Captain America Haircut: How To Do It, Tutorial, Guide

Looking to learn how to get Captain America haircut and hairstyle with ease?

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captain america haircut

Captain America is a Marvel superhero who is hugely famous worldwide. He is a comic superhero but most probably you wanna know how to get Chris Evans’ haircut.


Chris Evans has played in various movies but overall his haircut remains the same. Sometimes, he changes his hairstyle having shorter hair but not very significantly. For example, in Infinity War and Endgame he has longer hair than in Civil War.

So, what is Captain America haircut?

Captain America haircut is a classic medium to long length haircut with shorter sides. The hair on the sides is shorter than the rest of the hair but it is not skin faded or anything close to that. The hair on top is around 6 inches long and he uses a styling product to push it back and keep it there.

In this article, we will make a step by step tutorial of this haircut and hairstyle, how to do it, how to style it, and more.

Let’s get straight into it.

How To Tell Your Barber About This Hairstyle

First of all, i wanna make this clear. There is not a specific name for this haircut other than push back or slicked-back hairstyle but these are way too generic terms.

I can’t tell you it is called X, tell him I want X and he will understand.

The best way to ask for this haircut is to bring a photo of his with you. Then, you can tell him about specific details you may want because keep in mind that your head shape and your hair is different than Chris Evans’.

What I am trying to tell you is that you won’t look exactly like Chris Evans after you get this haircut because you may have different hair color, you may have curly hair, or your hair may not be as thick and strong, etc.

It may sound strict but I always want to tell you the truth.

Also, make sure you let your hair grow because if it is not long enough you won’t be able to push it back like Evans.

I would ask my barber to create this hairstyle only with scissors because the trimmer might be too much even for the side hair.

All in all, this haircut is not rocket science and its success lies in your hair type, head shape, color, and barber’s level.

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However, in our opinion, the most important aspect to get Chris Evans’ look is how to style your hair.

How To Style Captain America Haircut

how to style captain america haircut

Now that you have left the barber shop is time for you to style your hair.

Let’s take it step by step.

Wash Your Hair
Dry It Out Completely
Get A Small Quantity Of Pomade or Hair Wax On Your Hand
Work It On Both Hands
Apply The Product Evenly (Be Careful)
Push Back Your Hair

Every successful hairstyle is made after taking a shower. You need your hair to be clean.

Some people will tell you to not dry out your hair.

While that’s an option, most of the time you can’t estimate how wet it should be and water will blend with the pomade and this may leave your hair with some white marks that you definitely don’t want.

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So, dry your hair.

The next step is to get a hair styling product. I would suggest buying a pomade for this hairstyle because it does not have a very strong hold and it gives your hair a shiny look( another reason you don’t need water).

Now, this is important, most of us mess this up.

Take a small quantity of pomade and work it on your hand till it disappears. It may take half a minute.

Then, start touching your hair softly starting from behind. The product should be distributed evenly. Most of the time, we put more product on the front part of our hair.

Sounds familiar?

Don’t repeat the mistake that I have done one million times.

Then, after you do this, don’t mess around with the mirror because the pomade will dry and you won’t be able to style anymore.

Grab your perfect long hair and push it back. Let it be a little bit free, don’t stick it to your head. If you do this fast you can also use a brush but I don’t do it because it removes a portion of pomade.

But, if you do like it just brush your hair.

If pomade is not strong enough for your hair, then use a matte paste which is thicker. Never use a gel cause it is bad. Plain and simple.

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That’s it. Congratulations! You have done it!

How To Maintain Your Captain America Haircut

how to maintain captain america haircut

To be honest, there is not a way to maintain your haircut forever. Hair doesn’t stop growing, does it?

However, the good news is that this specific hairstyle which has a medium-long haircut doesn’t require frequent visits to your barber because Chris Evans hairstyle doesn’t have to be precise.

For example, if you choose a fade haircut you should visit the barber every 10-14 days otherwise the skin fade is gone.

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This haircut does not require anything like that. Once you feel your hair is too long to handle, go get a haircut.

Now, if your hair is too curly to slick back you will need to straighten it a little bit. Don’t take a hair straghtener just like women do.

Just grab a straightening brush and when you dry your hair, also straighten it.

As of now, you understand that these details are not written anywhere else. I have read other people’s guides and most of them copy other competitors’ guides and all of them write the same things.

While I have put my personal experience being obsessed with hairstyling.

How To Do Captain America Haircut Yourself?

How To Do Captain America Haircut

First of all, don’t it yourself. It is that simple.

Very few people worldwide can cut their own hair.

But, if you don’t have any money and wanna do that I will tell you how.

  • Take A Shower/ Wash Your Hair
  • Brush your hair and divide it into 3 parts.
  • Use A barber scissors and try to cut your side hair close to your ears.
  • Cut the side hair to be shorter than the hair on top
  • Use A trimmer to create the neckline or the fade on your neck and your sideburns
  • Hair on top should be cut a little bit but do it evenly
  • Always move towards one direction

Getting a haircut yourself is extremely tough. It will need a lot of patience and experience to get a successful haircut.

Is it worth it?

Only if you don’t have any money whatsoever, otherwise no.

How To Get Captain America Overall Look?

Is the haircut enough to get Evans’ overall look?

Probably, no.

In fact, you should also try to grow a full beard.

If you are clean-shaven let your facial hair grow for at least 3-4 weeks. Then, trim your neckline and the hair high on your cheeks.

He does not have a very complex beard style but it compliments his slicked-back hairstyle nicely.


Captain America haircut is a push back medium to long haircut.

It is easy to do and maintain if you have thick long hair. If you are starting to lose hair, I would not reccomend it.

This hairstyle only needs clean hair, a pomade, and some experience in hair styling. But, since you have read this detailed guide I am 100% sure that you will get it done properly.

And that’s for today’s article. I really hope you liked it. I have put a lot of effortand knowledge into it.

Are you ready to make a change and look amazing?

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