Beard Neckline Too High? Where It Should Be And How To Fix It

Beards – you grow, shape, style and groom them for months, and one day your attention gets diverted during trimming and a blunder happens…

So, most often than not the only choice you are left with is shaving your beard completely.

neckline too high

Botch things like that happen – a neckline that is too high, an uneven trim, wrong clipper settings, and much more…

Then, one more conundrum you face is, having a new barber with a totally different opinion about your sideburns and cheek lines.

We all know that grooming your beard is an art that needs care, dedication, and patience. You grow it and maintain its shape for years and there comes a time when it becomes your pride it boosts up your confidence.

Still, in a moment of neglect and lapse in concentration, all your efforts go down the drain.

In this article, we are going to talk about the tips and tricks about how to fix a neckline that is too high.

Let’s get started!

How Easy Is It To Accidentally Trim A Neckline Too High?

beard grooming mistakes

Assume yourself standing in front of the mirror, looking at yourself, and trying to fix your neckline because you have messed up…

You were trying to trim up your neckline for the beard the night before an important event and it all ended up being a stupendous mistake. Whether it’s a full-on beard or a medium stubble, it should look good on any event, like a date, an interview, or a reunion with buddies.

Trimming your neckline too high is a tricky thing as it feels like you’re attempting to look in two different directions at a time – to get a clean cut you look up at the mirror while to see what your razor, trimmer, or clipper is doing you must have to look down.

Also, keep in mind that things in mirrors are reflected backward. Therefore, it is not that easy to be very precise. So, don’t blame yourself if you make a mistake.

It is extremely easy to make a mistake when trimming your neckline.

The prime reaction of men would be to be shocked at the botched job. But it’s not all doom and gloom. You can most of the time fix it.

Without a doubt, it looks like the most common mistake made by beardsmen eager to groom their beards by maintaining some kind of shape and style.

The best method to the craze of finding your neckline by choosing to cut where your head and neck adjoin.

However, most men go for a cut line above their jawline, which can create a mess if you cut too high.

If you have done that, the essential thing is to not panic and try to look for a solution to balance out the error.

These things happen and will continue to happen mostly because we we don’t have as much time as we would like and we rush into things.

Let’s move on and build our gameplan!

Where Should Your Neckline Be?

beard neckline

What do we mean when we are saying that a beard neckline is too high?

A beard neckline that is too high means the end of your beard is too close to your jaw, giving an impression of a shorter beard. If you have a stubble beard, your way of trimming the neckline should be different.

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Whether you want to keep something simple and short or grow out a man mane, the dilemma of a neckline beard can’t be overlooked.

Let’s face it! A bad neckline that is too high makes you look weird. Very weird. You won’t turn heads (not in a positive way at least). 

Thus, you should be careful that you have trimmed an actual neckline to grow your beard. You’ll look more creative; your beard will look like it is trimmed by an expert and you can be proud of your great looks.

But, finding exactly where your beard neckline can be tricky.

Let me help you out with that.

A beard neckline may differ for particular beard styles. A shorter or faded neckline might work best for some and for the guys with long beards a proper neckline must be aimed for.

Finding the neckline is actually very simple and easy.

Assume that there is an unseeable like beginning just under your one ear lobe and going along your jawline and ends below your other ear lobe. The bottom area of the beard line will rest just where the lower side of your jaw slopes down and joins your neck.

You can find your beard neckline in two ways;

  1. Look for your Adam’s apple and put two fingers over it. The upper area of your fingers is almost the point where the main point of the neckline exists.
  2. For easier reach, title your head down. A crease will be made at the point where the underside of your jaw links up to the top of your neck. Put your finger on the crease and unbend your head. There you go! A beard neckline!

Best Practices To Fix A Beard Neckline That Is Too High!

These best practices below will spare you the embarrassment of trimming a beard neckline that is too high and hopefully help you from facing such issues in the first place.

# 1 Go for a new beard style until your facial hair grow again

Although a higher neckline may not look stunning with a full beard, it can look better if you transform it into a van dyke or goatee beard style.

Nobody would notice that you accidentally cut your beard too high and saved it by trimming your beard in other parts.

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A simple thick stubble can also be a perfect option.

It will be a repairing strategy for your beard to grow the lost hair again. You can shave a new neckline to redeem it. With a new neckline, you will be attempting unimpeded growth which will let you evaluate and adjust with the passage of time.

It might take some patience to observe any real results, but it’s perfect if you want to have a cleanly shaved neck. Though, pay heed not to trim too short again. Always trim closer to Adam’s apple.

Eventually, your beard will grow into the new neckline and will fill out. You will have a full-beard look again. Time flies!

# 2 Use your beard brush to cover it

A beard brush can transform your beard looks and growth. Unlike the other beard combs that have a little styling ability, the thick bristles set of beard brushes can be useful for growing your beard in a certain direction.

If you don’t brush your beard, this can lead to some clear results, particularly if you want to cover up a fluffy neckline. You should definitely have these tools in your grooming kit;

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A beard balm to maintain your beard’s shape

Apply it evenly to your beard

Brush multiple times in a downward style to cover up your neckline.

If you have a long beard, this method may prove to be a perfect temporary solution to render a bit more balance and symmetry to your neck and both cheeks.

#3 Fade your neckline

If your beard is in shape and already stylized, you can cover your mistake with a faded neckline.

This is a method of using a transition of lengths when trimming neckline hair and connecting it smoothly with the rest of your beard. You can achieve this by using a good-quality trimmer.

Fading is not a very easy task to do but everyone can do it with some practice. The whole plan is to smoothly trim your beard from the neckline all the way up.

How are you going to do that though?

If you don’t wanna visit a barber, then get your trimmer and start with guard 1. Trim up to 1cm/0,4 inches away from your neckline with guard 1.

  • Then grab guard 2. Trim up to 2cm/0,8 inches away from your neckline with 2.
  • Now you will have 3 areas. The neckline, the area from the neckline up to 1 cm distance and then area from 1cm to 2cm.
  • To erase these 2 lines between the 3 areas you need to either put a 0,5mm and then the 1,5mm setting (obviously the 0,5mm to erase the line between 0 and 1 and the 1,5mm to erase the line between 1 and 2)
  • Apply some pressure exactly across the 2 lines, or if you don’t have a 0,5mm guard which is tough you will need to either put the guard 1 and put more pressure than before across the line or grab the 0 guard and touch it very softly across the line.

It is vital to do these things exactly as I tell you to. You aint gonna read these tips elsewhere.

All of these methods help you cover and fix your beard so that you look decent until your neck hair grows back again. As you can easily understand and probably know when hair is cut is impossible to come back immediately.

All of these fixes are far from perfect. We all know that. But, as my barber was telling me when I was a child ” we always play it safe and cut hair a little bit”. ”We can always cut it more but once cut it doesn’t get back”.

To sum up, we try to look as good as it gets while we are waiting for neck hair to grow.

This leads us to the most important thing you have to remember. Prevention is better than cure. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Yeah, doctors keep saying this all the time!

Prevent Trimming Your Neckline Too High

Use A Shaping Tool

Trimming a neckline too high is a very common problem that men face daily therefore human creativity has stepped in to make your life easy. You can also buy a beard trimming tool kit which comes in various versions, but basically, they are plastic templates that form a line for you to shave/trim your facial hair alongside.

Some of them have elastic straps to fit on your head and face perfectly. A plastic template can help you cover your beard and only let the unnecessary hair out for you to cut.

This makes trimming a LOT easier.

Some kits include freehand tools that you keep to your neck and then use the razor, scissor, or trimmer with your hand.

Do I think this tool is necessary? Of course, no! Most of you who have much experience maintaining your beard or stubble don’t need it. But if you are a beginner or you are not a very careful guy just get this. It will definitely help you.

These plastic templates are also really cheap.

Try To Remember Exactly Where A Neckline Should Be

We have talked a bit about this but guys please don’t forget.

This is the most important thing when it comes to trimming a neckline right. If you don’t know WHERE to trim how the heck will you be able to cut it properly?

Because of the confusing location, it’s difficult to look in the mirror and observe where to trim it at once. If your beard’s neckline is close to the jaw as compared to Adam’s apple, it makes your beard look smaller and highlights your jawline differently.

Still, this is one of the most easily redeemable of all beard mistakes. Don’t worry, take it as a learning experience. Just as you did previously, before trimming your beard, make sure you have washed and combed it so that it’s clean and coherent.

How To Find A Beard Neckline Easily?

Stand still in front of your mirror with your head held upright. Now imagine a curved line extending from below one end of your ear lobe to the other end of your second ear lobe with the curve right above your Adam’s apple.

This creates an imaginary symmetrical U shape.

The lowest point of this U should be 2 fingers width above your Adam’s apple.

Should You Even Shave Your Neck When Growing A Beard?

This is another interesting topic we will discuss. Many men shave their beard necklines but there are also millions of men who do not!

Even well-known celebrities!

For me, it is undeniably a matter of personal choice.

If David Beckham sometimes does not shave his beard neckline you can definitely try to not shave it too!

Trimming your neckline can be beneficial especially when you have a stubble beard and you wanna look very well-groomed. When you are going to apply for a job or go out for an important dinner you can do it.

But, it is not mandatory. Especially, if you don’t like it.

If you think you look better without shaving your beard neckline just do not do it. There is nothing wrong to it.

Best Beard Trimmers To Do The Best Beard Neckline

This is not an article about trimmers and most of you may not be interested in learning or buying one.

However, for those of you that want a good-quality trimmer to create your necklines more easily and professionally, we will briefly tell our recommendations.

Without tiring details. Without fluff.

#1 Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 23 Piece Mens Grooming Kit

#2 Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Slate Beard Trimmer for Men

#3 Braun Hair Clippers for Men MGK5245

To Sum Things Up

Fixing a beard neckline that’s trimmed too high is not easy. Actually, you won’t be able to reverse the mistake 100% without making a compromise.

However, today, we discussed the 3 best solutions to look good until your neck facial hair grows back.

Choose one of those and you will soon feel relaxed.

But always remember to not be harsh on yourself because this is one of the most common mistakes in men’s grooming.

Also, hair is not important. It is not our health, it is not our family, it is not our friends.

With or without a good beard neckline for 1 week, people will still love you.

That’s it for today, I really hope you found our article helpful.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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