Fade Haircut Pricing By Country: How Much Should It Cost?

Women’s fashion visibly reeks of numerous styling accessories that up their fashion game within minutes. However, an average man does not have such luxury, making haircuts essential for men.

Haircuts are so defining that they can be used to profile and determine your identity. Despite this fashion restriction, men have a long list to choose from when it comes to hairstyle, but the Fade hairstyle remains one of the most popular.

fade haircut cost

The pricing of fade haircuts varies from one country to another and even from city to city. This is due to several factors, including inflation, expertise, and demand. However, the average cost for a fade in the United States is between $28 to $35, while it costs between $20 to $30 to get a decent fade in Europe and around $10 in Asian countries.

For men, a haircut can determine confidence, attraction, self-esteem, and ego for the few weeks before your next visit to the barbershop. This validates the level of attention paid to haircuts both by the barbers and the customers. It is not unusual to see men drive long distances to get a haircut from certain barbers due to their expertise.

Flowing from this, you can establish that the hair is the focal point of contact with a person, and it often reveals a lot about a person’s personality. Haircuts are also one of the first things to pay attention to when changing one’s looks.

What Is A Fade Haircut?

A Fade Haircut can be described as a neatly sculpted haircut with variations between the top, back, and sides.

This variation reduces the hair on the sides of your head to a low level while maintaining more hair volume on the top of the head.

Hair increases in length from the level of ears that may be shaven all the way up to the top of the sides.

The fade style draws its name from how the sides get shortened towards the sideburns, ear, and neck region. Usually, personal preference determines how low whichever side of the variation is, but the idea is still very simple—high top and low (faded) sides.

Evolution Of The Fade Haircuts

fade haircut cost

Although fade haircut is very popular in modern society and recent fashion trends. Its origin dates back to the 1940s and 1950s with affiliation to the United States Military.

There seem to be a consensus in the origin narrative as it is popularly acclaimed that the haircut was the choice of the United States military at the time because it is regimented, uniform, and an exhibit of physical pride.

This quickly became a fashion trend further popularized by the Black and Hispanic barbershops, which elevated the hairstyle to a part of pop culture and TV series such as Do the Right Thing and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Celebrities like Nas, Kanye West, Usher also helped shape the fashion clime in the 90s, rocking faded haircuts with Kendrick Lamar modernizing it in the 2010s.

Sports stars are also fond of the haircut, and they constitute a part of the story of how it went mainstream.

Interestingly, a faded haircut doesn’t always mean one thing, as there are different variants of the fade hairstyle such as;

  • Low fade
  • Mid-Fade
  • High Fade
  • Taper Fade
  • Skin Fade
  • Bald Fade
  • Comb Over Fade
  • Drop fade.

And many others.

In essence, there are several types of fade. While choosing a haircut is ultimately the customer’s decision, the barber is a good advisor on the subject.

A faded haircut is more youthful and fashionable. With its pop history and evolution, it is safe to say it is part of an impressive cultural heritage in men’s fashion built over several decades. Unlike women’s fashion, where there are constant drastic changes and fashion trends, men’s fashion trends are very slow, with little or no changes in decades. It is obvious that faded hairstyles will still be around for a long time. 

Fade Haircut Pricing By Country

fade haircut pricing

This section compares Fade Haircut in the top twenty (20) countries in terms of population. Although, prices differ from each state/province and city. The table below contains the average price of faded haircuts in the world’s most populous countries.

1China31CNY $5
3United States$28$28
15DR Congo22,848CDF$11.43
20United Kingdom£18$23.73

This comparative analysis shows the variation in the prices of getting a faded haircut in the twenty most populated countries of the world and the differences in prices as dictated by standard of living, inflation, cost of living, and so on.  

Also, keep in mind that even in the same country, different cities have different prices for fade haircuts. For instance, not everywhere in the US the haircut has an average price of $28.

The Difficulty Of Fade Haircut

fade haircut long on top

As stated earlier, the fade is one of the most popular haircuts of modern fashion, but it doesn’t translate to being the easiest (from a barber’s perspective).

Several approaches and methods exist, but there’s no universal way of sculpting a fade. The idea of a faded haircut is achieved by having fuller hair on the top of your head while the hair on the sides is trimmed low or even bald (depending on the type of fade).

This entire goal will be defeated if the side is the same level as the top or if the entire head is bald or the lower sides are not properly blended to show the ascension from lowest to highest. This shows that there are many ways a faded haircut could go wrong, but the real question is, “what are the steps into a faded haircut?”.

Asides from sterilizing the clipper and combing the hair, the process to a faded haircut starts with a general assessment of the hair. For a full hair, it is usually better to reduce the entirety of the hair before the fade begins.

But for hair of average length, it is better to commence the fade right away. After this, the next step is the fading and ‘blending.’ This is one of the most important parts as the sides need to show a fade by gradually reducing in length towards a fade.

The fade line(s) is decided at this stage, and customer satisfaction is a top priority here as people have different preferences in fades. Notably, Fade lines can go as low or high as the customer requires.

After this, the top is then trimmed to the customer’s satisfaction. Scissors and a straight comb can be used for long hairs, while clippers should be used for short hairs.

A steady hand is needed or any device attached to the clipper’s teeth to avoid cutting or trimming lower than desired. At this stage, the customer’s preference also matters as there is no right or wrong length but the one the customer decides.

Lastly, the perfectly sculpted faded haircut needs to be carved.

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This can be done with a razor or clipper. This is where the edgy trims are made to the end of the hair to add some shape/edge. This is a very important aspect of a fade haircut because it defines the entire haircut. After this, finishing touches are added to the faded sides and high tops into a perfect fade.  

As you can easily understand, fade haircut are time-consuming and difficult. Therefore, barbers have increased their prices recently.

Should Barbers Charge More For Fades Than Simple Haircuts?

fade haircut price

To put the question straight to bed—Yes! Barbers should charge more for a faded haircut compared to what they charge for a simple haircut. It is logical because it requires more technicality, skill, and time. It is also riskier because there are a thousand and one ways a fade could go wrong while sculpting.

To not feel bad, let’s say it the other way. Barbers should charge less for simple haircuts.

This perhaps justifies the price disparity between fades and other simpler haircuts. Also, barbers are some form of artist, and the difficulty of sculpting is often a determining factor for pricing.

Around the world, comparative analysis has proved several points. The first is that there is no universal pricing system for a haircut, and there are many reasons why it’s cheaper in some climes than others.

It is also not unusual to find climes where fades are not accorded the same relevance as in the western world. However, for the sake of the western countries where fades are popular, it is only logical that it is more expensive than other simple haircuts.

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There is always a sentimental attachment to fashion, and haircuts top this list for men. Skill evaluations and styling difficulties vary from one barber to another, making it difficult to put a cap price on fades.

The relevance and demand ratios for fades in a country also contribute to how high or low the style costs in barbershops. Finally, if one visit to the barber boosts your confidence and appearance for a week, you should cut the man his checks!

Fade haircuts are the way to go nowadays. The bad thing is that you need to refresh your haircut very often. I used to cut my hair once in a month or in 45 days and now I am cutting it once a week.

Fade haircuts require often visits to the barber.

That’s insane. How things have changed.

How many men were cutting their hair once in a week before 20-30 years? I bet not many.

However, to be honest, at least for me, I look 10x better in a fresh fade haircut. That’s why I do it. My girlfriends love my hair and that boosts my confidence. Obviously, this costs a lot and depending the country you live can stack up quickly.

But, looking good has its price!

Happy grooming gentlemen!

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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