmful ingredients, do a patch test. Don’t apply it to your beard; instead, choose another area, such as your leg or arm, or even your neck. If nothing happens, then the bleach is safe to use. If it irritates you, wash the product immediately, and don’t use it. Try another beard bleach product.
  4. While applying, ensure that you are not using the beard bleach close to your nose.
  5. If you have moles, warts, or abrasions on your beard skin, don’t apply the bleach there. Otherwise, the product may irritate your skin.

The Beard Bleaching Process

how to bleach a beard white

Step 1: If you have long hair, make sure your scalp hair is out of your face. You can tie it, else use a towel to wrap your hair. This is necessary because otherwise, you may end up coloring some hair strands as well.

Step 2: Wash your face thoroughly with a gentle face wash, and clean your beard properly, ensuring it is free from residues. Beard bleach works well on clean, oil-free, and dirt-free face.

Step 3: The bleach has two essential ingredients. One is the crème and the second one is the powder. Read the directions before applying carefully. Use only the required amount, and mix the product properly.

Step 4: The packet will contain a spatula. Use the spatula only to spread the product all over your beard evenly. Cover your beard with bleach and ensure that you don’t rub it on the beard. If the instruction says to let it sit for ten minutes, then ten minutes is the duration. Don’t exceed it.

Step 5: Use the same spatula to remove the bleach from your beard. If you see that your beard isn’t completely bleached, redo the same process for another five to ten minutes.

Step 6: Once everything is done, go and wash your face and use lukewarm water to clean your face. Don’t apply any soap or face wash. To avoid dryness and irritation, apply a moisturizing cream.

So, there you go, you have finally bleached the facial hair. And as you can see, bleaching a beard is an effortless and seamless process.

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How Often Can I Bleach My Beard?

how often should i bleach my beard

Bleaching a beard is an easy process. Whether you have just started bleaching your beard or are an old user, you need to know how often you can bleach your beard.

Once you bleach your beard, it will stay effective for as long as your roots don’t start growing. Once the hair follicles beneath your beard begin to grow and they become noticeable, it means that you need to bleach your beard.

How often you can bleach your beard will significantly depend on how fast your hair follicles beneath your beard grow.

After you bleach, don’t re-bleach your beard again for at least 15 days. Even if you see gray hair appearing, you need to give some rest to your beard for around 15 days.

For some men, bleaching their beard hair once every month will be good enough as well. And the minimum time you should wait is 15 days.

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Which Is The Best Beard Bleach?

I will be honest with you as always. I haven’t tested every beard bleach.

So, I will only refer to the one product I personally used.

It is called Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach and it is very good. Are there other products that work? Probably, yes but I haven’t seen it with my eyes so I am unable to judge by other people’s opinions.

This bleach that I used works well and it is very cheap so no need for me to test more.

The only reason for me to test more would be if people wouldn’t like this bleach, so I would test other bleaches myself to provide you with better information.

Another thing I want to tell you is that there is not a bleach exclusively for beards. They are for hair in general but that’s ok since they work for beards too.

Frequently Asked Questions


Follow the guidelines that we have shared here with you, and you will be ready to bleach your beard hair.

Bleaching your beard is a safe process, but you need to pick the right beard bleaching product. Read the label carefully and ensure that you read the instructions before starting! Go on and bleach your beard to look and feel great.

Blend the bleach properly so that you get to enjoy the desired results. Also, rinse your beard with water to remove the product from your beard.

Also don’t overdo it with beard bleaching. Play the safe game.

And that’s it for today’s article…I really you liked it and you found it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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