Are Gray Beards Attractive? Benefits, Causes, Guide

So, you look answer to your important question. Are gray beards attractive?

With the new trending fashion and lifestyles, no one can imagine those days when men feel bad to have few grey hairs here and there.

are gray beards attractive

The tables are turned unexpectedly and this is not about to change soon. Nowadays, gray beards are in demand and have become more and more popular.

In fact, there are men that dye their beards salt and pepper or gray on purpose.

Yes, there are, and there are a lot of them.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why beard hairs turn gray, the benefits of having a gray beard, what to do if you don’t want a gray beard and more.

Stay tuned!

Why And When Beard Hairs Turn Gray?

are gray beards attractive

To be honest, most men at the beginning do not want to have a gray beard or even a white beard.

In fact, they are shocked when they see their first gray hairs. Of course, this has to do with genetics.

Genes are everything. Everything is written and there is little you can do.

If your father, brother, and grandfather all have a gray beard or even gray hair in general at 25 chances are you will also have at least some gray hairs at 25.

Most men start to have gray hairs in their early or mid-20s but things get worse at the age of 30.

If you want a more scientific view, according to hairs lose their color because the pigment cells in our hair follicles die. Fewer pigment cells mean that this hair follicle will contain less melanin and its color will eventually become gray or white.

Benefits Of Gray Beards

benefits of gray beards
Sign Of Wisdom

Even though some men freak out when they see the first gray hairs, a grey beard as a sign of wisdom and dignity.

Thus, the number of adults and young men around the globe that are interested in having a grey beard is dramatically increasing.

A gray beard often shows you are not still a kid, you are a grown man, (despite the fact that we stay kids forever!) and more and more women will show interest in you.


Whatever style you prefer, the gray color look incredible. (I will show you examples later on).

Salt and pepper full beards, ducktails, goatee, and different variations of those main beard styles like long goatee are all very well supported by a gray beard.

Dark clothes work well with the gray color. A thick gray beard is undeniably something that everyone will notice and you will grab attention.


If you haven’t noticed, things have changed over the past few years. I am the owner of this website and that’s why I tend to pay attention to very little details when I go out.

I observe what other men are wearing, what beard style they prefer, what hairstyle they prefer depending on their age and much more and I create some statistics.

One thing is for sure and you can even see it on TV or on the internet.

Gray and salt and pepper beards are the new ”black”.

More and more men and specifically celebrities dye their beard gray. They intentionally wanna have it. And you are still wondering if you look ok with it?

Trust me.

Just accept the reality that you grow up and feel confident, more mature, and more handsome than ever.

How To Take Care Of A Gray Beard?

Is there a difference between black hairs and gray or white hairs?

Well, some men do notice differences. Gray hairs tend to hurt more if touched, tend to be thicker and much coarser.

Therefore, you should take care of your beard more than ever before.

Proper Care and Beard Styling

Proper care and style of the grey beard is very important.

It used to be that men should not take care of themselves like women and everything will be fine for them without the need to look themselves on the mirror.

But these days have passed.

Now, there is more competition than ever. Everyone tries to improve himself.

Tell me you haven’t noticed a significant increase on the number of men hitting the gym.

This also applied to personal health and care. You should wash your facial hair at least once per day and apply some beard oil. Especially, for gray hairs which tend to be coarser this is mandatory.

Trim It If Need Be

Trimming your beard once a while will reduce the danger of hairs curling back into your skin and also you will also cut some sharp edges.

Your girlfriend or woman will also love it. There are numerous times that she is in pain because of your facial hair and she doesn’t tell you.

Comb Your Beard And Use A Beard Softener

Another thing you should do when it comes to beard care, especially for grey beards, is to comb your beard daily.

This helps you remove any dead cells and dirt from your skin and teaches your hairs to grow in a specific direction. (it needs time)

You can also use a beard softener if you think it is rough and you want to make your beard softer There is always this solution if need be.

Causes Of Gray Hair

causes of gray hair

By far the number one reason as we have briefly discussed, that hairs turn gray is genetics.

Plain and simple.

Let’s see some causes of gray hair.

Vitamin Diffieciencies
Diet And Lifestyle
Chemical Products And Dyes

These are the most common reasons of our hair losing its color so be careful if you don’t like grey hair.

How To Dye Your Beard Gray?

If you haven’t already enough gray hairs but you still want to get this beard style, it’s fine.

You can always dye your beard a little bit. In fact, I have written a whole article on how to dye your beard salt and pepper that you can read here.

Beard Dyeing

For adults, there is bad news that you cannot permanently turn your beard hairs to the color of your choice.

Most of the time, people prefer dyeing their beards to add a jarring and classy look to their physical appearance.

In short, to dye your beard you will need:

  • Mustache And Beard Dye
  • Vaseline
  • Beard Shampoo
  • Cotton Balls

Which Is The Best Beard Dye?

I bet most of you have this question because men do not dye their beards very often. Therefore, I should save you time from searching.

This is by far the best one. Cheap and awesome. Rarely you find this combination.

Now that we know what we will need let’s see the process step by step.

Step 1. Do an allergy test. Put some dye into your elbow and wait some hours to see if you will have an allergic reaction.

Step 2. Apply some Vaseline outside your beard’s line to not stain your face.

Step 3. Prepere the dye according to the insctructions inside the package. Don’t skip reading the instructions.

Step 4. Apply the dye. Remember, you don’t wanna color the whole thing. Just scatter the dye to your beard for a more natural look. Also, practice makes perfect. Anything that I tell you is useless if you don’t apply it and see what happens.

Step 5. Wait for the dye to dry and be strict with the timeline. Then, wash your beard and you are ready.

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Are Gray Beards Attractive? Best Gray Beard Styles And Examples

Grey hairs are flexible.

You can create whatever beard style you will look mature and fashionable.

best gray hair styles

Here we can see a hybrid beard style with hair on the cheeks but long hair on the chin and mustache. Do you still think you no women would like him?

best salt and pepper styles

Here you are. One of the best beard styles of all time. The goatee.

best white beard styles

It’s white? It’s gray? It’s silver?

Whatever it is, do you still think that having gray hairs is that bad?

How To Trim And Maintain An Awesome Gray Beard?

To trim an awesome beard you just need to have a high-quality trimmer and some experience! You know, sometimes, gray beards are a bit rough and can be messy but if you trim it when need be you will be fine.

I will not dive deeply into trimmers cause this is not the point of this article but you can get my recommendations below:

Our Best Pick: Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 Men’s

This is one of the best trimmers out there. It includes 14 guide combs, it has a great design and cuts very precisely from 0,5mm to 10mm.

It is powerful even without charging and its battery lasts for 5 hours which is spectacular.

Its blades, also, don’t require oiling to sharpen.

Its only downside for us is its weight. Its stainless steel body makes it a bit heavy to keep but nothing too concerning. This trimmer is nearly perfect and very affordable.

Also, keep in mind that you won’t need to purchase a trimmer every year. This is a necessary tool for your everyday grooming routine. If you get a quality beard/pubic hair trimmer like this, you will possibly keep it for years to come.

At least this is how we think. Longterm.

Runner Up: Wahl Professional – Peanut Classic – Hair Clippers – Beard Trimmer 

This trimmer is different from other trimmers because it is very precise and able to trim long and thick hair. It has great power and durability.

It is also very light weighting only 4 ounces. It is also smaller and easy to keep but also powerful.

Highly recommended.

Budget Option: Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

For some of you, pricing may be the number #1 priority and you are looking for the best cheap trimmer. If that’s the case this is your go-to option.

It trims very well, nearly as well as our top pick. But, it is made from plastic rather than stainless steel. Therefore, it is lighter and easier to ease but obviously, it is a lower-quality item.

The good thing is that it doesn’t pull any hairs out which is very important for a cheap trimmer.

An important downside is the battery life which is around 60 minutes which is not very good.

Overall, this is the best cheap trimmer by far.

Finally, to maintain an awesome gray beard you should make sure it is moisturized and healthy.

A few easy to apply tips are:

  • Wash Your beard every day
  • Brush your beard every day
  • Apply beard oil
  • Apply beard wax or balm if it is long and you need to style it
  • You may need to dye it from time to time if you want your beard’s color to be the same across your beard.

And that’s it. We don’t need to make it more complex than that.

These things along with trimming are enough. Remember most men do not do them. And they suffer.

Don’t be one of them.


To sum up, in this article, we discussed if gray beards are still attractive.

Salt and pepper and gray beards are trending up like crazy. Men over 30-40-50 even 60 you are not old!

You can still look amazing. All of these guys in the photos are not 20 year old guys. Right?

Women, specifically, find mature men really attractive. It was always like this. A woman needs protection and safety, knowing that she has a mature real alpha male near her and not a kid.

So, stop thinking about hairs and start feeling good about yourself.

Confidence is A and Z when it comes to how we look to others.

And that’s it for today’s article. I don’t want to tire you with fluff and I will stop here.

I really hope you found it useful. We always try our best to serve you.

Are you ready to rock with your gray beard this year?

Lemme know in the comment section below!

Until next time,

Stay safe and…let it grow!


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