10 Modern Viking Beard Styles With Photos!

There are beards, and then there are Viking beards.

Viking beards are not merely a style. They are making a statement that says, “I dare you.” It is a style that is the epitome of strength and manliness.

viking beard

Named after the fierce Viking warriors from Scandinavian countries in ancient times, today, the Viking beard is a beard that simply can’t be sported by anyone. You need the personality to carry off this beard style.

Viking beard is a beard that only true men will try. Do you have what it takes?

Let’s see!

This article will discuss all the Viking beards, their different styles, and how to trim and maintain them.

What Is A Viking Beard?

viking beard

A Viking Beard is so named after Scandinavian warriors who wore this beard and lived during the 8th to the 11th centuries in Europe.

They were a seafaring race of people who wore big beards out of a necessity to keep their faces warm during icy cold winter. 

Beards have been worn by men across different cultures and have been a symbol of manliness worldwide. The Viking Beard has survived and flourished till the 21st century because of the image of power and strength associated with them.

The Vikings were indigenous to the countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.  They were known for their seafaring capabilities, their skills in war. They were a martial race of people whose skillset consisted of building ships of different shapes and sizes.

Due to this ability, they used to take these ships for trade and invade new lands.

Along with the tales of the Vikings’ fierceness, one more aspect of theirs has come down to us in the 21st century. That is their hair and beards.

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History Of The Viking Beard

Popular literature will have you believe that Vikings were huge men with huge flowing beards and long flowing hair who was forever busy plundering and pillaging.

However, not everything you read is true.

As scientists uncover more and more about them, new facts come to light.

While it is true that most Viking men have beards, they were not necessarily all long and unkempt.

According to Scandinavian archaeologists, Vikings had a daily hygiene routine, and they took good care of their skin and beards.

Combs and tweezers, toothpicks, and other tools have been in Viking burial sites.

According to historians, combs were a regular accessory that was carried around by most Vikings. The combs were made of bone and were used on both the head and the beard.

Best Viking Beard Styles

Vikings have always been the subject of much awe and wonder. TV shows such as the Vikings and many movies in the past have satisfied the curiosity of people to see these ancient cultures come to life. 

But when it comes to the beard styles that we see on TV, how accurate are they? Are they really the beard styles that the Vikings wore so long ago?

The answer is Yes. 

Thanks to the advances of modern science, we do know a lot about their lifestyle and grooming habits.

Most of the Viking beard styles that are shown today are pretty good approximations of the ancient styles. Let us look at some of the beards that were in the good books of the Vikings.

Long Free-flowing Beard

All or most Viking beards are inherently long, so we decided to start with the most common and obvious one on the list – the long-bearded look.

A long beard is a beard that can reach up to your tummy. The problem with such a beard would be that you obviously can’t wear it on formal occasions, and it will be quite difficult to maintain.

It will be a dirt magnet, and you’ll often need to untangle it.  Over and above all, you’ll need an infinite amount of patience to grow it, but the result will be worth all your hardships.

Double Braided Beard Look

double braided beard

If you want some variety instead of the free-flowing beard, you can go for another Viking favorite – the Double Braided Beard.

To achieve this look, part your long beard into two braids and tie down the ends with two rubber-bands. Your double braided beard look is complete. Don’t forget to wash, trim and hydrate your beard regularly so that it remains smooth. 

The Beard Pony

To cultivate the fierce looks and nature of the Vikings, you can try the beard pony look. If you have a longish beard that is not long enough to be braided, you can tie the long hair into one pony under your chin.

This look will especially suit you if you have a big build.  It can be the perfect match to your physical size and accentuate your personality with a sense of foreboding and mystery.

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The Smart Viking Look

We are choosing to call this the smart Viking look because while the Vikings prided themselves on long hair and long beards when it came to the war front, they were smart enough to realize that the long hair and beards could be an impediment while fighting.

This is the reason they kept a short but thick beard when they went to battle. You can try this look too. It is a good compromise between having a full-length beard and a short beard.

Bushy Viking Beard

bushy beard

The Bushy Viking Beard is a medium length beard. The best part of this beard is that it is a medium-length beard that doesn’t require any particular contours or a lot of grooming.

This is a free-flowing beard that grows best when you let it be. Just keep regular washing and grooming in mind, and you’ll be alright.

This is a beard that communicates the wild and free spirit of the Vikings in its purest form possible.

Single Braid Viking Beard

There is good news for those men with thin beard hair who want to grow a Viking look. You can grow a single braid Viking beard.  Just as you did in the previous long beard, you need to tie your hair into a single braid instead of two.

Divide your beard into two sections and start twisting both the parts into one. Add some decorative beads to the braid to make it more attractive.

Classic Viking Look

Go for the classic Viking look, which is a medium beard combined with a long mustache. This beard will extend down about to the chest. While it is not long, it requires no less grooming and care. It requires all the nourishment it can get to grow perfectly.

This is the classic Viking look that signals virility, strength, and manliness to the world.

Bandholz Viking Beard

While the irony of this beard is that the name ‘Bandholz’ comes from Eric Bandholz, who popularized this beard style in 2011, some millennia after the Vikings, this beard style can be compared with the Viking beard styles because it is essentially a full beard that is connected to a mustache.

This is a look that also goes well with a buzz cut or a bald head.

This is a beard like most Viking beards that needs upkeep and maintenance.

Viking Beard With An English Mustache

This is a beard that slightly resembles a ducktail shape, but it is characterized by its length and thickness.

The handlebar mustache is the signature of this beard as its length and texture suit the beard well.  An undercut hairstyle or a comb-over hairstyle goes great with this beard. For greater effect, you can even color this beard blonde.

The Baubles Look

This is not a look for the faint-hearted or the shy. You can add a modern-day twist to your Viking beard by adding colorful baubles to your hair.

While this can definitely make you stand out from the crowd, it will also add a colorful twist to your personality.

Salt and Pepper Viking Beard

salt and pepper beard

If you really want to stand out in a crowd of sophisticated people by conveying your class and substance, you can go for the medium length Viking Beard with a salt and pepper look. 

The silver and the black colors create an understated yet classy look that speaks volumes about your style and you.

How To Trim a Viking Beard

Trimming a Viking Beard is not the easiest thing to do. In fact, the longest your beard is, the more difficult it gets to trim and maintain.

Imagine having a stubble beard. You would just need to trim it down to your preferable length, shave your neckline and you are done.

But growing a Viking beard is more challenging.

Step 1 – Choose the Length and Style

If you are starting at the beginning as many men do, you need to first think about the style and length of the Viking beard that you want to grow.

The thing to keep in mind while choosing the style is the shape of your face.

For example, if you have a round face, a square beard will help your jawline.

Once you have decided on the style you want, you need to keep the general rule in mind that extreme cutting or trimming is an absolute no.

Instead, as your beard grows in length, trim just enough to keep the shape in mind.

Step 2 Eat Correct and Take Your Nutrients

At the end of the day, irrespective of the beard care routine you follow, the growth of your facial hair is based on how your body responds.

Eating right is the key here. Make sure that you have a balanced diet that is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Eat lots of leafy green vegetables, and make sure that you eat iron-loaded food such as spinach, peas, beet greens, broccoli, shellfish, turkey, and red meat.

We strongly recommend you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle but if you don’t have time for cooking at least avoid junk foods and get some multivitamins.

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Step 3 Let Your Beard Grow

Beard growth requires a lot of patience.

Let your beard grow for at least a month before you think of going anywhere near scissors or trimmers.

The problems will start but this shouldn’t discourage you. It is normal. Beard hairs will stick out, your under beard skin may be dry, you may have beard dandruff, and more.

But all of these are things that you can deal with.

Step 4  Keep Your Beard Clean & Trim It

While the popular image of Vikings might lead you to believe they were men with no concern for cleanliness, the reality is very different.

As mentioned earlier, there is enough evidence to show that they took hygiene very seriously.

Clean your beard regularly using organic beard shampoos and use natural beard oils to nourish the beard.

To ensure that your beard is non-scraggly, keep trimming your beard from time to time.

Moisturize your face to keep the beard healthy, and keep applying beard oils, waxes, and more to keep the beard in the best shape.

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To Sum Up

The Viking Beard is the ultimate challenge for a beardsman. It is a symbol of everything that stands for masculinity.

If you have a thick, strong beard and you feel like it, give it a try!

We are sure that not only the Viking beard but also the Viking style will completely change the way others look at you.

At the end of the day, most of us want to look more masculine and manly. And this is also what girls want from their men. Safety. A strong man. The strongest in the jungle.

Try rocking a Viking Beard.

And that’s it for today’s article. We really hope you found it helpful.

Let us know how your journey with the Viking beard goes and also if you have any questions feel free to comment below. We will be more than happy to help.

Until Next Time,

Stay safe and…let it grow!


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