Can Beard Trimmers Also Be Used For Pubic Hair? [Ultimate Guide]

When we think of manscaping, our minds go to beard trimming. We often forget to care for our privates. But things can get a little tricky when it comes to shaving pubic hair, your balls deserve as much love as you give your face. 

Beard trimmers are designed to trim facial hair. However, many men are wondering… Can beard trimmers also shave/trim pubes?

In short, beard trimmers are versatile devices and can be used in shaving pubic hair. Due to the sensitive nature of your privates, it’s essential to keep your beard trimmer sterilized and well oiled to avoid burns and injuries. Also, beard trimmers must be high-quality and not very wide and big to fit down there.

This is the short answer but there is much more to it.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of trimming your balls with beard trimmers, answer your most common questions, talk about factors that make a trimmer safe and suitable for shaving your privates, and much more.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Pros and Cons of Using a Beard Trimmer for Pubic hair 

Many men are wary of using their beard trimmers for their pubic hair. The general idea is that it’s unhygienic. However, that is not true. Pubic hair and facial hair are the same, according to science.

So, there’s no reason your beard trimmer shouldn’t work down there. We’ll get into the details of that soon. Back to the matter at hand, let’s weigh the pros and cons of using one trimmer for all.


  1. No razor burnsHigh-quality beard trimmers have stainless steel blades. These blades are ideal for sensitive skin. They don’t leave burns nor cause irritations.  Also, beard trimmers have protective bodyguards. You can move your hands in precise motion.  
  1. It’s Economical: Get multi-service for the price of one. A good beard trimmer has many attachments. Each one for a body part. Switching each blade is like using a different device. There’s less wear and tear.
  1. Long-lasting battery: You can get a cordless beard trimmer that lasts at least five hours. 
  1. Waterproof: With beard trimmers, you can clean your goods in the shower. Water softens the hair making it come off with ease. 



  1. Lifespan: You can’t avoid wear and tear but manage it. When you use a product often, the lifespan reduces. Using one trimmer for your face and balls would dull the blades early. The strain of cutting so much hair affects the performance of your trimmer over time. 
  1. Nicks and Cuts: You risk cutting yourself if you use a beard trimmer on your balls. Getting to the crevices of your region isn’t easy. It’s better to use a manual shaving stick to control the direction. 
  1. Skin irritation: If you don’t take proper care of your trimmer, you can get skin irritations. Never use your razor for your pubes then face back-to-back without cleaning. Doing that would give you spots on your face. 

Is it Safe to Use your Beard Trimmer to Shave Balls?

No! Please don’t do it! Using a beard trimmer for your privates is risky. The power and speed are too much for your scrotum’s sensitive skin. If you do this, you can hurt yourself. You can use your beard trimmer for the upper region only. 

Start with an electric trimmer, then finish with a manual razor.

Use the trimmer to reduce the hair on your pelvis – the top part of your shaft. Then you can have a clear view of your balls. Raise your penis, then go in on your balls with the razor for precise cuts. 

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Is It Healthy To Use Your Beard Trimmer to Shave Balls? 

We can see how you’d be wary of using the same trimmer for your face and nether region.

It’s weird putting a blade inches away from your mouth when it’s been down there. Two major concerns are skin sensitivity and bacterial infections. You can manage your beard trimmer to calm these fears. 

Most beard trimmers have self-cleaning blades. You’re in luck if your razor is stainless steel.

All you have to do is run it under water before use. For regular non-waterproof trimmers, clean the blades with alcohol. Methylated spirit is good enough. 

Actually, even if you wash and clean your trimmer with water (if it is waterproof) we advise you to sterilize it with alcohol. Because some bacteria will stay there and then you will bring them to your face.

This is crucial to understand. Bringing bacteria from your balls to your face and the opposite will potentially cause dermatological issues to both areas.

Use a body guard for the sensitive skin on your balls and switch the razors for the specified body part. 

Is Beard Hair different from Pubic Hair?

Pubic hair is post-puberty growth thanks to increased testosterone. Your groin hair grows the same way as your facial hair. So, beard hair is pubic hair. Pubic hair protects sensitive skin.

Just because one is exposed and the other isn’t doesn’t make it cleaner. The difference is in the texture and density. 

“The concentration of sebaceous glands is high in several areas,” Dr. Bobby Buka said: the face, groin, and armpits. “So the hair characteristics in those areas are very similar, in terms of thickness of shaft and quality of hair.”

This information is NOT ours. It is taken by Huffpost and Dr. Bobby Buka.

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To sum up, beard hair is technically pubic hair and therefore a trimmer is able to cut it.

What A Beard Trimmer Should Have To Be Able To Shave Your Testicles

beard trimmer for balls

Now you know it’s okay to use your beard trimmer to shave your pubic hair with caution. These are things to look out for in your multipurpose trimmer.

  1. A Power Motor: Imagine your trimmer’s battery dying as you work your balls – a disaster! You should get one with a long-lasting battery.
  1. Sharp Blades: Have you ever tried shaving with a dull blade? It’s quite stressful and tiring! You’d still have hair left on your skin when you finish. Check that your beard trimmer has sharp edges before you start. Using a new blade does the job well – no wonder many men love disposable razors.
  1. Lightweight: Upgraded trimmers are lightweight. Your hands get tired when you use heavy beard trimmers. It makes it easy to move as you remove those unwanted hairs. 
  2. Guards: Body guards keep hair from tangling in the blades. They also protect sensitive skin from nicks and cuts. The guards keep the razor within the area and give you a precise trim. They come in different lengths so, read the manual to know the pubic guards.
  3. Width of beard combs: We don’t want a big trimmer with wide guards. The area down there has more detail. We want a small trimmer to be able to fit and cut the unnecessary hair. Especially, if you ever try to cut your pubic hair with clippers it will be a challenge. (Because clippers have wider combs than trimmers to cut larger chunks of hair)

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Electric Shaver vs. Beard Trimmer vs. Manual shaver For Pubic Hair: Our Take

By now, you agree with us that your balls deserve pampering too. You’re ready to clear that bush and give your lower region a facelift. We’ve put your three options side by side for you to assess.

Electric shaver

An electric shaver is a plain blade that shaves off hair. It uses electric power hence the name. Giving a close shave is the selling point. is If you want a smooth cut, the electric shaver is your best friend. Though it has no combs, its blades are ultra-tech. 

There are two types – rotary and foil. Rotary shavers work in a zig-zag motion making them ideal for curly hair. Then there is the foil shaver to clean straight hairs. Some electric shavers have a backup rechargeable battery. Notable brands are Philips, Wahl, and Panasonic.

They are powerful. You need to be very careful.

Beard trimmer

A beard trimmer grooms facial hair. It has attachments that cut, trim and shape in any style you want. 

The blades are self-sharpening, but you won’t get a close shave with them.

They are battery-powered and can come with or without a cord. High-quality ones come with bodyguards. They keep you from hurting yourself as you get rid of unwanted hair. Notable brands are Philips, Wahl, and Panasonic.

Manual shaver

manual razor for balls

A manual shaver is a disposable razor. Before the electric shavers and beard trimmers, we all used shaving sticks. Modern upgrades have handles with removable blades. 

Most people like this kind of shaver because it’s portable and often one-use. You can buy a stick and change the razors when they get blunt. This type is pricey, though not as much as the electric and battery ones.

One downside to this is the additional products needed. You have to get shaving creams, oils, soaps, after-shave sprays, and more. They protect your skin from blade burns and rashes. 

Popular brands are Bic, Gillette, and Schick. 


Electric shaverBeard TrimmerManual Shaver
It saves timeIt is time-consuming  It takes a lot of time. You have to shave slowly.  
It requires skill. We don’t recommend this for beginners.No skill is required. It’s beginner-friendly.No skill is necessary. Just patience.
Needs products like soaps, oils, and creams.No product is needed.  Needs products like soaps, oils, and creams. They’ll help avoid skin irritation.
Some aren’t waterproof. It’s not safe to use an electric device in water. You’ll be in for a rude shock!Some of them are waterproof. You can use it in the shower. Also, you can clean it under the tap.It’s best to use them under running water to avoid irritation, cuts and also be able to see the area better.
The power blades whir loudly.  They’re not as loud as electric shavers yet, not silent like manuals.There’s no motor sound so that you can enjoy the quiet.
Needs electricity to work. Some come with rechargeable batteries.Works with batteries It can be corded too.No electricity or battery

Dismiss the idea that pubic hair is dirty from your mind. It’s the same as your other body hairs, like your beard. Your reason for getting a separate trimmer shouldn’t be hygiene-related. 

We’re not giving you a free pass to not clean your trimmer either. If you must use the same groomer for your face and pubes, please clean it after each use. Wipe it with rubbing alcohol to kill germs and prevent infection. 

Also, if you can afford to buy a separate device for your pubic hair, you can buy one of the special trimmers from notable brands. They have different guards and blades for precise cuts. 

I stopped using manual razors long ago. It is way too time-consuming for me to shave my balls with a razor so often.

Beard trimmers are fine for shaving and trimming balls if you choose the right one and do it right.

Some Closing Words

Though your beard trimmer is ideal for pubic hair, it is important to practice healthy hygiene to prevent infections.

The best thing to do is to have 2 trimmers. One for your face and one for your balls.

However, many of us may not want or may not have the money to invest in 2 trimmers.

Then, my recommendation would be to buy 1 high-quality trimmer and use it in both places. Some trimmers can also trim body hair.

But, please remember to sterilize it even if you use different guards. (Let’s say you use the trimmer without a guard for your balls and you also want to maintain a 10-day stubble with number #4 guard on your face)

Clean your beard trimmers after shaving down there. Your groin is as important as your face. Try it and enjoy the freshness of clean balls. You never know – you might get lucky with your partner!

Finally, do it slowly and patiently especially the first time.

You can try to trim pubic hair with the #1 guard first and then shave it without a guard. Test your trimmer.

Is it good? Did it pull hair? Did it cut you? Do you feel pain?

Alright, gentlemen. I don’t wanna tire you. That’s all I have for this topic. I really hope you found this article helpful and interesting.

If you have any questions or you just wanna share your thoughts, feel free to comment down below and we will be more than happy to answer.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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