Scraggly Beard: Definition, How To Tame And Fix It

All beard growers are familiar with this scenario – You are passionate about growing a beard and take all steps possible to develop the beard religiously.

Finally, you have a beard, but it seems that the hair is uneven and the lengths are different.

While this is a look that can seem very appealing to many, most of the time, you’ll end up looking unwashed and unclean. 

The fact is that hair growth with any control looks bad anywhere, especially on the face. 

In this article, we’ll tell you the solution to get rid of a scraggly beard and how you can flaunt your beard confidently. 

Let’s get straight into it.

What is A Scraggly Beard?

what is a scraggly beard

A scraggly beard is a beard that grows unevenly and in a messy manner. There are tiny areas or patches on the face, where there is no facial hair growth. This is what is called a patchy beard. Also in some areas, facial hair grows faster or thicker than in others.

The result is a beard that is not uniform and thick.

Why is My Beard Scraggly?

The reasons for having a scraggly beard could be absolutely natural, and you could have no role to play in it. However, there could be other reasons too for a scraggly, wire beard. 

  • Lifestyle And Food
  • Hormones And Mental Health And Stability
  • Genetics
  • Diseases And Skin Disorders

Firstly, your lifestyle and food could play a significant role. Just because certain food tastes good, they are not necessarily good for health. 

Junk food and oily food are delicious, but they do the body harm in the long run. 

Hair growth is facilitated by a balanced diet composed of proteins, vitamins, and minerals needed to nourish the body. Food habits have a great impact on the body, and this impact also extends to hair growth.

Apart from what you consume, your mental condition is also linked to the growth of your beard.

Beard growth is dependent on the secretion of hormones. 

 If you suffer from stress and depression, the hormonal balance is upset. This affects the growth of hair. 

Illnesses like insomnia increase the problem twofold. 

However, do keep in mind that you can’t outwit genetics. If your father had less hair growth, you might have the same. While this is not a universal truth, hormones are a genetic gift most of the time. 

There could be other problems too such as Alopecia Areata, a disease that causes baldness in patches.  

Skin disorders could be responsible for less facial hair growth. 

While it is not unnatural for the hair to grow back over time, sometimes it does not grow back. It then requires external support to grow back. 

A Short Note About Longer Beards 

Before we proceed to tell you about how to trim a scraggly beard, let us make some things clear. 

The fact is that the longer a beard is, the more attention it will require, and the more chances of it going scraggly. 

You might have seen long, flowing beards and thought to yourself – “They look so manly. There can’t be too much preening and gawking associated with such a beard. Just let it grow, and it will take care of itself.” 

Sadly, it doesn’t happen that way. 

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There is no point crying about or overthinking it. You just need to be patient about it. 

Regular maintenance is a must if you’re planning to grow a long beard. 

Hydration, brushing and cleanliness are the three-absolute musts for your long beard.

So, now that we have this out of the way let us look at the ways in which we can actually shape a scraggly beard.

how to fix a scraggly beard

How To Fix A Scraggly Beard?

1. Don’t Bid Goodbye to Your Barber

Just because you have started growing a full beard, it doesn’t mean that you should bid goodbye to your barber.

Seeing the barber is important while growing your beard because a growing beard left to itself can lead to split ends.

Split ends lead to a scraggly look and also slows down the growth of your beard.

Trimming your beard will trigger faster growth of your beard and even make it healthier.

2. Get a Beard Straightener

Beard hairs that just won’t be controlled are a problem that every beard grower faces in their beard growth journey. 

Especially, if you have a curly beard, you’re going to be aware of the pains of having such a beard. How do you tame such a scraggly beard? 

Your 101 resource could be a beard straightener. 

And oh, if you thought you’ll need to spend hours straightening out your mane, modern-day beard straighteners can get the job done in about 5 minutes for even the worst of the scraggliest beards. 

3. Establish a routine for the night

Your beard should be hydrated.

After taking a shower, the pores on your skin are open and receptive to absorption. Thus, before going to bed, apply a beard cream.

The cream will hydrate and condition your beard overnight.

Do this regularly and the result will be a softer and stronger beard.

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4. Shampoo

We all know that beards are prone to getting dirty. Food particles, dirt, dust, grime and more get absorbed in the beard. That is why it is essential to wash the beard.

Shampooing your beard regularly is a must.

However, don’t randomly pick up any shampoo.

Make sure to understand the ingredients of the shampoo before buying it. Chemical surfactants and silicone that lie buried behind the shiny advertising of the shampoo will ruin your hair in the longer run.

It is always better to go for beard care products that have natural ingredients in them and are organically manufactured.

5. Take Beard Cream for Warmer Months

For warmer months of the year, it is best to use a beard cream instead of oil. When you have an established beard, there is an accompanying problem of scratches and itches.

Beard creams that are full of shea butter and organic aloe vera can be used to soothe and condition the beard while lime oil in the cream can disintegrate dirt that blocks the pores.

6. Develop a fitness routine for your beard

Comb your facial hair daily and give it the direction you need to give it to grow. Two times a day is the minimum required to grow your beard properly. 

Physical exercise along with a proper and balanced diet, enough sleep and no stress can give the body all the essential nutrients to grow a good beard. 

Just like exercise and food lead to fit body, beard nutrition will lead to a healthy and fuller beard. 

Apply nourishments and comb your beard daily. The results will show for themselves.

7. Experiment with different beard styles

Most beard owners, especially those who are new to the gig, think that it’s an all-out or nothing scenario. Either they grow the biggest, sickest looking beard on the planet or they have no beard and go home and cry on mama’s lap. 

Well, those are not the only options. 

There are tons of beard styles and stubble styles that give you a great-looking beard that doesn’t take you to scraggly beard town. 

So cut some slack for yourself and focus on doing great with what you have got. 

8. Go for beard wax instead of oils and balms

We have no doubts about the efficacy of beard oils, but when it comes to a scraggly beard, there is something that does way better than beard oil

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Beard wax is your answer. 

Beard butters and oils are good as moisturizers, but they are no good for holding a beard in place. 

Beard wax, with its essential ingredient of beeswax, is ideal for keeping your beard from looking scraggly. 

9. Talk to your dermatologist about Minoxidil 

You must be aware of Minoxidil, also popularly known as Rogaine, which is available as the counter medication for scalp hair growth. 

While people have reported hair growth using Minoxidil, there are no documented success stories of Minoxidil triggering beard growth. However, users have reported growth in facial hair after using Minoxidil. 

So, to be clear, we are not asking you to rush to your medical store and buy Minoxidil. 

Rather, what we want you to do is to talk to your doctor about using Minoxidil for stimulating your beard growth. 

Ask if it is ok to apply Minoxidil, if ok how many drops should you apply and how frequently should you apply. 

Your dermatologist will be the best person to tell you if and how you should use Minoxidil.


A scraggly beard is an untidy and messy beard. When you have this type of beard, people may look in a weird way at you. I won’t tell you to shave your facial hair completely because this will be your last resort.

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Facial hair growth can change up to a certain point. It is not the end of the world. It really depends on your age, your lifestyle, and many other things. But, remember you can’t change your genetics.

So, don’t get crazy. Accept it and try to make the most of what you have and you should always feel proud of yourself. You won’t blame yourself because you didn’t have the best genetics for hairs, will you?

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At the end of the day, hairs are not the only thing that people care about.

Be respectful of yourself and deal with things you can control.

Also, remember that beard care is not a sprint but a marathon. Consistency is the key to tame a scraggly beard.

Take care, don’t slack and you’ll find compliments about your beard coming your way thick and fast. 

Try your best to apply all things we discussed above.

And that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you found some useful information and tips here cause we try to do our best for you.

Are you ready to start feeling good for yourself and only care for things you can control?

Tell me in the comment section below!

Until next time,

Stay safe and…let it grow!


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