How To Straighten Your Beard Without Heat (Naturally)

Heat is not exactly the best friend of a well-groomed beard. At the same time, it is easier said than done to straighten your beard without heat or …so you thought.

We are here to change your perception about heat being the only option to straighten your beard. 

Your search through the labyrinth of the internet has brought you to our door and we will make sure that you don’t leave disappointed.

If you have curly or frizzy beard hair, then you are here to find a solution. The best way to straighten your beard without heat is to follow these ways:

  • Try applying essential oils, waxes, and beard conditioner.
  • Blow drying can straighten your beard hair.
  • Apply Beard balm and comb or brush your beard hair to make it look straight.
  • Apply sea salt spray.
  • Take a beard comb and give it a symmetrical look.
  • Use plastic rollers if your beard is long.

Any beardsman worth their salt knows the pride associated with a fully flowing mane that not only looks soft and tidy but is really so.

Especially when you have the honor of having a straight beard, you will find yourself being the center of attraction in previously unheralded places.

However, nothing feels worse than an unmanageable and frizzy beard that will ruin your overall look.

So, without further delay let us dive into the details of how to straighten your beard without heat.

Why You May Want To Straighten Your Beard?

straighten your beard

A beard is every man’s prized possession. It’s your beard that gives you that macho and masculine look. And having a beard gives you the freedom to try different styles.

However, styling a frizzy and unmanageable beard is never fun. This is the reason why men should think of ways that will let them keep their beards straight.

Plus, straight beard hair always portrays the beard style in the best way.

Mastering curly beard hair can be extremely tricky while managing straight hair isn’t. Curly beard hair needs more maintenance and consumes a lot of time.

Here are some of the reasons why men may want to straighten their beard:

Reason Number 1: You May Want to Try Different Beard Styles

If you want to try different long beard styles, it is better to straighten your beard hair. Styles don’t come out right in curly beard hair, and if you have frizzy beard hair, forget about giving it any style because whatever you do, it will end up looking messy.

If there is a beard style that you would like to try, straighten your beard. As simple as it sounds. With a straight beard, styling will become easy breezy.

Reason Number 2: To Get Rid of Bacteria

It would be best if you think about straightening your beard because you don’t want your beard hair to be packed with bacteria and germs. Do you know that curly beards are more prone to attracting dust, food particles, and even bacteria?

With these foreign particles on your beard hair, they will soon find their way to get transferred to your skin, causing skin irritation and allergy.

This may eventually lead to blackheads, pimples, acne, ingrown hair, and other skin issues.

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Reason Number 3: Because the Look of Your Beard Means A Lot to You

Curly and frizzy beard hair is prone to becoming rough and may also end up getting split ends. If you don’t want your beard hair to look drier, dull, and lifeless, then straightening your beard hair will be a good idea.

Reason Number 4: Conditioning and Grooming Becomes Easy

Tangles and knots on your beard will create havoc when you try untangling them with your curly or frizzy beard hair.

Even washing, conditioning, and grooming become a problem. With straight and evenly flowing beard hair, you will be able to condition and groom beard hair quickly. Everything becomes better.

Reason Number 5: You May Want Your Beard to Look Longer

When it comes to curly beard hair, your beard, unfortunately, will take ages to look long, even if they are long.

However, with straight beard hair, you will get to know about its length every month. With curls and loops all over your beard, it is pretty evident that your curly beard ends up looking quite small.

So, if you want your beard to look long, straight hair is the best solution.

How To Straighten Your Beard Without Heat (Naturally)

There are a few tricks to use if you don’t want to apply any heat on your beard hair. This way, your beard hair will be saved from burning. The tricks we will share here are easy to follow and work well with almost all beard hair types.

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Knowing that beard hair looks the best when they are straight and easy to manage that way, we have prepared a few tips that will help you straighten your beard without heat. Here they are:

Tip Number 1: Essential Oils, Waxes, and Beard Creams

Beard oil contains essential minerals, and it can moisturize your beard hair. With beard oil, you will keep your beard straight and style it as you want. Just take a few drops into your palm and generously apply them to your beard.

You need to keep applying the beard oil, just a little bit of it at least five times. The amount that you will take will mostly depend on the length of your beard hair. Also, slightly damp hair is the best to apply beard oil on.

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Just like beard oil, you need to apply conditioner to your beard as well. Conditioners will keep your beard smooth and shiny. Conditioned beard doesn’t look frizzy, and they are easy to style. We will recommend using an organic beard conditioner, which will not cause any damage to your beard.

Once your beard is dry, apply a good-quality beard wax. Rub the wax downwards.

The wax is actually what will keep your facial hair straight. Make sure you get a strong one.

You can find everything you need in this inexpensive kit.

Tip Number 2: Blow Dry Your Beard

Now, I know. You are thinking Tasos we don’t want any heat…

Although this tip will involve using a bit of heat, it won’t be too much. Beard-growers are always skeptical about using heat styling tools on the beards, and we must say that the doubt is genuine.

However, a blow dryer doesn’t work as a beard straightener. All you need to do is use medium heat, keep the blow dryer 15 cm away from your beard, and then use the blow dryer.

The beard straightener touches your hair directly. A wrong move can be very bad both for your hair but more importantly for your face.

The dryer is definitely not like that at all.

You will also need a beard comb, preferably a straightening beard comb. It is exactly the same as if you would like to straighten your head hair.

When we don’t wanna use a hair straightener, then our dryer with a specific kind of comb (which is also cheap) will do the job.

The beard should have small holes that allow the hot air to pass through and with the right technique help you straighten your hair.

Tip Number 3: Apply Some Beard Balm

If only blow-drying doesn’t make your beard look straight, right after blow drying it, apply some good quality beard balm to look your straight beard look. After using it, brush or comb your beard.

Beard balms are available in different brands, find the right one, and style your beard accordingly. If you want to use beard wax and balm together, that can be done too.

Balms are also very very cheap. The best one is this. We use it daily and the number of reviews it has speaks for itself.

Tip Number 4: Apply Sea Salt Spray

Damp your beard a bit, and use a seal salt spray. Sea salt sprays are pretty common to use in scalp hair, but the same product can be used to keep your beard straight.

While purchasing a seal salt spray, choose one that is loaded with high-quality ingredients. Research a few online, ad spritz a little on the beard, and you are good to go.

Tip Number 5: Take a Beard Comb and Give it A Symmetrical Look

We have already briefly talked about the importance of beard combs in straightening your beard but honestly having a good comb and knowing how to use it is 50% of the whole process.

A beard comb has to be your best friend if you want to keep your beard hair straight all the time.

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Even after waxing and applying beard oil and other beard products, with time, your beard hair will look a bit frizzy. When it does, run the beard comb through your beard, and give it a symmetrical look.

If you have a mustache, too, then run the beard comb through your mustache as well. That way, your facial hair will look neat and clean.

I tried my best to find a comb specifically for the beard but also being able to let air pass through. There is not.

But, a hairbrush will do the job just fine and you will also be able to use it on your head. I found the best one on Amazon. (thousands of reviews)

Tip Number 5: Use Plastic Rollers Ιf Your Beard is Long

The plastic rollers are a great way to make your beard hair look straight without using any heating tools. You need to purchase the smallest size, though.

But, if your girlfriend or wife has rollers, just use them, don’t buy.

This will not give you the complete straight beard hair look, but it will make your beard look glossy and voluptuous.  

Damp your beard hair a bit, and divide it into two parts. Now, apply the plastic rollers. This trick will work the best on beard hair that’s medium to long length.

Is It Possible To Straighten Short Stubble Beard?

The tips that we have shared above work the best on medium to long beard hairs. If you have stubble, you will not need any straightening products. The reason is that stubble beard is short, which is why it looks somewhat straight.

Since it already looks manageable and straight, we will not suggest straightening it, especially with heat because you may end up burning your skin.

However, if you still want to straighten it, our recommendation would be to condition your hair regularly, and while it is pat dry, apply some good quality beard oil and brush or comb your comb.

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This will give you a sleek beard look and will be more than enough to make your beard appear straight.

So, technically yes, it is possible to straighten stubble beard, but with beard hair products only. We will also recommend applying beard wax because beard wax makes the beard look visually appealing and straight.

Is It Safe To Straighten A Beard With Heat?

Any heating products can potentially be bad for the hair, not just for your scalp hair but also your beard hair.

Even if hair straightening a beard with heat will let you get the desired look fast, the biggest drawback of using a straightener is that it makes the hair dry and lose its essential oils.

Of course, there is no black and white. There are millions of men who straighten their beards with heat and that’s ok. But, if your beard is too curly and have to do it every day, it can be tricky.

We won’t say that it is 100% unsafe, but one should try to stay away from heat as much as possible to straighten the beard hair. Some of the drawbacks are:

  • Your beard hair may suffer from hair fall issues. Since excessive heat will be applied, it will, unfortunately, damage your beard’s hair follicles. This will eventually lead to beard hair damage. If you keep on applying the hair straightener regularly, you will damage the roots of your beard hair too.
  • Straightening your hair with heat might make your hair dry and brittle. As we said, the beard hair will start losing its essential oils. The natural sheen of your beard will be comprised.

Although the beard market is pouring with branded hair straighteners that cause the least amount of damage, regular use of heating products will cause damage. Hence, try to avoid heat.

But if this is something that lets you down and you aren’t pleased with the results of straightening your beard naturally then absolutely give the ”heated route” a try.


Keeping your beard hair straight without applying any heat will keep your beard healthy and easily manageable.

Whether you want to keep your overly curly beard straight or you simply want your beard to look even and flowy, it is better to straighten your beard hair.

Try the tips that we have shared here, and let your beard look awesome! Happy beard grooming, gentlemen!

That’s it for today’s article! We really hope you liked it.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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