Should Men Shave Pubic Hair? What Girls Want [Solved]

While women are more prone to shaving their pubes, men lag a bit in this area for various reasons. However, this is starting to change as men are concentrating more on how their pubes look and the confidence that comes with it.

However, should men shave their pubic hair or it is unnecessary?

Men shave their pubic hair for several reasons ranging from hygiene to personal preference and the outward perception of their partners.

We all want to feel wanted by our significant others, and if shaving off pubes is the way to go, then so be it!

Why Should Men Shave Pubic Hair? Benefits

While there are various reasons for a man to shave his pubes, the following are some common reasons.

1. It’s Hygienic

Pubic hairs gather a lot of dirt when left for a long time without shaving. Bushy and unkempt pubic hair is an ideal breeding ground for lice, bacteria, and other germs that may be harmful to your balls.

Also, a man with unshaved pubic hair may carry infections in that hair, thereby causing problems for anyone he’s sexually involved with. In addition, unshaved public hair can give a man’s crotch a nasty smell.

2. It’s More Attractive

Shaving your pubic hair clean can also make you look more appealing. Asides from the confidence boost when you take your pants off after a great date, clean shaved pubes enhance your sex life.

A crotch covered with hair will reduce the normal sexual sensitivity both men and women should experience. The skin around the shaved pubic hair will be more sensitive to touch. A heightened body sensitivity gives way to a better sexual experience.

3. Your Thing Looks Bigger

Shaving your balls and losing belly fat will undeniably make your ”thing” look bigger and better. Imagine her wanting to do her…job but having to taste your pubic hair…

Not the perfect scenario, right?

4. Their Partners Want Them To

Many women prefer their men to be clean-shaven. But many guys do not bother about shaving because they do not like the razor burn that results after the manscaping. As a man, shaving your pubic hair will most likely strengthen your relationship with your partner.

5. Reducing Sweat

There are some specific glands in the groin and armpit that produce sweat.

The eccrine and the apocrine produce a fluid that comes to the skin surface – this fluid is often odorless. But this fluid eventually combines with the skin’s bacteria and begins to smell bad. This is the primary reason why many men shave.

In general, pubic hair along with tight underwear makes it very hot down there. A hot environment promotes bacteria proliferation which promotes a bad smell. If it smells bad, she won’t go down as often as you want and she will not enjoy it.

Please keep these things in mind.

How Often Should You Shave Your Balls?

how often should men shave their pubic hair

Men should shave pubic hair every 4-5 days. Light stubble does not do any harm for most men and women. Obviously, it depends on your preferences but you should not shave every day or only once per month. Take care of yourself. It is important.

We have also created a full article on the optimal frequency of pubic hair shaving for men that you can check out here.

There is no perfect answer to how often you should trim or shave your balls, as this is mainly due to preference. The ideal thing to do is to shave once your pubic hair begins to make you uncomfortable or becomes a hindrance to clean bathes.

If you are a man who doesn’t fancy keeping so much pubic hair, then you need to trim it once the hair breaches your acceptable threshold.

Trimming your pubic gives you this feeling of freshness and confidence. You feel clean, and you can bring down your shorts comfortably (even with a new partner) without feeling embarrassed. You can even trim your pubic hair to form a love shape or any style of your choice.

Keep your pubic hair and your balls clean. Having a full-length mirror in your room will help you keep a mental note to shave your pubic area constantly.

Whatever timeline you choose, it’s essential to stick to it and shave regularly.

How Fast Does Men’s Pubic Hair Grow?

No matter where they are located, human hair goes through a cycle of three stages – growth, stagnation, and falling out. Many people believe that pubic hair grows faster than the hair on the head because of the hair’s growth cycle.

Pubic hair takes about 30 to 44 days to grow to the falling out stage ultimately. This means you will shed growing pubic hair in a month or 45 days.

You can count on your pubes growing back at a steady rate of ⅛ inch per week, or 1 cm every three weeks.

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Again if you want your pubes to be clean-shaven or have light stubble you have to shave them twice a week.

Directions You Should Shave Your Pubic Hair

You may risk inflammation or bumps if you shave your pubic hair in the wrong direction. If you are shaving down there for the first time, try to space out the shaving to allow the pubic hair to get used to the process. Consider the following procedures:

  • Stretch out your skin if necessary: By stretching out your skin, it will give way to a flat surface, which will allow the razor to run through the skin smoothly. Shave pubic hair sideways and downwards, and avoid shaving directly towards your penis. That is very sensitive skin, and you must avoid cutting yourself.
  • Care after the shaved area: Just shaving your pubes hair is not enough. The aftercare that follows is equally as crucial as prep work. After shaving, endeavor to exfoliate the skin. You can also moisturize it with good lotion or oil.

Even when you develop irritation or bumps after shaving your public hair, the processes already given above can still help restore your skin to its original stage.

Shaving VS Trimming for Balls: What’s Best?

Is it better to shave or trim pubes? It is the balls we are talking about here, and this is a very sensitive part of the body.

It is advisable to simply trim your balls by taking the shaving stick gently across your skin and letting the hairs fall. Shaving totally would mean taking the blade several times across your balls, and that is not a great idea.

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Being a hairy man with quick hair growth does not make frequent shaving ideal. You should try to trim it low down there, as shaving everything off often can cause rashes and irritations.

While some men like leaving a little puff of the hair below on their groin, some like the place to remain smooth. So, you should consider which method works for you or what you want your pubes to look like.

Trimming will require often maintenance while shaving will last more days. I can’t decide for you.

Just keep in mind that in order to trim/shave your balls with a trimmer, you need a good one. Hair down there is thick and a low-quality trimmer may pull hair. Try trimming with the guard 1 first before removing it.

All things considered, I prefer shaving. I like the ending result better. And I do it fast because I don’t allow it to grow too much. That’s the secret!

Awesome Trimmers For Your Balls (You Can Use Them On Other Places Too)

The trimmers below are very high-quality trimmers and can be used on your beard, on your back and obviously on your balls.

However, you should sterilize your trimmer after you put it on your balls even if you have showered before.

Our Best Pick: Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 Men’s

This is one of the best trimmers out there. It includes 14 guide combs, it has a great design and cuts very precisely from 0,5mm to 10mm.

It is powerful even without charging and its battery lasts for 5 hours which is spectacular.

Its blades, also, don’t require oiling to sharpen.

Its only downside for us is its weight. Its stainless steel body makes it a bit heavy to keep but nothing too concerning. This trimmer is nearly perfect and very affordable.

Also, keep in mind that you won’t need to purchase a trimmer every year. This is a necessary tool for your everyday grooming routine. If you get a quality beard/pubic hair trimmer like this, you will possibly keep it for years to come.

At least this is how we think. Longterm.

Runner Up: Wahl Professional – Peanut Classic – Hair Clippers – Beard Trimmer 

This trimmer is different from other trimmers because it is very precise and able to trim long and thick hair. It has great power and durability.

It is also very light weighting only 4 ounces. It is also smaller and easy to keep but also powerful.

Highly recommended.

Budget Option: Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

For some of you, pricing may be the number #1 priority and you are looking for the best cheap trimmer. If that’s the case this is your go-to option.

It trims very well, nearly as well as our top pick. But, it is made from plastic rather than stainless steel. Therefore, it is lighter and easier to ease but obviously, it is a lower-quality item.

The good thing is that it doesn’t pull any hairs out which is very important for a cheap trimmer.

An important downside is the battery life which is around 60 minutes which is not very good.

Overall, this is the best cheap trimmer by far.


More men should cultivate the habit of shaving their pubic hair. Not only is a bushy pub area unhealthy, it only shows that you have not taken proper care of yourself. Once or twice a week is fine. It will make you look and feel way better.

So, grab that razor now and get to work on that bushy spot. Bear in mind that whether you shave your pubic hair entirely or trim it low, it is crucial to stay clean and comfortable in your skin.

You will love it, your girlfriends will also love it. Make it your habit.

Take care of yourself. It will boost your level of confidence.

And… that’s it for today, gentlemen! I really hope you found this article helpful and easy to understand.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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