Long Goatee: How To Grow And Shape, Best Goatee Style

Long goatee styles signal masculinity and signal the inner rebel in you to the rest of the world.

Are you ready to learn how to grow and rock this awesome beard style?

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Irrespective of age, long goatees are a tried and tested beard style that commands attention and is also versatile and doesn’t require thick facial hair which is a big problem for many men.

This article will take you step-by-step through all aspects of

  • A long goatee
  • How to shape and tame a long goatee.
  • The Benefits Of A Long Goatee
  • A Long Goatee With A Short Beard

…and many more!

Let’s get started.

What Is A Long Goatee?

long goatee

A long goatee is a beard that has longer chin hair, which goes beyond Adam’s Apple. This beard style requires a clean-shaven jawline and cheeks with a regular mustache. 

If you have a long goatee with stubble, people won’t focus on the length of your chin hair. You need to shave your jawline and cheeks completely.

The extra-long and pointed beard is the critical point of focus for the long goatee. 

A long goatee is often confused as being the same as an extended goatee. However, the two are different. 

Extended goatee is the goatee that extends outside the tradiotional lines of a goatee while long goatee is simply a traditional goatee with long hair.

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The long goatee is ideal for someone who might want a beard that is easy to maintain. 

Why You Should Grow A Long Goatee

why should you grow a long goatee

Some of the benefits that you can get from wearing long goatee are as follows: 

1. Boost your Confidence 

The extended goatee is a tried and tested style that has been adopted by celebrities for a long time. It is a beard style that can show you as different from others and thus grow your confidence. 

This is a beard that can work wonders for your body language and give you the confidence needed to do well. 

2. Strength and length for your chin 

If you have a weak chin, the long goatee will work well for you. This is because this goatee makes the chin and face longer than they are. 

This is especially helpful when you have a square or a round face because the goatee will give your face a more pronounced look. 

3. Natural protection 

This might seem funny or surprising, but the fact is that having a long goatee can give you great protection from airborne bacteria and germs. These bacteria might otherwise go inside your mouth. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should retain all the germs in your beard. Instead, make sure to wash your beard regularly and use a good beard oil to enjoy its filtration advantage.  

How to Trim A Long Goatee Evenly?

how to trim a long goatee

Let us look at the two ways in which you can trim your long goatee evenly using a beard trimmer or a pair of scissors. 

How To Trim A Long Goatee With A Beard Trimmer

Step 1 

Use the beard trimmer to trim your hair up to 3 to 5 mm. This step is just going to help you to prepare the background for the entire process.

Having a high-quality beard trimmer is necessary for every bearded man and the reason is obvious. We use it extremely often. No, we don’t live shaving with razors!

This is the beard trimmer we use. High-quality but very affordable.

There are other much more expensive trimmers over $100 but this trimmer is good enough and value-for-money.

Step 2 Create an outline

A precision trimmer will help you to craft the outline of your goatee.

Work the trimmer in the opposite direction of your facial hair growth. Keep the movements gentle and smooth to remove the hair from your neck and cheek. 

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Setting the width of your goatee is up to you but keep in mind that wider goatees usually are best suited for longer faces. 

Step 3 Craft your goatee

Now its time to move on to the area below your lower lip. 

Give your hair a triangle shape or a round shape. 

Gently trim any excess hair to ensure that your existing hair is well-defined and the lengths are even. 

Step 4 – Adjust the length 

This is the last step before cleaning up. Having decided on the length of the goatee, use a trimmer roller or trimmer to decrease the length of the goatee as desired. 

Step 5 – Cleaning up

In this step, your neck and cheeks should be ideally clean. There should be no stray hairs.

How To Trim A Long Goatee With Scissors 

Scissors can also help you to trim your long goatee. Here is how you can do it. 

Step 1 – Cut any hair that is out of place

Any Hair that is stray or has no place as part of the long goatee needs to be cut away. 

Step 2 – Craft your goatee

Using your razor, craft your goatee’s shape. Keep in mind to remove all excess hair from the area. 

Step 3 – Cut your Goatee As Per Your Wish

Time to take out your beard scissors to trim your goatee to your desired length. 

We recommend that you do not go beyond the normal cutting length of 1-mm per cut. 

And you are done, just like that. Your long goatee is ready to flaunt to the world. 

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Long Goatee with Short Beard 

long goatee with stubble

A long goatee with a short beard is a style whereas the name indicates you have a long goatee but additionally, unlike other goatees, you also have short and subtle hair on the cheeks. This is also referred to as a long goatee with short sides

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A long goatee is a no-nonsense style that commands attention from everyone. There is no doubt about it. But there might be times when you want to temper that attention. 

This is when a short beard can be the best foil to your long goatee. A long goatee with a short beard adds balance to your face. 

So, what is the difference between a long goatee with a short beard and a long goatee, you might ask? 

The difference is the simple presence of hair on the cheeks. 

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Goatees are characterized by the absence of hair on the cheeks and have only hair on the chin, but in case of a long goatee with a short beard, there is hair on the cheeks. 

Benefits of a long goatee with a short beard 

There are a lot of long goatee styles, but the main benefit of the long goatee with short beard style is that it can elongate the chin and the face. 

We all know that goatees are great for men with weak chins, but the goatee with a short beard takes it a bit further.

It is a suitable beard style for men with square or round faces. 
It is heaven sent for patchy cheeks 

Long goatees with short beards are great for patchy cheeks because there are many men who can grow a long, lustrous beard on their chins but fail to get adequate growth on their cheeks.

For such men, this style is heaven-sent because by its very nature, it demands that you have less hair on your cheeks while the concentration is on your chin. 

It is a manly style 

Now manliness is something that can’t be truly defined, but it is something that is rather radiated or felt. This beard style does that to the core. 

However, take one look at this style and tell us if you don’t feel manliness oozing out everywhere? 

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However, keep in mind that the key to nailing this style is to have a visible difference in lengths between the chin beard and the cheek hair. The gradual transition from less to more is what works for this style. 

Frequently Asked Questions

are long goatees attractive

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How to Maintain a Long Goatee

Here are the steps to maintain your long goatee

Step 1 – Wash your beard regularly

Beard Shampoo and conditioner will be your constant companion when you have a long goatee. This will help to make sure that your beard is never too oily or wild. 

Step 2 – Trim frequently

You need to get into the habit of trimming your long goatee frequently. Whether you want your goatee to very long and continue growing, it has to be cut to be clean. Because if you don’t have a neat beard, you know it is not the best thing to do from hygiene or appearance. 

Step 3 – Shave the other parts of your face

Just because you have crafted your long goatee, it doesn’t mean that the hair on the other parts of the face has stopped growing. They need to be shaved to complement your long goatee and bring out the best in your look. 

Do’s and Don’ts with a Long Goatee

  1. Don’t forget to trim – A long goatee can getoften be misleading. The beard’s length might lead to a false impression that conceals the stray hairs and hair that has grown unchecked. To prevent all this, you need to trim often. 
  2. Understand your hair – Everyone doesn’t have the same type of hair, so the lengths of hair on each person are not the same. Some have thin hair; others have thick hair. Keeping your hair in mind, decide on the shape of the goatee that you can grow. 
  3. Create an outline first – A method is always necessary when you’re planning to shape your goatee. This outline will serve as the guide for your goatee. 
  4. Don’t forget the beard oil – When your beard is damp after a wash, apply beard oil on it. This will keep the beard hydrated and moisturized. It will also protect the skin from getting acne. You can check out a high-quality but affordable beard oil here on Amazon.
  5. Keep a hold over the edges – Hairs are unpredictable. They can grow out in all directions if not kept in check. Trim them and keep a lookout for edges that grow unevenly. 
  6. Do not use a soap bar to clean your beard – Soap strips facial hair of its essential nutrients, leaving it dry and lifeless. Instead, use beard shampoo, which will help in hydration and moisturization. 
  7. Brush your beard – A lot of dirt and food particles can end up getting lodged in your beard. Make sure to wash and brush these foods off. While eating, try to eat small portions at one go and wipe your face after every bite. This is the affordable brush we use daily.


The long goatee might not be the most straightforward style to take care of, but the attention you get is guaranteed. 

You know now why this is such a great style, so bring out your inner beardsman and grow a long goatee. 

It is actually a very nice beard style especially if you can’t grow a full beard.

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A long goatee will make you look, in most cases, much better than being clean shaved. Remember, most women like beards. Facial hair gives us masculinity, strength and makes us more desirable.

And that’s it for today’s topic. I really hope you found it helpful and easy to read and remember cause we always try our best to serve you.

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