Can You Wash Your Beard Just With Soap Or Shampoo?

Washing your beard is not a complicated task, but there is an art to it. When done wrong, your beard can become dry, unmanageable and abrasive. Unlike washing your face, which you need to do every day, washing your facial hair every day is not advisable. 

There are a lot of questions in your mind – Can you wash your beard just with soap or shampoo? Or perhaps I should wash my beard with baby shampoo, regular hair shampoo, or face wash? We will answer them all. 

You should not wash your beard with regular hair shampoo, face wash, or soap as washing your beard using these instead of beard wash can strip your beard of its natural oils. This can lead to a beard that is itchy, flaky, and has dandruff.

Here in this blog post, we will separate fact from fiction and tell you all that is there to know about the best ways to wash your beard and keep it glowing. 

Can I use regular hair shampoo or soap for my beard

Can I wash my beard with face wash? 

Regular face washes are not made keeping in mind their application on hair. This means that they can strip your beard of the natural oils that exist there and make it too dry. So, it would be best if you did not use a face wash for your beard.

Instead, you should invest in a good beard wash. Beard washes are specifically designed for beards. They are soft enough for use on the face, and at the same time, they are perfect for thicker and more dense beards. 

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Does beard wash make a difference?  

Yes, beard washes do make a difference to your beard when appropriately used. Using a mild beard wash with gentle conditioners will keep your beard healthy and also refresh your face. 

Let us explain in detail.

Body washes, face washes, and regular soaps are all designed keeping in mind a different purpose, i.e. cleaning the body or face, and therefore they have chemically more potent cleansers. It is not a good idea to wash your beard with soap or hair shampoo.

That is why they are unsuitable for your beard. Similarly, the hair on your face is very different from the hair on your head. All the above products will strip away the natural oil in your beard and make the skin underneath your beard flaky and itchy. Prolonged use can also cause beard dandruff. 

A good beard wash will ensure that all the natural oils in your beard are retained, and it will keep the skin under your beard moisturized and healthy. This also means that after a shower you need less oil and other products which make it healthier, better looking and softer.

Can I Wash My Beard Only with Water

Can I Wash My Beard Only with Water?

The answer is that it depends on the type of beard you have. If you don’t have a very oily beard, you can wash your beard with just water.

However, in the case of oily beards, it is best to use beard shampoo. Here are some reasons for and against washing your beard with water. 

Pros Of Washing Your Beard With Water Only

Your beard is saved from chemicals
You save on costs
You have less beard dandruff and flaking

Your beard is saved from chemicals

While the market does have beard shampoos which are used to wash your beard, at the end of the day, there will be chemicals in it which will have at least a little effect on your skin by stripping away some of the natural sebum (natural oils). With plain old water, there is no such issue. 

You save on costs

Add to that the fact that you are saving on costs because water is relatively free. You can even use the saved money on a beard comb, beard oil or even a beard brush.   

You have less beard dandruff and flaking

As mentioned above, since water doesn’t have the harshness of chemicals in it, natural oils are retained in your beard, which means that your beard remains moisturized. This is turn helps you avoid flaking and dandruff. 

Disadvantages of washing the beard with water only 

Not a good idea for oily beards
Difficult to wash out certain products 

Not a good idea for oily beards 

Blame it on hormones, but some men are just oilier than others. The sebaceous glands of these men produce more sebum oil which is the oil present in beards.

If you’re one of these men, merely using water to wash your beard isn’t going to cut it out for you. Using beard shampoo will help you to get rid of the excess oil and also the smell that comes along with it. 

Difficult to wash out certain products 

Suppose you have been using beard wax on your beard, then it will become difficult to wash out the wax with only water. So, the bottom line is that when you certain other products for grooming your beard, it is best to use beard shampoo instead of water. 

How Often Should I Wash My Beard?

Can I wash my facial hair every day? This is a question we hear often. The answer is no. It would be best if you ideally washed your beard two times a week with a beard shampoo.

Two times a week is ideal because washing the beard too many times can strip it of its essential natural oils. This can lead to the dry, flaky beard with rough skin and dandruff issues. 

While washing your beard, make sure that you use a mild beard shampoo which also contains some gentle conditioners. This combination will help to keep your face looking fresh and your beard looking soft and odour free. 

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Overall Best Beard Wash

The best beard wash is a mild beard wash that is gentle on your beard and skin. It should ideally have mild conditioners so that it helps the beard retain its natural oils.

Using the right beard wash can mean the difference between an itchy and flaky beard and a beard that is healthy, soft and well hydrated. 

In my opinion, the best beard wash and what works for most people is Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo.

It has many natural ingredients such as olive oil, leatherwood beeswax, coconut oil, etc and it is also chemical free. When we want products for our face, I always prefer chemical free products that only include natural ingredients.

It will help you remove pollutants but it will also make your beard clean, soft and easy to brush.

Best cheap alternative

This might be news for you, but beard washes do cost a little bit of money. However, the good news is that there are other cheaper alternatives to the Professor Fuzworthy’s Beard Shampoo available in the market.

The overall best cheap alternative is Honest for Men Original Scent Beard Wash. It doesn’t have exactly the same quality as the other product but at the end of the day some of you may not afford the 10-12 extra bucks and that’s ok.

This is a product that anyone can afford and it has good quality. You can test it out. If you like it it’s ok, if you don’t, you go and purchase the other one which is for sure better.

Final Words

So as promised, we have told you about the various ways in which you can wash your beard and the best ways to do so.

As a rule, do not pass your facial hair with soap or shampoo and use beard oil or its substitutes. Groom your beard just like you groom the hair on your head, and you’ll find yourself getting accolades from all and sundry. 

It is very important to take care of your beard while it is growing.

The good news is that the majority of beard products are really cheap. We talk 10-20 bucks each. For most men, this is very affordable when it comes to such an important asset as our beard is.

Washing your beard with water is not that bad but it is not optimal. If the wash or shampoo’s prices were like $300, I would tell you to stay away. But, why wash your beard with soaps that are designed for our hands or just water when the wash costs $10?

I hope you get the point.

And..that’s for today’s article! I really hope you liked it and you got your answers.

Are you ready to grow a strong, long but healthy beard this year?

If you have any comments or questions or you just wanna share your thoughts, feel free to comment below, I would love to help.

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Stay safe and…Let It Grow!


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