Medium Stubble Beard: Best Styles, How To Grow And Maintain, Neckline

Are you interested in growing a stubble but you don’t know if the medium stubble is best for you?

The medium stubble beard is a beard that needs no introduction. In recent years, the stubble beard has been accepted into the folds of the fashion world.

The world has also opened up more to experimentation.

Growing a stubble is not only a great and easy way to master your style but also impress women.

In this article, we will look at the different nuances of the medium stubble length, explore how to get and maintain the medium stubble and also answer different questions related to this beard length.

Let’s get straight into it!

Medium Stubble Length

medium stubble length

A medium stubble is a beard style that is anywhere between 3-4mm in length. The medium-length stubble takes anywhere between 3 to 5 days to grow. This is also the reason why this stubble style is sometimes called a 5-day-beard.

If it gets longer than 4mm, the beard will fall into long stubble territory.

The medium stubble beard is one of the three beard lengths among stubbles. The three lengths being – the light stubble, the medium stubble, and the heavy stubble.

The medium stubble beard is a great style that is suitable for both formal and informal occasions both.

Let us look at the ways in which you can grow and maintain a medium stubble beard.

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How To Trim The Medium Stubble Beard

how to trim medium stubble

To start with, grow your existing beard for 3 to 5 days. If you’re starting from scratch or in a clean-shaven state, then you need to grow your beard for few more days.

The gap of two days is suggested because the hair growth rate is not uniform, and some hair will grow faster while others will take some more time. In any case, by the fifth day, you’ll have grown enough to go for a trim. 

The next step is to use a stubble trimmer at a setting of anywhere between 3-4mm to trim your beard.

In general, you should trim your whole beard unless you need to create a specific beard style that requires something else.

So, just grab a high-quality stubble trimmer, choose the 3 or 4 guard and start trimming.

Be careful!

Some beard trimmer numbers correspond to millimetres and some to inches! For example, Wahl’s numbers correspond to inches! So if you choose guard number 4, this means 4/8 (1/2) of an inch. 1/2 of an inch is 13mm, which is significantly longer than 4mm. Just for reference, Philips’ trimmers correspond to millimetres.

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Before you start, it is advised to wash your facial hair, dry it well and apply some beard oil, so that the trimming is smoother.

To make the outcome neat and clean, you can define the neckline and clean the upper cheeks with the clearly defined demarcation between the clean-shaven areas and the cheeks.

Now, let us look at how to trim the perfect stubble beard neckline.

How To Trim The Neckline

Irrespective of the type of beard you want to wear, you can’t escape the fact that an untidy neckline will ruin the best of your beard styles.

The same applies even when you want to wear a stubble beard.

Maintaining a neat and tidy neckline will make your stubble beard stand out.

Step 1: Understand where to stop

Stand straight and look at the mirror with your head held high in an upright position. If you can see any hair below your chin from this position, you need to remove it. Immediately. 

Step 2:  Draw the line

Always keep this in mind – There is a god-gifted dividing line between your beard and the neck. It is the top of your Adam’s apple. Hair beneath that is a strict no-no. 

Step 3:  Start from the center

Move downwards from the center.  While continuing on one side, work towards the outer side, all the while keeping in mind that you are under the jawline.

Now come to the middle and repeat the above process on the other side.

Bear in mind that you shouldn’t make your beard neckline round in shape but rather focus on creating a slanting upward curve. 

Step 4: Understanding Geometry

Imagine a curved line extending from your ear lobes to above your Adam’s apple. Keeping this imaginary line in mind, trim downwards below this line.

Also, imagine a straight line extending vertically parallel to the ear lobes. Shave along this imaginary line to mark the border of your beard line.

Step 5: Take Care Of The Details

Now take care of any stray hair between your Adam’s apple and the bottom of your neck. You are done. However, always make a last check in the mirror.

Congratulations on your trimmed and defined beard line. 

How To Maintain Medium Stubble

Congratulations on your medium stubble beard.

Now your next task is to maintain this beard. 

If you remember, this beard is also known as the 5-day-beard. This is where your cue lies. Keep trimming your stubble every 2-3 days so that you maintain the length of your stubble.

Keep in mind that moisturizing your stubble beard is critical for the beard’s well-being. 

Moisturizing your beard means keeping the hair and hair follicles hydrated and aiding in the secretion of natural oils from the skin. Use a non-alcohol based moisturizer.

Also, don’t forget to brush your beard even if it is short! This is a very crucial mistake bearded guys make. Brushing your beard has a ton of benefits. For example, it spreads out natural oils and your beard oil evenly across your face.

Another benefits of brushing your stubble is to remove dead cells and also dead facial hair. This lets your skin breathe and will allow more and healthier hairs to grow. Finally, by combing your beard, you prevent ingrown hair and teach your beard to grow in the right direction.

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Best Medium Stubble Beard Styles

Medium Stubble Goatee

stubble goatee

God has not gifted everyone with equal beard growth. It is sad but a reality.

If you find yourself as one of the unfortunate people who have had to make do with patchy facial hair growth, this style will come to your rescue.

As the name suggests, this is a 4–5-day stubble that just covers the chin and mustache area. Your cheeks will be clean-shaven in this look.

Perfect for patchy beards.

Boxed Designer Stubble

boxed stubble

We already know that the boxed beard is short, but the short boxed medium stubble is even shorter. As before, cultivate the 4–5-day stubble but pay particular attention to the definition of the neckline and your cheek line.

The distinguishing features of a boxed medium stubble beard are as follows:

There will be a vertical growth of stubble along the sides of your face.

The cheek line is lower than usual, and the neckline is clearly defined, which, combined with the above vertical stubble, creates the “boxed” effect.

The demarcation between all areas with hair and without hair should be clean and neat.

Patchy Medium Stubble

patchy stubble

We already talked about the patchy medium stubble goatee earlier, and this style is just going one step ahead of that.

You can try to grow your beard for 3-5 days or longer if it takes more time in your case.

The key to a good patchy medium stubble beard is to keep it short and at even lengths.

Medium Stubble With Detached Mustache

stubble with detached mustache

It is no longer mandatory to keep your mustache connected to your stubble. Therefore, you have medium stubble with a detached mustache.

The best part is that you just need to grow a mustache and a medium stubble as you normally would, and just make sure to trim the part where the mustache moves towards joining the stubble.

Natural Medium Stubble Beard

medium stubble

You don’t need to always define or trim your neckline. You can grow a natural medium length stubble if you have decent hair growth—three days of letting your hair grow should be enough to get this look.

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Celebs That Wear Medium Stubble

Some of the celebrities who have carried off the medium stubble bearded look with aplomb include Ryan Gosling, Jason Statham, Jack Hughman, and Chris Hemsworth.

Ryan Gosling Beard
Chris Hemsworth Beard

Is Medium Stubble Attractive?

Two separate studies published in the ‘Journal of Personality and Individual Differences and in the ‘Journal of Evolutionary Biology’ found out that women find men with stubble beards the most attractive among clean-shaven and bearded men.

Men with stubble length beards such as light, medium, and heavy stubbles were found to be more attractive than longer beard styles and clean-shaven faces.

Further, similar studies were also conducted in Universities across Australia and America, where similar results were found.

Short beard styles show people you take care of yourself, you have patience and determination, and you know how to look good on any occasion. They also require less maintenance and effort by your side compared to long beards.

Long beards are very tough to handle. Itchiness, redness, dandruff, split ends, acne, bad smell, difficulty in eating, difficulty driving the motorcycle, under beard dryness are only some of the problem you will have to deal with.

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What Face Shapes Best Fit the Medium Stubble

The medium stubble beard is a face shape that can be grown on different face types without any problem.

Although, just like with most other styles, it is a style that has certain face types that are best suited for it.

This is a style of beard that goes well with faces that have well-defined jawlines and chins, which don’t benefit from bigger beards that hide those features.

These face types are – the square face, the oblong face shape, the diamond shape, and the oval face shape.

If you have a chin and jawline that are weak, you are better off with longer beard styles that will look better on your type of face than a stubble beard.

Short beards reveal your awesome face characteristics.

If you wanna hide something, then you should opt for a longer, more pointed beard style that will create the illusion of better face angles.

Things You Need To Know About The Medium Stubble Beard

medium stubble

One of the coolest features of this beard style is a low-maintenance style that requires minimal upkeep. It is a style that is welcome in an office, college, and even on a date or a formal dinner.

This beard can also be used as a starting point for growing out longer and fuller beards. From this point, you can cultivate the habit of taking care of your beard and ensuring a regular beard care routine.

It is ideal for people with patchy facial hair growth as well. You can get a variety of looks for yourself as there is no requirement for a lot of hair for these styles.

Medium stubble is very sexy. Every woman admits that, gentlemen. I know most of us want these long, badass Viking-like beard styles but these styles are NOT for everyone.

They require an extreme amount of time for maintenance, much more money, they are not allowed on many jobs and will make your life tougher on others.

Imagine cooking for a restaurant. Beard hair will fall on the plates. Customers will make complaints. And it is very difficult to protect it from falling by wearing masks or whatever. Also, in summer, long beards will make it even hotter.

I know you have seen these badass long-bearded men. We all have. But this is not for everyone. That’s for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Medium Stubble Professional?

Medium stubble and heavy stubble are very professional if groomed well. Few tips on that are shaving your unwanted facial hair high on your cheeks, trim sharp cheek and neck lines and keep it short at all times.

This applies to the majority of jobs.

However, there are some jobs such as working in the military, being a police officer, maybe a lawyer, etc that require you to be clean-shaven.

This is the safest option.

However, you can always ask your employer and follow his rules.

In general, the vast majority of jobs allow bearded men. Maybe long beards like Viking or Lumberjack are not allowed, but medium stubble will be allowed for sure.

Keep in mind there is nothing more eye-catching than a well-groomed man in a suit. New haircut, medium or heavy stubble, a nice tie, a nice watch, a nice cologne. I don’t think they will fire you if you attend an interview like that.

Worst-case scenario, they will ask you to shave. Not a big deal.


A medium stubble beard is a great beard style that is suitable for various occasions. 

Whether you’re an experienced beardsman or just starting out on your journey, do try growing a medium stubble beard once. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

To sum things up, the medium stubble is a short beard style around 3-4mm long. This takes around 3-6 to grow after you shave. Of course, every beard is different.

This beard style is very easy to trim and maintain but it needs some attention. However, you avoid all the problems that come with long beards.

We discussed how you can grow and maintain it in detail.

Then, we discussed the best beard styles to choose from and also we saw photos of celebrities to take inspiration.

Finally, we discussed some general stuff about medium stubble and we learned how to soften our stubble. If you want our complete tutorial on how to soften your stubble, click here.

And that’s really it for today’s article…I really hope you found it helpful.

Are you ready to grow your perfect stubble and impress everyone?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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