Can You Dye A Beard With Hair Dye: [The Truth]

Are you considering dyeing your beard but unsure if using hair dye is a good idea? Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution or simply want to experiment at home, this article is here to help.

Many men, nowadays, freak out when they see their first gray hairs. But, we should all realize that this is absolutely normal even if we get gray hairs at a young age.

In fact, salt and pepper or grey beards are extremely popular and stylish.

However, if you still want to dye your facial hair you have the question…

Can I dye my beard with hair dye?

In short, dying your beard with hair dye is a viable option. Hair and beard dyes do have some differences but at the end of the day, they are quite similar. Keep in mind, though, that your face skin is more sensitive than the skin on your head.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about dying your beard with hair dye. Differences between hair and beard dyes, other cheap ways to dye your beard, and also your most common questions about beard dying.

Let’s get straight into it!

Differences Between Hair And Beard Dyes

Differences Between Hair And Beard Dyes

The 2 types of dyes don’t have many differences. The main differences are just two.

The first difference is that because, most of the time, our beard hairs are thicker and coarser than the hairs on our scalp, it is a good idea to leave the dye 1-2 minutes longer.

This will enable your hair follicles to ”absorb” the dye much better.

Another difference is the fact that hair dyes obviously don’t include an applicator inside the packaging making it more difficult for you to apply it.

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But, for me and many other guys that have tried it, it is not much of a deal. You can always use a beard brush.

Pro tip: Always use a timer immediately after you apply the dye.

If you leave the dye for longer, it will look unnatural and darker but most importantly it may burn your skin. Some guys look sunburned after applying hair dyes to their beards for a long period of time.

In short, dyeing your beard with hair dye is a viable option. Hair and beard dyes do have some differences, but at the end of the day, they are quite similar. Keep in mind, though, that your face skin is more sensitive than the skin on your head.

Dye A Beard With Hair Dye: Is It Safe?

Is Coloring A Beard With Hair Dye Safe

First of all, I want to make this clear.

When considering dyeing your beard with hair dye, safety should be a top priority. While most individuals can safely use hair dye, it’s crucial to be aware of potential allergic reactions or skin sensitivities.

Conducting an allergic (patch) test before applying a large quantity of dye to your face is highly recommended. This simple precaution can help identify any adverse reactions and prevent beard dermatitis caused by ingredients like para-phenylenediamine or PPDA.

Additionally, be cautious of hair dyes containing ammonia, which can be harsh on sensitive facial skin. Opting for ammonia-free dye is a wise choice for those with sensitivity concerns.

When you apply anything that contains chemical ingredients to your skin or even worse when you consume such things, there is always a calculated risk.

From those of you who will dye their beards no matter if you use hair or beard dyes, a small percentage will have an allergic reaction.

In fact, you can read these studies which prove what I am trying to explain.

However, should this be a reason not to try it?

Of course, no.

You just have to do an allergic (patch) test before you apply a large quantity of dye to your face. This will prevent the danger of beard dermatitis due to hair dyes.

The active ingredient that is to blame for beard dermatitis is para-phenylenediamine or PPDA.

Another thing you should be aware and careful of when dying a beard with a hair dye is that many dyes contain ammonia. Ammonia helps the dye to last longer and penetrate into the hair shaft.

If you have sensitive skin, please avoid ammonia hair dyes. Choose an ammonia-free dye.

These are the dangers of dyeing a beard with hair dye. We didn’t tell you those things to discourage you but these are things you should be aware of.

We always care for you first.

Other Ways To Dye A Beard Naturally And Cheaply

dye a beard with coffee

There are many ways to dye a beard and you can always get creative. Some of these ways that you may like are:

Dyeing A Beard With Coffee
Dyeing A Beard With Henna
Dyeing A Beard With Black Tea

Some of you may laugh at these suggestions but coloring a beard with natural dyes without chemicals can be quite beneficial for many of you.

You don’t have to worry about allergic reactions, burn and more.

Of course, the results won’t be the same and the color will fade much sooner but when you get used to dyeing your beard naturally and cheap then you may like it.

I highly recommend these to men that wanna test the waters, test which colors are better for them, and fear the use of chemicals on their sensitive face skin.

How Long The Beard Dye Lasts?

Semi-permanent dyes which are the most commonly used last about 2-3 weeks.

There are 2 factors that affect the duration of a beard dye before fading. These are:

  • The frequency that you wash your beard
  • Your technique when you are dying the beard.

The first one is easy. If you want your beard dye to last more don’t shampoo it every day and don’t brush it hard. Simple.

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The second one is more tricky. Practice makes perfect. Have you heard this before?

This applies to everything in life. Your ability to dye a beard properly will improve dramatically over time.

How To Remove Beard Dye From Beard

How To Remove Beard Dye From Beard

If you are using a natural beard or hair dye, do not mess with removing it. It will fade in days.

If you want to accelerate the process just wash your beard with hot water and shampoo and brush it daily. You will be just fine.

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The challenge is when you wanna remove a dye from your beard which is semi-permanent. You maybe didn’t like the color or it looks unnatural and you wanna remove it.

How you can do it?

First of all, keep in mind that even semi-permanent beard dyes don’t last long if you are washing your face constantly.

A simple process you can follow the remove the color of your beard quickly is the following:

Wash Your Beard With Warm Water
Prepare A Mixture Of Beard Shampoo And Baking Soda
Apply It To Your Beard
Massage Your Beard Gently and Let it Sit For 10-15 Minutes
Wash Your Beard With Warm Water
Dry It Well
Apply Beard Oil. Don’t Skip It. You May Have Trouble.

The results may not be seen instantly. Give it some time but it is 100% sure that this works. I have done it, I have seen it live.

You may need to repeat the process again if you are not pleased with the result but give 1-2 days for your skin to relax and recover.

Some beard colors, also, fade sooner and easier than others. Keep this in mind as well.

That’s the simple process of removing a beard dye from your beard and I am sure it will be useful to you because we don’t always like the color. It is different than the color you see when you buy the product.

It also depends on how long you leave the dye to your facial hair.

Does Dyeing Your Beard Make It Look Thicker?

Does Dying Your Beard Make It Look Thicker?

Using a dye that is one shade darker than your natural color will absolutely make your beard look thicker. Especially if you are blonde the difference will be huge.

But, be careful here. If you overdo it, it will look unnatural (at least for the people that already know you).

Buy or use a dye that’s close to your natural color maybe a little bit darker and that’s it.

Your beard will look thicker, which is what most men always want. A thicker beard!


So, now you know. If you want to have a thicker beard easily and fast, just color it darker than your natural color and enjoy the results.

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Before we sum up, I want to tell you this. Don’t try to make your beard look thicker by applying a very dark dye like black or dark brown if you are blonde for example.

If your eyebrows and scalp hair are very different than your facial hair color then it will make you look weird.

Choose the dye color wisely.

Final Words

To sum up, you can dye your beard with hair dye.

You have to be extra careful and creative but you absolutely can do it.

Choose or use a dye, because probably you wanna use a dye that you or your wife already has, that has a color is close to your natural.

Hair dyes do not include a brush applicator but it is not very important.

Also, preferably use an ammonia-free dye. Always do a patch test because using a dye to your beard because para-phenylenediamine or PPDA can cause an allergic reaction.

If so happens wash your face and contact a doctor. It should be ok with the use of corticosteroids soon. Don’t panic.

Beard dyeing is safe but it needs some attention.

The beard dye will not only change your beard color (if you don’t want gray hair for example) but also will make your facial hair look thicker.

Finally, if you don’t like the color of your beard after you dye it, we discussed how to remove it step by step.

I think we did our best to answer all your possible questions and inform you about beard dyeing and specifically beard dyeing with a hair dye.

I hope you found our article useful.

However, if you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to reply.

Until Next Time,

Stay Safe,


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