What Is Beard Butter: Is It The Best Beard Product?

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of men that care much about their beard health and growth.

Some of us want to create this alpha male look with long, thick beards while others prefer short beards.

Whichever your preferences are though one thing is for sure…

Your beard needs some help from you in order to grow well, fast and look amazing. By doing this, you will also raise your confidence and improve your overall appearance.

However, what is beard butter? Is it that any good and why more and more men are using it recently?

Beard butter is a product that softens your beard but also moisturizes and takes care of the skin underneath the beard. It is made of natural oils and different kinds of butter. Beard butter also gives your beard a fuller appearance and helps styling while it doesn’t make it look shiny.

In this article, we will discuss everything about beard butter, what it is in detail, if it is actually worth it, how to use it, its differences with balms, oils and waxes and more…

Let’s get straight into it!

What Is Beard Butter?

what is beard butter

Beard butter is a styling and beard care product. It is not liquid as its name shows. It is also not as hard as wax. It is something between those 2. You have eaten butter before, haven’t you?

It is similar.

The majority of beard butters are made of shea or cocoa butter and have a similar texture to the butter we use for food. (of course, it has more in it!). Shea butter is a popular ingredient in beard butter because it’s an excellent natural moisturizer, and it helps to strengthen hair.

Beard butter has some additional ingredients such as oils that give a nice scent to your beard, essential oils and beeswax. Some popular beard butters have scents of citrus, woodsy, or floral, etc.

You should choose beard butters with organic ingredients so that you have fewer chances for an allergic reaction. Most of the time, you will be just fine using a beard butter especially if you choose one that has been reviewed over and over again.

When shopping for beard butter, it’s important to look for products that are made with natural and nourishing ingredients, such as shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

Beard butters are generally amazing for your beard health, styling and growth however what are their exact benefits? Why more and more men use them?

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Beard Butter Benefits

beard butter benefits

Beard butter as we have briefly mentioned, focus on styling and beard care. In fact, these are its most important benefits:

  • It is a styling product but it doesn’t harden your beard
  • It is a conditioner for your facial hair
  • It gives your beard a fresh smell
  • It moisturizes the skin underneath your beard
  • Prevents beard itch
  • Provides natural shine to your beard
  • It protects your beard from itching and untangles your beard
  • It helps brushing and combing

and more…

As you may easily understand, beard butters are very useful for our beards and they are actually really cheap. In fact, you can find beard butters with just $10-15 which for me is a no-brainer.

I am not here to sell you anything, what I am trying to tell you is that most of us need to change the way we think about men’s care. It used to be that only women take care of themselves but times have changed.

Think about it, men nowadays, are going to the gym, take care of their hair and they go to the barbers, they take care of their beards more than ever before…Even more often than most women.

In fact, I am visiting the barber every 2 weeks while in the past I used to cut my hair once per month maximum.

This is the reality.

A Beard butter also help your styling. But, if you only want a styling product then you may need to go for a beard wax/balm. A beard butter gives light control. But, it is definitely a lot better than using no product at all.

It is also, a conditioner for your beard and your overall facial hair providing a fresher and fuller look alongside with a nice scent, making you even more desirable for women…

Another significant benefit it has is that it moisturizes your skin. In fact, many men deal with acne problems and we should always keep our beard and skin moisturized to lower the chance of having acne problems.

Finally, it protect your beard from itching and your facial hair from sticking out. This enables you to comb your beard and give it the right direction.

All in all, these are its benefits which in my opinion are more than enough to spend $10-15 to buy a good quality beard butter.

Beard Butter Vs Beard Oil

Beard Butter Vs Beard Oil

Many men don’t know what are the differences between beard butter and beard oil.

Let’s clear this.

  • Beard oil is liquid while beard butter is not
  • Beard oil gives a shiny look to your beard(some of you like it, others not)
  • Beard oil does not help your styling
  • Beard butter has more vitamins and it is anti-inflammatory

It all comes up to your preferences. Most of us, love to use both because they are different but complementary. A beard oil which is a liquid separates your facial hair even more than butter but it does not help your styling at all.

Beard butter helps with styling but it doesn’t have very strong hold like beard wax. In my opinion, beard butter is better if you have a longer beard that needs styling and to stay in place whereas beard oil is beard for stubble beards.

Coarse beards may require a thicker and more concentrated beard butter, while finer beards may require a lighter and more easily absorbed product.

Beard oil is also extremely cheap.

Also, if you want your beard to shine more, beard oil is your way to go.

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Beard Butter vs Beard Balm

All these beard products seem quite similar, don’t they?

In fact, they are quite similar because beards need the same things. What makes these products different is their focus on a specific thing. All of them help your overall beard’s healthy.

But, beard balm focuses on styling while beard oil focuses on skincare and beard butter is a balanced product that does a little bit of both.

Beard balm has more wax in it compared to beard butter but in general, they are made of similar ingredients. They all give a nice smell and moisturize your beard but balm provides a better beard control when it dries out.

That’s why balm needs to be worked on your palms before you apply it to your facial hair.

I don’t want to go too far with these comparisons. I only want you to have an idea of your choices as far as beard care is concerned.

If you wanna learn more about the differences between beard butter and beard balm and which one is better for you, you can read this article.

When Should I Use Beard Butter?

In my opinion, you should try all 3 beard products and find out which work for you. Then, you can keep using only those which you prefer.

Beard butter is the most all-around product for beards. If you just want the benefits of a beard product but only a light control (or if you don’t have a very long beard) then this product is for you.

I don’t use all of them on a daily basis. It depends on what I wanna look or where I have to go. At the end of the day, I care more for the skin underneath the beard and I also want to be able to comb my beard so after I wash my face, I use directly either the oil or the butter.

Only if I want to give a specific styling I use the balm and only if my beard is too long and messy.

But, that’s me and what I do. I honestly recommend testing em and find out what works for you other than listening to others.

Some of you, may not want their beard to have this hardening effect that it has after applying the balm while others may want to feel their beard more free…

how to make beard butter

How To Make Beard Butter?

Don’t you want to buy beard butter or you just wanna do it yourself?

No problem!

Here it is how you can create a good beard butter in 8 simple steps…

What will we need?

  1. Cocoa, mango or shea butter or a mix of them (2tsp)
  2. Wax( 1tsp for example beeswax)
  3. Coconut oil (10tsp)
  4. Some drops of essential oils(jojoba oil, avocado oil, etc)
  5. A butter container

Now, you will wonder if I have to buy all these why should I not just buy a ready to use butter…

And you are correct. But, some people just wanna make sure they know exactly what ingredients it includes or they fear that they will have an allergic reaction if they buy it…

Also, buying all these ingredients (and even a wider variety of them) and things is a one-off purchase. For example, if you want to create a beard butter, again and again, you won’t have to buy all of these because you will already have at least most of them.

Makes sense, right?

Now that we have got the ingredients it’s time for some fun! Let’s start creating the butter!

  • Take a pot, fill the 1/3 of it with water and put it on the burner.
  • Then, grab a large glass bowl that you are going to place over the pot so that you don’t heat the mix directly
  • Put all your ingredients into the bowl except the essential oils. Remember, the amount of ingredients is not fully set and stone. Don’t obsess with it. Experiment and find what works best for you
  • Place the bowl over the pot when the water is starting to boil
  • While they are melting, mix them a little bit exactly the way you do it when you are cooking
  • When they melt completely, remove the bowl from the pot and after 30 seconds, add the essential oils. These will give your mix the scent you want (Smell it and add some drops until you like it)
  • The final step is to pour this mix into the beard butter container(s) and let it cool down(if you rush, put it in the refrigerator)

And that’s it. Congrats!

You have successfully made your first beard butter! It wasn’t that hard, was it?

How To Use Beard Butter?

After you buy or make your beard butter, you are ready to use it…But, how do you use it properly?

  1. Scoop out a small amount of butter on your fingertips
  2. Rub your hands together to mix it and heat it up until it disappears
  3. Evenly apply it to your beard. Make sure you touch your whole beard and not only its surface. You need the butter to reach your skin underneath your beard.
  4. Comb your beard. Not only will the butter and oils be spread better but also you will create your styling with a light to medium control

Now, you may wonder. How much beard butter should I use? Well, the obvious answer to this question is it depends on your beard length! Normally, a dime-size amount of product will be enough for most of you.

Remember, you can always add more product if need be but if you ‘ve already used more than needed you cannot take it back. So, start with a small quantity of butter if you don’t know exactly how much you should use.

This is what I was telling you. It helps your beard and your overall appearance in a matter of minutes even…seconds!

For best results, apply beard butter after showering and drying your beard, as this will allow the product to penetrate the hair and skin more effectively.

That’s it! It is really easy and it literally takes no time at all.

Final Words

Today’s goal was to answer a very popular question that many men recently have. What is beard butter?

Beard butter is a styling and beard care product which helps your beard health and your overall style and appearance. It moisturizes, softens your beard, makes it look fuller and longer, gives a nice scent while it doesn’t make your beard shiny.

It is 100% sure that a healthy long beard with a nice scent makes you way more appealing to women.

Using a beard butter is really easy and requires no time at all.

Taking care of your beard, should not be a taboo or anything like that for men. In fact, over the past few years, most men take care of themselves equally or even more than women do and that’s ok…

Other men do it to look better and stand up the competition while others do it for themselves.

Whatever your motivation is, taking care of yourself should be a priority of your life. No one will care for you, other than yourself(or your family)

I really hope this article helped you learn everything you need about beard butter, its benefits and its differences from other beard products. I have put much effort into it and I hope you liked it.

If you have any comments, questions or you just want to share your thoughts, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Are you ready to grow a long, healthy beard this year? Take action and…let it grow!

Until Next Time,

Stay safe,


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