Ducktail Beard: How To Grow, Style, Shape, And Maintain It.

Have you been thinking about a change in your beard style? Have you heard about the ducktail beard style?

Beards can become the defining feature of your face and attract the attention of people to your face. Beards offer versatility and help you present yourself to the world in varied ways.

But, what is a ducktail beard exactly?

The ducktail beard is a beard style that resembles a ducktail. It can be described as a thick, full beard with long and pointed hair on the chin. Another important feature of this beard style is that the chin hair is thicker and longer while the hair on the cheeks is trimmed short. There is a noticeable absence of facial hair on the higher cheek region.

Today, we invite you to take an in-depth look at one of the relatively new but enduring beard styles – ducktail beard. While the name instantly feels comic, the beard style is anything but comic. It has come to be recognized as a sophisticated and yet rugged look that blends professionalism with latent manliness.

We will tell you all that you need to know about the ducktail beard and we’ll also let you know how to create this look yourself.

What Is A Ducktail Beard?

There is no other way around it.  The ducktail beard is a beard style that resembles a ducktail.

Ducktail beards are really popular and there are many famous men that wear them. Ducktail beards gradually became famous back in the 2000s when men started to prefer longer facial hair than before.

It is a popular style of beard, and it lends an air of masculinity to the owner. In 2020, it is a popular beard style that has also been adorned by many celebrities and we will tell you examples later.

Pointed vs. Ducktail Beards:  What is the difference?

To the uninitiated layperson, a pointed beard and the ducktail beard might look the same, but there is a difference however minute.

A ducktail beard curves upward gently and is more angular than a typically pointed beard.

While you can brush beards to a point at the chin, ducktail beards are groomed underneath too so that the hair curls upward similar to a duck’ tail.

face shape for ducktail beards

Which Face Shape is the best for Ducktail Beards?

Diamond-shaped faces

An angular face that tapers towards the chin is known as a diamond face. These are men who have long faces and therefore having a beard on the cheek and chin can make your face appear fuller.

Inverted triangle face

The width of the forehead on these kinds of faces can be usually balanced with the thickness and pointiness of the beards on the chin.

Round face

People with a round face are best suited for all kinds of beard styles because the shape of their face offers the freedom to experiment with different styles.

Oval face

In an oval face, the chin is naturally pointing outwards or gives the impression of doing so. This will work in favour of men with oval faces because ducktail beards are pointy too and this will accentuate the natural pointiness of the chin.

Choosing your Beard Style – Best Ducktail Beard Styles

1. Short Ducktail Beard

The short ducktail beard style is suitable for people with round facial features who want to create an illusion of having an angular illusion.

To achieve the short ducktail beard, you need to first have a fully grown beard that you need to trim in such a way as to create a slope of length from the cheeks to the chin. The idea is to cut your beard but not make it very small.

2. Medium-length ducktail beard

The medium-length is the most common option among ducktail beards, this is a classic option that is evergreen.

The completeness of the hair on your face can be shown adequately in this style. While the sides remain short, the hair on the chin grows to be thick and full. Make sure that you apply beard oil to keep your ducktail beard in best shape.

3. Long Ducktail Beard

For some people, long beard is the only beard that makes them feel good. We understand but at the same time we recommend keeping the hair length below 12 inches so that the hair doesn’t lose its shape.

Hair that is naturally thick and has more structure such as afro-textured or curly hair can easily become lengthier. Having said that, beard balm can help you maintain your long beard tresses.

4. Pointed Ducktail Beard

The traditional ducktail beard has a rounded end at the chin, but in case of a pointed ducktail beard, the beard end is still pointier.

The twin effects of trimming the beard to give it a pointed shape where the chin is and using beard oil or balm to refine the shape will help you to create the perfect pointed ducktail beard.

If your hair is frizzy and unkempt, beard oil would be the best solution for you. Similarly, if you want to give a uniform direction towards your chin to your hair, then you need to use beard balm.

5. Full ducktail beard

The full ducktail beard is a work of art that needs regular maintenance and upkeep. In this style, the beard grows from the cheeks to the chin. It is worn as a full beard whose length increases as it reaches the chin.

The key to having a full ducktail beard lies in growing the beard as well as trimming it. Length and good maintenance will help your beard gain volume. Good conditioning using beard balm will also help to make the beard more appealing.

6. Bushy Ducktail Beard

If you have been a fan of the rugged looks that Vikings and lumberjacks have in Hollywood movies, the bushy ducktail beard is the look that you want to keep. Apart from the alpha male vibe that it gives out, one more pro with this beard is that it is very low-maintenance.

You will have some time on your hands before trimming. Despite it being low-maintenance we recommend that you groom the beard regularly with a god beard brush or comb. Also, adding beard oil in small amounts helps to keep it healthy.

7.  Extended Goatee Ducktail Beard

Unlike the other ducktail beards on this list, the first thing you’ll notice about this beard is that it will not have any hair covering the cheeks. Most of the facial hair will instead be concentrated on the chin just like in a goatee.

However, it becomes more than a goatee as it connects from the chin to the moustache. The sides cover the jaws on both sides but the lack of fully covered cheeks keeps it from becoming a full beard. There has to be more hair on the chin for this beard to qualify as a ducktail beard.

This beard is best for people with oval or round faces who want to give more definition to their jawlines.

8. Ducktail Beards with Sideburns

Whatever was missing in the above beard can be focused upon on this type of ducktail beard. The focus is on grooming and trimming those sideburns so that they are easily attention grabbing.

The idea is to balance the attention that your ducktail beard gets with the attention for your sideburns.

9. Ducktail beard with moustache

While ducktail beards are all about the focus on the chin, you can divert attention to the moustache also by growing it longer. 

One of the common ways of doing it is to grow a handlebar mustache that is created by making the hair on the edges of the mustache curl upwards. Thus, making each side resemble a door’s handlebar.

Beard balm or beard wax can help you keep your facial hair in place so this can help you keep your handlebar mustache intact.

how to trim the ducktail beard

How to Trim the Ducktail Beard ?

Finally, we delve into the ‘how’ of creating a ducktail beard look.

The first and essential pre-requisite for growing a ducktail beard is that you need to have a fully grown beard. Once you have that out of the way, here is what you should do.

Brush Your Beard
Shave your Cheekbones, Neckline and Trim Your Mustache
Trim The Hair On The Upper Part Of The Chin
Trim Your Hair On The Lower Part Of The Chin (Just To Create Your Style)

Brush your beard and choose a style keeping the shape of your face in mind

Shave your cheekbones, mustache, and neckline. If you have an electric razor you can use guard numbers 1 or 2 to shape the beard hair. Ducktails have a clean-shaven neckline so keep that in mind. Ideally, draw the line at your Adam’s Apple.

This is the high-quality but very affordable beard trimmer we use daily. Remember a good beard trimmer is essential for bearded men. You won’t buy one every year obviously. It is a reasonable investment that makes you look good, right?

Don’t cover your cheekbones with facial hair and for the mustache, almost anything is fine except for a really long and thick mustache.

We should keep our mustaches short for this beard style because we want to focus on the ducktail. Makes sense, right?

Trim the hair on the upper part of your chin from top to bottom while gradually decreasing the thickness of the beard towards the center of your chin.

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Decide on the length of your ducktail beard and now start trimming the lower part of your chin. But remember, it should not be too short. Only take your time, it should not be a rush job. Once you’re done, congratulations you have got a ducktail beard now.

Getting the beard is only the first step, you need to maintain it. Keep combing it regularly so that it is in shape. Invest in a good quality comb or brush, unlike the cheap plastic ones that are readily available in your department store.

As we have mentioned above, just because you have a ducktail beard does not mean that it has to be pointy. You can choose from any of the styles mentioned above.

Don’t forget your sides of your chin and cheeks. Keep trimming them regularly.

Ducktail Beard Grooming Tips

Now that you have got your ducktail beard, here are some tips that you should implement to keep your beard healthy and damage-free.

We keep repeating this again and again but investing in some quality beard upkeep tools such as a brush, butter, and oil are important. You might have to spend a bit initially, but your beard will thank you for it.

This is a very nice yet inexpensive beard kit you may want to check out on Amazon.

Make sure that your beard is never dry. Dry beard hairs tangle more often than not and they will also make you look unkempt and old.

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While beard oil manufacturers claim that beard oil makes your hair grow faster, it is a myth. However, one area where they do help is that they help your beard retain its moisture.

The moisture in your beard can protect the follicles and protect them from damage.

Best Ducktail Beards: Celebrities With Ducktail Beards

Some celebrities who have carried off the ducktail beard look with aplomb are Charlie Hunnam, Mel Gibson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

celebrities with ducktail beards
best ducktail beards

Mel Gibson’s ducktail beard which is by the way a spectacular beard is not 100% ”natural”. He has painted his beard with a white dye at the very least. If you wanna learn how to dye your beard salt and pepper read this article.


The ducktail beard style is a mature and appealing beard style that can showcase a man’s sense of style while being firmly rooted in his sense of manliness. Get one today to channelize your inner cool.

Ducktail beards are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

It is not a very difficult beard style to create but it requires you to be able to grow a full beard. If you wanna know how to predict if you can grow a beard read this.

This beard style will surely make you special among other men. Also, there is an easy solution. Grow your beard and create this beard style. Keep it for some weeks. If you don’t like it just shave your chin hair and return back to normal beard.

In my opinion, the ducktail beard style is one of the best.

Also, it is best for bald men who need to grow beards. It is a little bit weird to not have hairs both on your head and also on your face.

And that’s it for today’s article. I hope you learned something and you find it useful.

Are you ready to make a change and see the results?

Let me know in the comment section!

Until next time,

Stay safe and..let it grow!


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