How To Fix A Bad Fade Haircut (Mistakes And Fixes)

The fade haircut is the go-to style for many men, and with good reason. The style works for any setting, whether formal or informal and is a good way to keep hair neat and maintained.

It transforms a person’s whole demeanor and appearance. Men (and some women) look so much better with a fade haircut. It makes them look fresh, younger, stylish and communicates that they take care of themselves.

However, if you try to get a fade haircut yourself or visit a bad barber things may not get as planned.

Today, we will look at the different types of fades and how to fix a bad fade haircut.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

What Is Fade Haircut?

A fade haircut, in simple terms, is a haircut used to blend shorter hair to long hair seamlessly. The style looks so smooth, and the gradual transition is what makes the haircut pop. Shorter hair is gradually blended into longer hair to give the appearance of oneness.

A fade is good for any person because it takes after your hair’s shape and natural appearance. Anyone can get a fade, no matter the length of their hair; even guys with dreadlocks have been known to rock a fade.

A fade changes a person’s whole appearance, making them look better and more styled up. There are many types of fades, and a person can pick the one that suits them best. The fade follows your head’s curvature so no one will feel left out.

The fade has a natural look, and with the different types, one can choose whichever fade they feel suits the situation. Some men get fades for more official looks; others get one that says more party than the office. Let’s now look at the different types of fades, and who can wear them.

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Different Kinds and Types of Fades

The different types of fades have to do with where the fade (the short nearly shaven part of your side hair) starts. For example, do you have the skin fade start close and around your ears or high on your temples?

· High Fade

high fade haircut

This fade is very common. It is a style where the hair is cut to a higher level, disregarding your natural hairline. The high fade starts on your temples very near to your top hair. This is the type of fade worn by the Shelby’s in Peaky Blinders.

The high fade is highly noticeable as it creates a bold look that is sure to attract some attention.

The haircut is popular with most afro hair types and American flattops. People with round or square faces have an advantage with this fade as it draws attention to their faces, giving them more shape.

· Low Fade

low fade haircut

This fade sits much lower about an inch above the top of your ears and low on your back head hair and your neck, transitioning to gradually longer hair the higher you go on the head. The hair is completely shaved at the bottom, giving more of a skinhead appearance, but the hair starts growing lower than the mid fade.

The low fade is a great haircut for people who want to play it safe but still want a fade. It blends beautifully with any hairstyle and gives you more freedom with how you want to style your hair.

· Mid Fade

medium fade haircut

The mid fade sits between high and low fade. It is the best-looking fade type. It is not too high but still high enough to be noticeable and eye-catching. It creates a sharp contrast between the shorter and the longer hair, and it is an amazing option.

The fade has an old-school feel and is preferred by people with beards and sideburns. It gives you a chance to experiment with different styling options, giving more length to the area where the hair and the beard meet. It fits people of all ages and blends well with any hair color and type.

Most Common Mistakes When Getting a Fade Haircut

A fade is delicate therefore the blending needs to appear seamless, and sometimes the smallest mistake can create a big difference. Some of the mistakes barbers tend to make include:

·        High Sides

Sometimes barbers trim your side hair too high. This creates an unwanted distinction. This makes the transition seem forced, resembling a fauxhawk. If you ask for a low or mid fade and the barber shaves the side hair too high, it is very frustrating and hard to fix.

·        Uneven Lines

When talking of fades, the lines, I often repeat, should transition smoothly and seamlessly. That is the basis for all fades.

Also, lines should be straight or curved, whatever the guy likes, but always even. What I mean by saying even, is that the lines at the right side of the head have to be exactly the same as the lines at the left side of the head.

For instance, it is very bad for a barber to create a line 2 cm over the right ear and then 3 cm over the left ear. Despite the fact that it is so bad, it is a very common mistake. The good news is that is somewhat fixable.

·        High Neckline

A high fade is a go-to for some people, but sometimes the high fade can be overdone, creating a higher neckline than intended. A higher neckline than you were going for can drastically change your hairstyle and appearance, creating an unattractive look.

How to Fix a Bad Fade Haircut

· Uneven Lines

The easiest way to fix uneven lines is by redoing the lines. This might mean going for a higher fade than you originally wanted. Uneven lines are easier to fix with relining.

Let’s say the one is higher than the other, the barber or you will need to make both at the same level. (The higher one)

Not the ideal fix but you will still look great and as if the mistake never happened.

· High Neckline

The solution for a high neckline is dependent on you as the one with the problem. Some people tend to grow it out, while others get pomades to create a lower neckline. You can discuss with your barber to get the best fix for your hairline.

It is common knowledge that hair that is cut can never go back (instantly). So, barbers and individuals should be extra cautious about that. If you cut hair with let’s say guard 3 you can always go to 2 or to 1 or to 0.

But, if you cut with 0 you cannot undo it like in Microsoft Word, can you?

What can be done in this case is to give yourself or your client a high fade buzz cut. The high neckline will not be as visible because the haircut as a whole will be short.

A shaved neckline will need at least 1 week of hair growth to be fixed properly. Therefore, have patience. Maybe also change your barber if he does that again!

· High Sides

There isn’t much to do with high sides other than growing them out. You can, however, trim off some of the hair at the top to make the transition look less intimidating. You can trim the hair to a more manageable size and carry it off with your beard if necessary.

I always go for mid fade. Once, I had a barber that shaved my side hair higher than I wanted. There is not an instant fix. But, I asked for shorter hair at the top and just waited for my hair to grow again in about 10 days.

And also, I never visited this barber again! Isn’t this an insta fix for his future mistakes?!

· Visible Lines

That’s fixable. At the end of the haircut if you see any visible between the different hir lengths that you don’t like, speak to your barber and ask them to erase them.

Fading a line is not tough for a good barber. He should blend the 2 different guard lengths more smoothly. If for instance, he has used guard 0 and then guard 2 he can try to erase the line in between with the number 1 guard. If this does not work he can try with the 0,5 guard only across the line.

This mistake is 100% fixable instantly. It is not like the other ones mentioned above.

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How Long Does It Take for a Bad Fade to Grow Back?

According to Medicalnewstoday, the average hair growth is between 0.5 and 1.7 centimeters per month. This is equivalent to around 0.2 to 0.7 inches.

This, of course, depends on how fast your hair grows. If you are looking for your hair just to cover the bad parts, this will take around two weeks.

After two weeks, you can get a trim to clean up the bad fade or decide to grow it out completely. The choice is yours, but you can get your barber to give you better options for deciding the best and faster way to fix a bad fade.

How Can I Ask My Barber For A Fade Haircut Properly?

Communication is key when asking for a haircut. Tell your barber exactly what you want, show them how low you want your fade to be. If possible, take pictures with you. Find pictures that resemble the exact haircut you want and ask your barber to replicate it.

A picture is worth a thousand words, people say!

Don’t be afraid to correct the barber if things aren’t going how you pictured. Tell them where they went wrong, don’t let them continue until things get too bad.

Remember to always communicate what you want especially if you are visiting your barber for the first time.

To Sum Things Up

Fixing a bad fade haircut is not a walk in the park.

Why is that?

That’s because of the nature of the haircut. If you have shaved side hair too high for example it is impossible to take it back.

However, if you had chosen a haircut that does not require short or shaven hair it would be easier to fix. Makes sense, right?

Despite the fact that fade haicuts are tough to fix we have discussed some fixes and the right strong mindset you have to have in order to be patient.

Remember, it is just hair. It will grow back. 10 days of you looking weird will not affect your life. You are awesome. You are mentally strong. You have a purpose in life that should follow every single day.

Hair should not be your focus as an alpha male.

This website is all about hair but my real goal is not to only guide you on how to do this or that with your beard or hair. My goal is to help you understand you are awesome.

Train your body and mind, work on your goals, elevate your styling, grow a beard, be a man. Be like James Bond. Every woman will chase you.

Have a nice day, gentlemen.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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