Bald With A Beard: Is It Good For You? 5 Best Beard Styles

For most men today, the thought of being bald is a huge scare.

Perhaps the questions that linger in their minds are-What do I do now? Do I really look good ?

While this might be a dilemma for a good number of men, there is a group of stylish men who look at the situation differently. How about being bald with a beard? Will I look well-groomed? They ask.

In short, growing a beard if you are bald is the best thing to do. By shaving both your head and face you will look weird. Growing a beard shows more masculinity and you become more attractive and self-confident. Men that have lost their hair usually have low self-esteem and a nice beard can help them feel great again.

Well, truth be told, there’s a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular today and that is having a bald with a beard. At least, all hope is not lost for the clean shaved head as long as you have a beard.

Let’s now discuss the reasons why this is happening.

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bald with beard

Reasons Why Being Bald With A Beard Is The Right Thing To Do

Here is why being bald with a beard is becoming a fashionable trend among men:

Improves Attractiveness
It makes you Look Intelligent
It Shows your Masculinity
It Makes You Look Younger
It Helps Save Money and Time
It Reshapes your Face
It Makes You Look Confident
It Makes You Standout

1. Improves Attractiveness

I know this might sound untrue especially for those who don’t like the idea of being bald with facial hair. But, the truth of the matter is that if you have a bald head and you groom your beard nicely, you’ll improve your level of attractiveness considerably.

You will look more powerful and confident. Who doesn’t want to look and appear bold?

Thankfully, this is what you will get if you have a bald with a beard. Force and dominance are characteristics that give men a boost in regards to success in all areas of life.

So, if you’re among the bearded bald men out there, you don’t have to worry about your look because that is what makes you different from other men. Let your look add to your magnetism and stand out!

2. It makes you Look Intelligent

Who doesn’t want to look intelligent? If there’s no hair on your head but you have facial hair, you can use it to your advantage and look intelligent. Intelligent people are winners.

So, just because you’re the only bald-headed man among your peers doesn’t mean that you’ve lost the winning touch. As a matter of fact, you have it with you.

A shaved head and a nicely trimmed beard will do the trick. It will make you look like the winner you are. Today, there’s this unconscious bias that men with bald heads and beards are effective and leaders.

That is why you’ll see them succeed in interviews and business meetings. It’s these attributes that make them top intellectuals with the capacity to win at all levels. Don’t shy away from your bald head and facial hair because it’s the popular trend today.

3. It Shows your Masculinity

Being bald with a beard makes you look superior. If you ask every man out there, they will tell you that they want to look masculine.

While there are things men can do to look masculine, one of the sure steps they can take to put on a tough-guy look is to shave their beards well to compliment their bald heads.

There’s a perception that men with bald heads who double with neatly trimmed facial hair live meaningful and powerful lives. This has to do with their maleness.

It’s interesting how a look can change how people perceive you. While there are men who shy away from the idea of having a bald head, the fashionable thing today is that your bald head gives you the robustness that a man needs to have.

4. It Makes You Look Younger

If you have a shaved head, one of the advantages that you have over men with hair all over their head is a younger look. Virtually all men will want to have a younger look and, as you well know, looking young doesn’t come easily.

It takes a good amount of investment for you to look young. So, why don’t you feel proud of your bald head and trim your facial hair in a way that makes you look great?

Remember, the way you appear speaks volumes about you. Thus, you have to invest in your head and beard. These are assets that will set you apart from other men.

To all bald-headed and bearded men who want to look fashionable and young, make sure that you find a shaving style that suits you the best and you’ll be good to go.

shaved head with beard

5. It Helps Save Money and Time

Time is so valuable that you can’t afford to lose it for anything. If you have control of your time, you have control of your day.

With a shaved head, you don’t need to worry too much about the time you have to spend taking care of it.

One of the benefits that a bald-headed man has over a man with hair on his head is that the daily stress of maintenance doesn’t cross his mind.

He has sufficient time to take care of other things. While it might seem like nothing, the amount of time that you spend maintaining your hair for a week or a month isn’t little. That is why you will find most men nowadays keeping their heads clean shaved so as to save on time.

Apart from time, you also get to save money by having a bald head with a beard. The only part you have to take care of is your beard. Instead of spending a lot of money buying drugs to try to make your hair grow, why don’t you enjoy your bald head and save that money?

6. It Reshapes your Face

If you’re a bald headed man with facial hair, then you’re a lucky one. Not everyone gets the opportunity of having their faces reshaped.

If you find yourself losing hair on your head, you might find it difficult to achieve the kind of look that you would want. It’s possible to feel like you’re out of control of the way you look if you have a bald head.

The good news is that if you have a beard, it will be possible for you to reshape your face to look better.

There are different beard styles for you to explore and that is why you should join the group of bald-headed men with beards who are trying out different looks.

If you grow your beard and trim it well, you will be taking back control of your looks even if you’re bald-headed. Simply put, a man with a bald head and a beard is powerful because he’s able to make the most of his face with what he has.

7. It Makes You Look Confident

Did you know that confidence doesn’t come easily? It’s one of those things that a man can do anything to acquire. Whether you’re in a professional or social setting, you have to show confidence for people to believe in you.

The bottom line is that it’s not easy to acquire this skill. Luckily, you can have confidence by simply taking care of the way you look.

If you’ve shaved your head clean and you don’t have facial hair, you may appear less confident. People might perceive you as being less confident.

That is why men who have facial hair appear more confident. There’s a reason why bald headed men try to compensate for the loss of hair on their heads with facial hair.

So, when you see a bald headed man with a beard smiling on the streets with a lot of confidence, it’s because he understands the magic of his look.

8. It Makes You Standout

In a day and age where people want to look alike, there are few things that can help you to stand out. One of those things is a neatly trimmed beard.

If you match it with a bald head, you make your stand-out nature more pronounced. If you walk around, you’ll notice that the number of bald headed men isn’t many.

On the contrary, the men with hair on their heads are all over the place. What does that tell you?

If you maintain your bald head and have your beard shaved well, you will definitely stand out. You don’t have to look like your colleagues for you to be appreciated.

In fact, create your own fashion statement by trying out different beard styles to match your bald head. Don’t be afraid of being different. Bald-headed and bearded men are stepping out of the crowd, and that is why they are making this trend popular.

bald with facial hair

Latest Trends for Bald Men With Beards

Despite being a classic style for many years, the bald with a beard look has recently undergone a resurgence, with a variety of new beard styles emerging to complement a hairless head.

One notable trend is the Balbo beard, which features a well-groomed mustache connected to a small, well-defined patch of hair on the chin, creating a bold yet refined look.

Another popular option is the Van Dyke beard, which combines a thin, stylized mustache with a soul patch and a trimmed beard, allowing for a subtle but striking contrast.

Furthermore, there has been a growing interest in experimenting with more complex, hybrid beard styles, such as the Bandholz or Garibaldi, which can add a rugged, masculine touch to the bald with a beard look.”

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Top 5 Beard Styles When You Are Bald

Have you realized how many famous men are bald with beards? If you haven’t yet, let me help you.

Do you know Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel?

And guess what! There are thousands more. I just tried to give you an example. All of these guys are bald and usually, they grow their beards.

Also, all these guys are very successful and desirable men. Nearly every woman wants them. No doubt. So, relax.

Let’s now see the best 5 beard styles for bald men.

Full Beard
Heavy Stubble

You see here the best beards when you are bald are beards that require lots of hairs except goatee but I included goatee because many men are unable to grow full beards.

The full beard is self-explanatory. Just let your beard grow for at least 2-3 months and just take care of it and create the lines and trim your neckline. It should be just fine for you.

reasons to go bald with beard

The next one is the goatee. The goatee is one of the most popular beards ever. Some men do not like and some others are passionate about it. In general, it is a very good beard style especially if you can’t grow much facial hair on your cheeks.

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The third option is heavy stubble. The heavy stubble is 4-5mm in length. Seven days are approximately needed for you to have a heavy stubble counting from the day you shaved.


Very common beard style and loved by men because when facial hair grows too much it needs more beard care, it can cause itching, some hairs may stick out, and more.

The fourth option you may consider is the yeard. This is just a beard that has grown for about one year. If you are bald and you have taken the decision to grow your facial hair for the rest of your life then why not just let it grow as much as it can?

The last beard style you should consider is the Wolverine style. All the other beard styles are very common and well known. This style is a little bit different if you want to stand out. It is a mix between mutton chops and a full beard and takes its name from the movie X-men and Hugh Jackman.

Wolverine Beard

All of these beard styles are great. Choose whatever you like and just do it! It is easier than you may think.

How To Maintain Your Bald With A Beard Look

Taking the decision to shave your head but grow your beard is only the first step for your success.

After you have chosen which beard style you want and visit your barber you should know what you need to do to maintain it in the long run.

Shave Your Head Every 3-5 days
Trim Your Beard Often
Reshape it
Take Care Of Your Beard Daily

Shaving your head every 3-5 days is essential. Hair is growing very fast and you don’t want it to grow more than that. You will learn to do it yourself or a close relative can do it for you. You don’t need to pay a barber just to shave your head every 3 days, do you?

Then, let’s move on to the beard. You should also trim your beard often in order to make it look good. Shaping your beard is really important. Otherwise, it is just hairs on your face. Creating the neckline, the cheek line, trimming the mustache, etc should be done on a weekly basis at the very least.

Here is our best recommended affordable beard trimmer.

Also, if you grow a long beard you definitely need to take care of it and use some beard care products like beard oils, beard butters, waxes, etc.

The bald with a beard style offers a versatile canvas for experimenting with different beard shapes and accessories, allowing you to express your personality and sense of style.

For a minimalist approach, you can opt for a short, neatly trimmed beard that complements your facial features without overwhelming them.

You can also play with different mustache styles, such as the horseshoe, the chevron, or the pencil, to add a touch of whimsy or edge.

Brushing your beard, removing dead hairs, and giving the existing facial hair the direction you want is also very significant. By combing your beard you can also cover patchy areas you may have.

Remember you don’t have hair in your head. Your beard is everything to you.

Best Head Trimmers For Bald Men

This article is not about promoting trimmers or anything like that therefore we will just reference our top 3 choices in case some of you are interested but we will not get into many details.

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Final Words

Certainly, being bald with a beard is becoming increasingly popular today. Contrary to what society perceived a couple of years ago, you can still look great even if you don’t have hair on your head.

Whether you’re in a professional or social environment, having a bald and a beard will make you stand out. As a man, there are characteristics that define you, and one of them is how you look. If you will manage to create a great look for yourself, you will be doing a lot of good for yourself.

Therefore, if you are bald-headed and have a beard, make the best out of it and bring out the look that will make you distinctive.

Don’t let the fact that you may not have hair on your head decrease your self-confidence and self-esteem. Hair loss is affected mostly by genetics. So, you are not to blame for anything.

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And remember to love yourself. No one else will do it for you.

That’s it for today’s article. I hope you found some useful information that will help you with your decision-making.

If you have any questions or you just want to share your thoughts with us, feel free to write in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to get back to you.

Until Next Time,

Stay safe and…Let It Grow!


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