Do Hair Waxes And Gels Actually Expire? [The Truth]

I bet if you are a man that styles his hair often or every day you have come up with this problem at one point in your life.

Maybe, you have forgotten an unused hair wax in your summer house, maybe you found one in your house randomly and you don’t even remember when you had purchased it, etc.

do hair waxes expire?

Whatever the case may be, there are many men daily that are wondering if they can still use their expired hair wax or gel. You are not the only one!

The answer, however, is not as straightforward as you might think.

This article will help you determine how long your product can last, how to know whether or not the products have expired and if it is safe to use expired waxes or hair gels.

Do Hair Waxes Actually Expire or They Last Forever?

Hair waxes do expire. There is usually an expiration date on the product, and it is typically around six to twelve months. Some products can last as long as three years if they are stored properly and they are unopened, but it is best to check the expiration date to be sure.

So if you have a product that is about to expire and you haven’t opened it, it’s probably best to just hold on to it until you need it.

It is still important to look at telltale signs of a product that’s gone bad before using it. If it smells off, looks strange in any way, or if it’s become too thick for your liking, you might want to get rid of it.

Note also that the expiration date on your hair wax product is there for a reason. You are going to get the best results if you use it before the expiration date.

Once the product expires, it begins to lose its effectiveness and may even do some damage (but not likely).

How to Tell If The Wax Is Expired And Should Not Be Used

do hair waxes expire

There are several ways to tell if the wax is expired and should not be used. They include the following, among others:

The expiration date has passed.

This is among the most obvious ways of telling if the wax is no longer okay to use. When deciding whether or not it should be used, always check for this date and avoid using it when that has passed.

The product smells bad.

Another way of knowing if a certain hair wax is expired and should therefore not be used anymore includes checking its smell. A bad or strange smell is usually a sign that the wax has gone bad and, as such, should not be used.

The product is too thick or slimy.

This might also be an indication that the wax has expired and is no longer usable. When it becomes either too thick or slimy, this means that the ingredients have separated and are no longer effective and should, therefore, not be used.

There is a change in color

A change in color in a certain hair wax may be an indication that it has gone bad or is no longer up to its full potential. As such, it should not be used again, and you might want to look for another product in case this happens.

It is lumpy

Hair wax that hasn’t expired has a nice consistency, but if it is lumpy, then this might be an indication that the product has gone bad. Avoid using such a wax as it will not give you good results.

The texture of your hair changes significantly.

If there’s been some significant change in the way your hair looks after applying certain gel or wax on them for styling purposes, then this may be an indication that the product has expired. As such, you should not use it anymore and instead look for other products.

The product starts to cause irritation.

This is another sign that the product has gone bad and therefore should not be used anymore. You may experience irritation, especially when it comes to such products as hair waxes, gels, or sprays with alcohol content.

Such ingredients tend to irritate sensitive skin, so avoid using them if they result in itching or other forms of discomfort on your scalp.

How To Fix Hair Wax That Has Dried

You can fix your dried hair wax by heating it. This is done by taking a small bowl and filling it with hot water.

Place the wax container in the hot water and wait for it to melt. Once melted, you can use a spoon or your fingers to apply it to your hair just like you would any other product.

If the wax is too thick after melting, add some drops of oil until desired consistency is reached.

When heating the wax, make sure you do not place it directly on fire or heat source as this will damage the ingredients and render them useless. Instead, use a bowl of hot water to melt your hair wax, just like mentioned above.

Another great and fast way to fix hair wax that has dried is to heat it with the hairdryer for 30 seconds. This is also an amazing way to be able to use the whole quantity of the product when there is not much more in it.

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How Often Should You Use Hair Wax?

You can use hair wax daily. To be honest, I have been using hair waxes, pomades, and gels for over 20 years. Obviously, not all of them together.

When I was a child, I was using hair gel pretty much every morning before going to school. Now, I am using hair wax because it gives a more natural look. Waxes are also really strong so I like them.

Can the use of hair products result in baldness?

From our experience and knowledge, no. Baldness is 95% genetics and like 4,5% diet and 0,5% everything else. So, no.

I style my hair every single day. The only problem with them is that they work almost always on clean and dry hair. Therefore, I have to wash my hair with shampoo every single day which can be stressful for my hair.

I would prefer to shampoo my hair every other day. But, I can’t really do that if I want to style my hair properly.

Always use quality products for your hair styling. I spend quite a bit of money on the hair wax I am using but it lasts for about 2 months so I suppose it is worth it.

To sum things up, feel free to use hair waxes once a day after showering on dry hair.

Does Hair Gel Expire?

Just like hair wax, hair gel also expires. The expiration date is usually printed on the product itself, and as with wax, it’s not advisable to use an expired gel.

When a gel has expired, you might notice that its consistency changes or it starts to smell bad. Another sign is if it causes irritation or skin problems such as itching.

If any of these things happen, it’s best to dispose of the gel and buy a new one.

Using expired hair gel may risk your hair health and your scalp health.

Can You Use Expired Hair Wax or Gel?

While it is okay to use these products after the expiration date (only if stored properly), they may have a bad impact on your hair health.

After the expiration date, some of the components of these products may change, and their effectiveness can be compromised as a result. You might find that they do not work well anymore or even cause irritation on sensitive scalp skin.

For this reason, it is best to avoid using them after such dates have passed and look for new ones instead.

However, if you use it just once or twice it is highly unlikely that it will do any harm.

For instance, if I was going to get out tonight and I didn’t have a new hair wax and barbershops were closed I would use the expired one and I would buy a new one the next day.

But that’s just me. You can do whatever you like. Either using it all or not using it at all!


As you can see, both hair waxes and hair gels expire. The expiration date is usually printed on the product itself, and as with wax, it’s not advisable to use an expired gel.

However, If used for a short period of time, it is highly unlikely that it will cause any irreversible damage.

Always check out its texture and smell. If they are good, I would use the product for a short period of time despite the fact that it may have expired. But, I don’t suggest you do that.

The expiration date is there for a reason. Also, it is one thing to use a product that has expired only one month ago and a whole different story to use it when it has expired 3 years ago. You get that, right?

Hopefully, this article has been helpful, and you now know what to do if you’ve got a product that’s about to expire or has already expired.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to add them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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