Is Baby Oil Good For Your Beard?

One of the most common questions ever when it comes to beard care. Is baby oil good for your beard?

If you answered yes, then you are in the correct place.

is baby oil good for your beard

Many men, nowadays, use baby oil for their beards, but is this good or bad for them?

Baby oils are probably being used because they are cheaper than normal beard oils or because most of us think that baby oils are safer and more skin-friendly because they are used by babies. With that being said baby oils are divided into some basic categories.

In short, plant-based baby oil with natural ingredients like coconut or jojoba is a good substitute for beard oil and therefore good for your beard. It is useful and it can do the mast majority of things that beard oil does. If you choose the correct baby oil category your beard will be significantly improved.

Beard oil, in general, plays a significant role in beard growth, appearance and health. In fact, if you consider growing a long, thick, and strong beard, a high-quality beard oil is mandatory.

It is very cheap. Its price starts from $10-$15 and it does so many great things for you.

But, if you don’t have $15 to spend for your beard then you might want to consider baby oil. Baby oil is good but it is not the same baby oil that you apply to your newborn baby.

Let’s now see the basic baby oil types.

Is Baby Oil Good For Your Beard

The 3 Baby Oil Types

There are 3 baby oil types avalaible but they are not all of them good substitutes for beard oil.

Plant-based oil
Petroleum or mineral based oil

The plant based oil which usually contains jojoba oil is the best baby oil substitute for your beard. It is safe and helpful. It also does most of what a beard oil does. An average, high quality beard oil costs around $20 while a baby oil around $7.

So, if this is your excuse for not using any oil for your beard there you have it.

Grab a baby oil for only $7 or use the one you already have bought.

The second type of baby oil is the petroleum or mineral based oil which is, in short, the most well known Johnson’s baby oil.

This type of baby oil is less effective and you might also face some skin issues. Not everyone but some of you may have some skin problems.

Mineral based baby oils are relatively low value oils that are produced in very large quantities.

I won’t tell you what other people tell you, you are in great danger, they have chemical, they are evil and so on.

They are not evil.

They are lower quality products and they don’t contain only natural ingredients. You can free to form your opinion but I am here to tell you facts.

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Mixed oils are just oils that are between plant based and petroleum oils. We should also avoid them.

Pros Of Using Baby Oil On Beards

Pros Of Using Baby Oil On Beards

We have talked about them before but let’s organize them all together here.

Cheaper Than Beard Oil
Baby Oil Moisturize Skin Under Beard
It Gives Beards Nice Scent
Baby Oil Helps Keeping Beard Hairs From Sticking Out
It Helps You To Brush Your Beard

These are the most important reasons you wanna use beard oil and if you don’t want or can’t afford it a baby oil.

Baby oil is a very good beard oil substitute. It does not do everything that beard oil can do but it does like 80%(the plant-based) so it very good as a substitute.

You don’t wanna have dry skin and itching, neither tangled hairs. These are very common problems for men that try to grow long beards.

Also, the fact that baby oil helps you brush your beard is also useful. In fact, brushing your beard is really important and lets you cover patchy areas you might have.

Finally, having a nice smelling beard makes you not only more desirable but also shows that you are clean and you like to take care of yourself.

Yes, women want us to be clean, no doubt.

Cons Of Using Baby Oil On Beards

Cons Of Using Baby Oil On Beards

They May Not Penetrate The Skin
They Don’t Make Your Beard Shiny Long Enough
They Can Cause Allergies And Skin Problems
They Do Nothing To Help Your Beard Styling

In general, I would only use baby oil if 1) I was dead broke 2) my other option was to not use any beard oil whatsoever.

Only in those 2 scenarios, I would use baby oil.

Baby oil helps undeniably but the difference in price between baby and beard oil is negligible.

I don’t wanna risk skin irritation or dryness, I don’t wanna risk styling, I don’t wanna risk having allergies and itching. In short, I don’t wanna risk myself for $5-10 if you know what I mean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

Many men want to know if they can apply baby oil to their beards. In this article, we discussed everything about baby oil and beard oil use.

In short, plant-based baby oil is a good substitute for beard oil but only if you don’t have an extra $5-10 to pay for a high quality beard oil.

Every man that wants to grow a long beard should have either a beard oil or a baby oil. It is good for your beard health, for styling, for brushing, for smelling and many other reasons.

Johnson’s baby oil is not good for your beards. Everyone has this question. Literally every man that I know. Avoid it.

And that’s it for today’s topic…I hope you learned something useful by reading my article.

If you have any questions or thoughts that you wanna share, feel free to write them in the comment section below.

Are you ready to take care of your beard and help it grow?

Until Next Time,

Stay Safe and…Let It Grow


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