How To Trim Goatee Beard Easy + 7 Great Goatee Styles

Goatee beard styles have stood the test of time and have been worn by millions of men. Some men love this style and its variations while others hate it.

Facial hair styling now goes beyond the regular, with many men looking to create a unique and stylish look. Styling facial hair is now frequent among men of all ages too.

The first step in doing this is picking the right beard style. If you have or are considering keeping a goatee check out the styles below for some inspiration.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

What Is A Goatee Beard?

The goatee is a short and usually pointed beard that grows on a man’s chin. It has a close resemblance to the tuft of hair on a goat’s chin, which is, of course, where the word ‘goatee’ got its name.

Goatee mainly grows from the chin, one of the five regions of the face from which facial hair develops – the other regions are the neck, mutton chops or cheeks, soul patch, and just above the upper lip.

The goatee often combines with the soul patch and mustache to form a circle beard, which many people wrongly call a Van Dyke.

The Difference Between A Goatee And A Van Dyke

Those without the proper knowledge of beards may confuse a goatee as a Van Dyke, or vice versa. It is only necessary that this misconception is corrected.

The standard goatee does not come with a mustache; it’s often the circle beard that has this. However, the circle beard itself is another form of the goatee, yet people mislabel it as a Van Dyke. A standard circle beard includes the mustache and then circles around the mouth.

The Van Dyke, on the other hand, includes the mustache, but the mustache does not connect to the goatee from the side of the mouth.

In addition, the Van Dyke had a somewhat T shape as opposed to the circle beard.

Finally, many men who choose the Van Dyke beard style curl their moustaches a bit making them look more like handlebars. This is optional but it is a nice addition to look more unique!

We have also created a full article on the differences between a goatee and a Van Dyke goatee that you can check out here.

Who Is This Beard Style For?

goatee beard

The goatee style is best for men who have the facial shape best suited for it. Depending on the shape of your face, a goatee beard may elongate, soften your facial angles or add some masculinity to it.

Anyone can sport the goatee style, but you have to determine the size and shape of the goatee that you want.

Generally, the goatee looks best on a square face as it tones your jawlines and facial angles. Combining the goatee with a mustache forms a circle beard that looks great on bald and full hair heads. Simply put, the goatee looks great on men of all ages, provided it is well styled.

Some men prefer starting with a larger patch of hair and then trimming it to a more presentable style. Men with lighter hair growth on the rest of their face may want to allow the patterns of their natural growth to outline the contours of the goatee.

You are free to experiment with various lengths to determine the best one for your face.

The goatee style is a matter of personal preference; however, you should trim and shape your beard in a way that will give you a stylish look. In addition, you should also consider such style appropriate for your workplace. If you work in an official environment, you might want to keep your goatee in good shape.

Most workplaces require that you keep your beards neatly trimmed.

Finally, goatees are best for many with patchy beards. If you can’t grow a full beard and you have many patchy areas, a goatee style can be life-changing for you!

Best Goatee Beard Styles Ideas

Goatees come in different styles and indeed sizes. While there are many beard styles around, the goatee remains common, and here are some of the most popular styles. Perhaps this will help you decide on the goatee style that best fits your appearance.

Chin Puff

chin puff

The chin puff is a style that most closely resembles the standard goatee because it also does not include a mustache. The chin puff can be as broad as the mouth, forming a more rounded shape or trimmed narrower into more of a diamond shape or teardrop.

The chin puff is grown longer from the soul patch and chin. Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian sports the chin puff.

Definitely not my thing but still some men love it!

Circle Beard Goatee

circle goatee

While the chin puff resembles a standard goatee, the circle beard is the most common style. This style forms a circular shape around the mouth by connecting the goatee to the mustache. The circle beard can be worn either short or long. The long beard is known as a long goatee.

The following celebrities are known for wearing the circle beards: Jim Rome, Brad Paisley, Brad Pitt, Manny Pacquiao, Common, Frederick Douglas, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Idris Elba, Kanye West, Guy Fieri, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others.

Disconnected Goatee

The disconnected goatee is another standard goatee style. However, unlike the circle beards, the goatee does not connect with the mustache.

The disconnected goatee is a style pretty easy to grow, especially among younger men. You can wear the goatee portion of hair either wide or in a smaller size. Michael B. Jordan and John Paul White commonly wear the disconnected goatee.

Van Dyke Goatee

Van dyke beard

This style is named after Anthony Van Dyck, a 17th Century painter. This style combines the typical handlebar mustache with a chin puff. However, the Van Dyke does not connect with the mustache, and its focus is on the soul patch, just like it is with a chin puff.

This style looks awesome, to be honest.

Anchor Beard

anchor beard

The anchor beard bears a similar look to the Van Dyke goatee. The slight difference is that rather than combining a mustache with a chin puff, your goatee is disconnected and extends outwardly along the jawline. In addition, the goatee is supposed to be wider than the mustache so that when you combine the shape of the goatee, soul patch, and mustache, it looks like the anchor of a ship.

Some of the most popular faces donning the anchor beard include Marvel’s Tony Stark character and David Beckham.

Scruffy Goat/ Goatee With Stubble

goatee with stubble

This goatee style features a thick, full circle beard combined with one or two weeks of scruff that develop on the neck and cheeks. Of course, the goatee is more prominent, but the stubble on the cheek creates a pleasant contrast. The scruff goat is the favorite goatee style for many men.

The following people commonly wear scruffy goats: Chris Millington, Tom Hardy, etc.

Extended Goatee

extended goatee

As the name implies, the extended goatee covers more area than the regular goatee. While the regular goatee grows directly under the chin and with some distance from the adam’s apple, the extended goatee includes a mustache and grows around your jawline. You may think of it as a full beard but without sideburns.

Goatee Beard No Mustache

goatee without mustache

Beards and more specifically goatees without mustaches are nothing new. While many men might think that a beard and a mustache are inseparable, history has shown us otherwise.

It looks good, unique, and makes you stand out.

Read our full tutorial on goatees without mustache here!

How To Shave A Full Goatee Beard Like A Pro

The following are the step-by-step guide to getting the perfect goatee that makes you seem like a pro:

Step 1: First brush your beard, then comb before trimming it

It is common knowledge that we should brush our beards daily. Brushing a beard has a huge variety of benefits. It is fast and easy. Don’t skip it, gentlemen!

Step 2: Take off the comb and create an outline with the trimmer

Detach the comb from the trimmer and then directly apply the top of the beard trimmer on the beards to begin defining the style of your goatee beard.

This process is for shaping around your beard in preparation for the final design.

Step 3: Use the precision trimmer to create a shape for your goatee

With a precision trimmer, trim your chin hair toward the ear to achieve pleasant, clean, and precise lines on either side of your goatee beard.

Depending on your preferred style, you can shave off the sideburns entirely or leave some hair below the jaw area. When you are satisfied with the sides, and they are even, you can make the corners of your goatee beard sharper.

You can also give your soul patch a V-shape to look even better!

Your goatee should typically start from the point your mustache ends and all the way down. A straight line. If you want you can trim the hair that connects the mustache with the chin hair. If you do that you are going for a disconnected goatee or a Van Dyke.

Then create a sharp and clean goatee neckline. I have created a whole guide about that, you can read it here!

Step 4: Clean-shaving is just as important

This is the part where you clean-shave your jawline, cheeks, and neck. Prepare your hair follicles by moistening your face with warm water and rubbing shaving foam on it. The next step is to shave in the direction where your hair grows with single, continuous strokes until you achieve smooth skin.

Step 5: Moisturize and keep your goatee beard neat

After achieving the goatee style you desire, wash your face with alcohol-free moisturizer to prevent dryness after shaving. Try to commit to trimming your goatee at least once a week to keep them neat and tidy.

How To Maintain A Goatee

It is not easy to groom the goatee, but the following tips will help keep your goatee style looking resplendent:

1. Know how (and when) to trim

Make use of a quality trimmer when it is time to prune your goatee, and trimming it the right way and with the right tools will keep you from developing those nasty bumps on your cheeks and neck.

You should trim the growth areas around your goatee (from the sideburns to either side of your chin) with a trimmer, while you should trim the goatee itself with scissors from your barbing kit.

You can make your goatee even more eye-catching if you shave your cheeks and sideburns with a razor after using your trimmer.

We advise you to shave your face and trim your goatee a bit every 3-5 days at least.

2. Wash your goatee regularly

It is easy for food and dirt that can cause itchiness to get trapped in your goatee, especially when it is very food. Washing is not only about keeping the hair looking clean but also because of the skin under the hair. You should scrub your beard with a specialized cleaner as many times as you can.

3. Do not forget your oil

There are many fake beard oils out there. Ensure that you use the right ones, especially the oil formulated with  a blend of organic, natural, and vegan oils (such as jojoba and argan)

4. Train your goatee

Even after trimming, there is a tendency for some strands of hair to grow out of proportion. Following a daily rundown of the goatee with a beard brush or comb will train stubborn hair to grow in a downward direction.

5. Remember the mustache

If you grow your goatee with a mustache, do not forget to attend to the mustache when doing the maintenance.

It is often easy to groom and maintain the goatee without paying much attention to the mustache, but caring for it is also as important as caring for the goatee.

6. Fuel up

Without protein and fat, you probably would not have any goatee to be proud of in the first place. Therefore, you have to maintain your goatee with enough vitamins B9, B3, and B5 – and you can get them from foods like leafy greens, milk, egg yolks, nuts, and lean meats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do girls like goatees?

Girls do like beards in general. Goatee beard styles are not their favorites. However, most men will look better wearing a goatee than not having any facial hair whatsoever. There are many goatee variations that one can choose from and look awesome. As an example, the goatee with stubble.

Do goatees look good on black men?

There are millions of black men that wear goatees nowadays. This style is awesome for black men. Typically, black men have thick and coarse beards. A goatee requires cheek hair to be trimmed so there is less to worry about. In fact, black men wear goatees more successfully than anyone else out there. They have mastered this style.

How To Trim A Long Goatee?

The best way to trim and maintain a long goatee is by using scissors. Obviously, you will need to trim and/or shave cheek hair, neck hair and sideburns with the trimmer but scissors will be used to trim the actual chin hair a little bit without risking cutting too much.

Beard or Goatee? What’s better?

Studies have proven that full beards or more attractive than goatees in general. However, millions of men look good wearing goatees. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have a patchy beard it is always better to grow a goatee since you can’t grow a full beard properly.


Anyone can wear the goatee beard style, but it takes dedication to maintain it. Try the goatee today and watch your facial appearance come to life.

Some of you will not like it. But, guess what! This is normal. Give it some time.

If you still do not like it shave it off or try goatee with stubble and then trim everything down and get a full stubble beard before growing it even more. And that’s it. Not a big deal.

At the end of the day, it is just facial hair. You shave it, you style it, you shave it, you are THE man!

To sum things up, goatee beard styles are very special and millions of them love them. If you ask me personally, I do not look good wearing a goatee. I prefer stubble and I have let you know multiple times.

But this should not mean anything to you. You are different.

Everyone is different, every single one of you, especially since you read my blog, is awesome! I am joking you get the point!

That’s it for today’s article. I hope you liked it!

Until next time,

Stay safe and happy grooming gentlemen,


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