Beard Oil vs Beard Butter: Which One Is Best For Me?

Choosing a suitable beard product can pose a challenge many times. This challenge isn’t limited to choosing a trustworthy brand but also extends to product variants.

Questions of suitability, side effects, beard texture, expectations, and overall effectiveness are some concerns you’re likely to experience.

beard oil vs beard butter

The primary factor for choosing between beard oil vs beard butter is your beard goal. If you’re trying to tame, style, or soften a tough beard, then beard butter is your go-to product. While beard oils offer moisturizing and growth benefits, they are less effective on tough strands than beard butter.

Overall, the choice lies in several factors, including beard texture and growth expectations.

This blog post aims to save you the stress and disappointment of experimenting with random products. “Different strokes for different folks” couldn’t be more true as it extends to choosing the right beard grooming products for your hair type.

What is Beard Oil?

what is beard oil

Beard oil is an essential beard grooming product made in the semblance of natural oil produced by our skin (sebum).

Beard oil contains vitamins A, D, and E and a high concentration of linoleic acids that feed your hair the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

Beard oil may also contain some artificial or natural scent to make your facial hair give off an equally attractive smell. Beard oil is considered necessary and suitable for beard and mustache nurturing, unlike ordinary oil. 

Beard Oil Benefits and Uses

Beard oil outperforms ordinary oils in a lot of ways. Beards are naturally rough and dry and tend to look worn and unattractive.

Beard oil solves this problem by softening facial hair and making it easy to style or comb through within a few weeks of constant use. Beard oil also enriches the beard with necessary vitamins, fatty acids, and micronutrients that strengthen the hair follicles and improve beard health.

Just like our human bodies need nutrients to stay healthy, the beard also needs certain nutrients to stay healthy and that’s what beard oil brings.

Brushing a rough beard can cause some discomfort for the skin underneath, a risk that beard oil removes by moisturizing the hair and skin beneath your beard. Using beard oil could also help get rid of itches and bumps.

Using beard oil may be likened to feeding your hair a healthy diet, resulting in a fuller and smoother beard. Undoubtedly, the effects of beard oils on a bushy beard will take more time than a scanty or trimmed-down beard, but the time difference is minute since using beard oil doesn’t take that much time.

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Applying Beard Oil

You should always shake the product bottle before use and comb your beard after applying beard oil. It is also important that your beard oil is kept at the right temperature as some oils might need a little warming for those living in very cold regions or during winter.

The next step is dispensing some droplets on the beard or your palm. For bushy beards, it’s better to drop the oil on the beard directly, but for trimmed-down beards, you should spread the oil over your palms before rubbing it into your beard.

This is followed by gentle caressing the beard and mustache, marinating it in the sauce of the beard oil concoction.

You may use beard oil at any time of the day, but the best time to apply it is at night before bed, so it doesn’t get mixed up in sweat.

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What is Beard Butter?

Beard butter literarily is an alternative to beard oil, but it’s not in the liquid form. It is rather creamy, butter-like, or similar to a gel pomade. This range of description is because it comes in many forms, sometimes as strong as a styling gel or as light as a regular hair conditioner.

It also comes in handy in a gentleman’s grooming kit. Choosing beard butter over oil could simply be a matter of choice and nothing more because they do the same thing (except in some special cases).

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Beard Butter Benefits and Uses

beard oil vs beard butter

Beard butter has a lot to offer and even more. Beard butter contains essential vitamins that help the beard and mustache grow faster. It also gives the beard a shiny look and moisturizes the soft skin underneath, making your beard look more attractive.

Asides from making the beard look healthy, beard butter combats beard itch, which is often common with people who keep a full beard. Beard butter is a go-to product for effective grooming in terms of beard health and well-being.

Another benefit of beard butter is that you can use it for beard styling. For creative people in the fashion or entertainment space generally, beard butter is used to set the beard a certain way suitable for the looks intended to achieve.

For instance, beards shrink when you use beard oil, but with the beard butter, they could stay their full length for the period of the photoshoot. It is not unusual that if a beard is groomed in a particular way, it could continue to grow in that same way. 

Since beards can be stubborn, only a butter-like or waxy product could achieve that. Beard butter is thus ideal for men who are looking to tame a coarse beard.

Applying Beard Butter

Beard butter is very easy to use and is similar to creaming one’s hair. It often starts by dissolving the creamy product between the palm and gently spreading it across the beard to crease the bushy or lowly-trimmed hair sitting on the lower region of the face.

Beard butter application takes some time because the longer the friction between the beard and the palm, the quicker the butter dissolves into the beard.

Beard Oil Vs Beard Butter

The beard growth journey is never a one size fits all approach. While some experiences stay similar such as the rough look, we all have in the early days of beard growth, others are peculiar, such as beard patches and fullness.

The ultimate factor in choosing what beard product to use is the texture of your beard. If you have a coarse beard, it’s advisable to use beard butter for faster and longer-lasting results, while beard oils are more suitable for filling patches in your facial hair.

The first visible difference between beard oil and beard butter is the form (while the former is creamy and waxy, the latter is oily) which is why some products are better for some people than others. In some rare cases, beard oil could cause some reactions in certain people.

For such people, beard butter is better and vice versa. For rough and tough beards because it is heavy and could make the toughest beard act right. However, beard oil would be better for a lowly trimmed or a not-so—stubborn beard.

Another difference between beard oil and butter is that you can hardly use beard oil for styling and other commercial fashion uses. Beard oil rather nurtures, smoothens but is not suitable for styling.

Despite the above differences, which range from uses to health conditions, and preferences, it is important to note that they have so many properties and benefits in common and are generally great beard care products.

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Can I Use Both Beard Oil and Beard Butter?

Beard grooming requires special attention, and it wouldn’t hurt to splurge a few dollars to make your facial hair look as fabulous as possible.

Beard oil and beard butter could go together as they can easily give a complementary effect. Logically, it would be better to apply the cream first before adding the beard oil because of the oily and glossy nature of the latter.

However, there are no rules as to which should go first. You could apply both on your palm as you gently caress your beard into a fine, soft, and smooth texture.

Does Beard Oil or Beard Butter Increase Beard Growth

Both beard oil and beard butter can do a thing in adding a few inches to the length of the beard if used properly and consistently over some time. Both products are ideal for stubble and full beards for men looking to add some fullness to their facial hair.

It is no doubt that most beard products provide growing benefits, but it’s always better to study and read the packaging of the products, as some products are more proactive in beard growth than others.

While both products boost beard growth, some variants are designed to battle itchiness and texture while others offer purely growth benefits.

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Maintaining a healthy beard can be tricky. Therefore, it is crucial for you to apply the right products to help your beard be thick and strong.

Beard oil, in my opinion, is a must especially if you are growing a long beard. It offers a ton of benefits and helps you avoid real headaches.

Beard butter is also good but not necessary. You can tame and style your beard with this one. Beard oil can’t help with styling.

In this article, we discussed everything you need to know about beard oils and butters without the fluff and tiring details.

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The good thing about beard products is that they are all very cheap. You can find beard oils and butter for 15-20$ and they will do the job just fine.

And that’s it for today’s article! I really hope you found it useful. If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be happy to reply.

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