Does Shaving Make Your Beard Thicker?

Let’s face it. More and more men, nowadays, have the dream of acquiring this ultimate, complete sexy beard that makes you look like the ultimate alpha male.

It is also proven that most women like bearded men and a full beard can make you irresistible, especially if you live in a country that most men can’t grow a full beard.

does shaving make your beard thicker

However, the bad news is that most of us will never grow this complete beard. In fact, we are all searching for ways to increase the thickness of our beards or at least make it look fuller.

One widespread question that most men and even some women have because of their boys is the following…

Does shaving make your beard thicker?

In short, the answer is no. Shaving is not scientifically proven to have any effect on beard thickness or growth. Facial hair might seem to appear thicker after shaving, but it is, actually, not affected by shaving whatsoever. 

Many men have tried this, and all of them failed to grow a denser beard. In fact, it is pervasive for boys to shave their peach fuzz, hoping that they will accelerate the process of beard growth and thickness.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why shaving can’t help you grow a thicker beard destroying this myth forever, but we’ll also answer other questions you may have such as how to grow a full beard, which factors truly affect beard thickness and more…

So stay with me!

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Thicker

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Thicker?

Getting a fuller beard has nothing to do with shaving. This is the truth, and everything else is a myth.

I don’t know why so many people have this perception. To be honest, when I was a child I was always asking my mother and my dad how can I grow a beard, why my mustache is so thin, how I can develop a thicker beard and all this stuff…

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And they kept telling me that I had to shave for my facial hair to become thicker. they were even telling me that sewing a gum will help and that was the reason why I had not got a beard already!

Well, I get it. Most parents don’t have an idea about these things, and they try to answer their kids’ questions in the best possible way. I don’t blame them.

By not accepting that you don’t know something, by being selfish, you hold yourself back from learning, keep yourself back from becoming a better version of yourself.

Closing this parenthesis, some myths will be destroyed today, and you will learn the truth.

Shaving a beard will not have any effect on your beard thickness and growth.

Now, we have got this.

However, obviously trimming a beard is not a bad thing to do. You can create amazing beard styles that suit you the most.

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But, which are the fundamental factors that play a massive role in beard thickness and why some men have thicker beards than others?

What Makes Beard Thicker

What Makes Beard Thicker?

Most people grow beards at the same pace. Yes, others don’t grow beards faster than you do. This is another myth. Every person is different but most of us grow beards at the same pace.

In fact, in a period of 3-4 weeks, there are only 3 factors that make some people’s beards look thicker than other others’.

Beard Density
Hair Strands Diameter

These are the factors that make your beard look fuller. A black beard with high density and relatively large diameter of hair strands is ideal for beard thickness.

But, please guys don’t get obsessed with your facial hair. Men in their early twenties usually haven’t reached their full potential. This will happen around or past thirties. Stay calm. It needs time and patience.

Now, let’s which factors affect beard thickness and density. Understanding this stuff will help you grow a beard much faster than you expect.

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Which Factors Affect Beard Thickness?

Let’s clear it now and forever. The real factors that are proven to affect beard thickness are:

  • Genetics
  • Testosterone Levels
  • Age
  • Beard Care
  • Diet

These are, in short, all the factors that make the difference between men that do have a thick beard and men that don’t.

Genetics is the most important factor. Sometimes, you have to accept things. For example, you are X feet tall right? Do you care for it every single day? I hope not because that’s it.

Look at your close family members. Do they have a thick beard? If yes, cool, you have a great chance of having a nice beard too. If not, you can do some things to help the process but don’t get mad.

Another significant aspect of a thick beard is testosterone levels. Testosterone is the main men’s hormone, the hormone that gives us male characteristics. Facial hair, voice, strength, libido, etc.

The more testosterone you have, the bigger the chance is to grow a beard. This is the reality. But, again don’t do silly stuff. Do not EVER buy testosterone supplements or anything like that. First of all, it is prohibited but the most important thing is that you put yourself in great danger.

Before taking any supplement, it is mandatory to ask your doctor. Excessive testosterone usage can put you in danger and even kill you. You have heard of bodybuilders dying at 25-30 years of age, right?

Age is also a good one. Men don’t reach their full beard potential very young. So, don’t expect to have a complete beard at 14-15. For every one of us is different but in general, we see maximum beard growth and thickness after 25-30 years of age.

The next important factor for beard thickness is beard care.

Taking care of your face and your facial hair is huge. Keep your face clean and moisturized and hair follicles stimulated. A simple natural foam on your face is enough for you to wash your face.

You can also use beard oil and butter to help your beard. Combing it is another thing you should do, removing dead hairs and other junk stuff from it but also teach your beard to grow in the right direction( covering patchy areas, etc)

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The final factor that affects beard thickness is diet. A healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, and exercise most often keeps your body energized and raises your testosterone levels.

Biotin supplements can also help you and your beard thickness but again just ask your doctor before taking anything.

All in all, there are many factors that affect beard thickness. The most important one is genetics by far. Yes, you guessed it. Shaving is not included. We now know that!

How To Grow A Full Beard Without Patches

How To Grow A Full Beard Without Patches

No matter how thick a beard is, there are numerous examples where a very nice beard has patches. Patches are areas that there is a limited number of hairs or no hairs at all.

Obviously, this is very bad. A patchy beard doesn’t look nearly as beautiful and healthy as other full beards.

However, there are some things that you should in order to fix this problem.

  • Give It Time To Grow
  • Wash your face on a daily basis
  • Use A Beard Brush
  • Biotin Supplements (Always ask your doctor)
  • Treatment with Minoxidil (Always ask your doctor)
  • Beard Transplant

These are all the things you can possibly do to fix your patchy beard.

Starting from top to bottom, giving time to your beard to grow is very important. In fact, don’t expect a full beard unless you have not shaved it for 8 weeks. This works perfectly with a beard brush.

A beard brush is used to distribute the natural oils all over your beard and skin. But, it can also be used to train hairs to grow in a specific direction. Longers hairs can cover up patchy areas in your beard. This is an excellent way to make your beard look better in a matter of minutes!

Washing your face can also be very beneficial when it comes to fixing a patchy beard. It lets your skin breathe, removes dead hairs, keeps it clean avoiding dryness, and opens the pores…

Just do it! It will take you 2 minutes.

If nothing of these helps you, then you can to a doctor and ask for supplements or medicine such as biotin supplements or minoxidil supplements. Minoxidil helps beard growth and thickness but when you stop using it, hairs can fall.

The final option you have if you want a beard so bad and you can’t grow it with all these ways is the beard transplant. As you may easily understand, new hairs are transplanted into your skin(face) and they will eventually grow into a beard.

Over the past few years, beard and hair transplant has become better and has longterm results. However, no result is guaranteed. Search and find the best doctors in your area.

after shave itching

Why Shaving My Beard Brings Me Itching?

Itching after shaving is a very common problem. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge beard or a sparse you may deal with after shave itching.

When you shave your facial hair, the razor leaves a sharp edge on the edge of its hair. These edges are either on your skin level or even below it depending on the type of razor and on how deep you shave your facial hairs.

When hair grow out again, it tries to pass through the skin and this sharp edge scratches the follicle which results on itching.

Another huge factor of itchy beards is ingrown beard hair. This is very common and can be quite painful.

In this case, hairs penetrate the skin before leaving the hair follicle or they curve back after they leave the follicle. This causes inflammation and it is the reason you feel not only itching but also pain.

These two things can happen even if your face skin is absolutely healthy and hydrated. They are normal so don’t panic. Sometimes, a better quality razor and better shaving technique can decrease the frequency of occurrence of these two phenomena.

If you face other problems or your beard and face are itching more than that, then you may have to visit your doctor. If you have red skin that itches you, etc then you may have a dermatological issue. This issue may just require you to buy and apply a cream. These issues are very very usual, so don’t get crazy.

And remember:

  • Wash your face and beard daily
  • Use aftershave lotion (aloe vera)
  • Use beard conditioner for example jojoba oil
  • Brush your beard

These things may sound obvious but most men skip them! Don’t make this mistake. It will take you 5 minutes a day, no joke.

Final Words

We are closing to the end of today’s topic so let’s summarize what we discussed today.

The most important thing and the reason most of you are here is the answer to the question ‘ does shaving make your beard thicker ‘?

I am very confident you understood that shaving has no effect on beard thickness and growth. This is a very well-established myth. Many people still believe in that.

My parents were also telling me to shave in order to grow a beard and I don’t think they did it to cheat me. They honestly believed that it can help. But, it does not.

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The factors that make your beard look fuller are hair density, hair color, and the diameter of hair strands.

Also, the factors that determine if you will ever grow a beard are:

  1. Genetics
  2. Testosterone levels
  3. Age
  4. Beard Care
  5. Diet

If you have a patchy beard and you gave it enough time to grow (over 2 months without shaving) at the age of 30+ then you can go to a doctor and ask his advice on biotin supplements and minoxidil.

Your last solution is beard transplant. The order I say things is not random.

The final thing we discussed is a very common question that nearly every man has.

Why my beard or face is itching after shaving?

Up to a point, this is normal and is caused by the shaving procedure. Make sure you take care of your face and beard on a daily basis by washing your face, combing your beard, and using beard conditioners.

If nothing works for you and you still have itching and red skin without a reason you will need to contact a doctor so that he gives you a proper therapy-cream to use. Just do it. Plain, simple, and cheap.

And that’s it. I really hope you liked it this article. I tried my best to help you.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to answer.

Until Next Time,

Stay Safe and…Let It Grow!


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