How To Train Your Beard To Grow In The Right Direction

Men with beards are the envy of many for a good reason – they are immensely appealing.

It may seem like the few men with the full-grown, flowing beards grow out these awesome beard styles effortlessly. While some experience no trouble cultivating their facial hair, the story is different for many others.

Why doesn’t beard hair grow in one direction? And more importantly – how to train your beard to grow in the right direction?

If you have these questions yourself you are in the right place!

For many of us, our facial hair isn’t playing ball, but you will be happy to realize that there are remedies that will help you rectify the situation.

In short, to train your beard to grow in the right direction you should straighten and groom your beard as a routine you ought to adopt as a daily process. A process as simple as brushing your beard downwards, applying specific beard products, and blowing it dry properly helps facial hair grow in one direction.

It will be a long process, though, and it needs patience.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about training your facial hair to grow in the direction you want.

Let’s get started!

Why Facial Hair Can Grow In Random Directions?

train beard to grow in the right direction

So you have decided to grow a beard, but you suddenly realize that it’s starting to change the appearance of your face in some way you don’t find pleasant. That’s normal!

While everyone has varying beard shapes and beard textures determined by their own genetics, diet, and ethnic background certain measures can be taken to make it look more desirable by making sure it grows straight in the desired direction.

When you decide to grow a beard, it can sometimes change the appearance of the shape of your face in ways you least expect. Therefore, take note that it is quite inevitable for facial hair to grow in random directions.

Your beard will certainly look good if it grows in one direction. However, if the hair grows upward or sideways on one side of your face and downward on the other, it may seem a little awkward. For this reason, most people often wonder why facial hair grows in random directions.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why your facial hair grows unevenly and in random directions.

  • Genetics

This is a big one.

Just as the rate at which beard growth and fullness are determined by genetics, the same applies to the growth direction.

If your father’s beard grew upward, you can bet that yours may also look the same.

  • Beard Follicles

The growth pattern of your follicles dictates the direction in which your beard grows. If you decide to shave and allow it to grow afresh, you will notice hairs growing sideways.

Thankfully, the fixes we offer in this article in the form of tips guide you on how to train and keep your beard hairs growing in the direction you want.

Tips To Train Your Beard To Grow In The Right Direction

Trim Up Your Beard Lines And Sideburns

If you notice your beard isn’t growing in the right direction, sometimes all you need is a simple clean-up of the sideburns and lines to prevent hairs from escaping the beard lines.

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Obviously, this won’t change the direction but when facial hair is shorter it looks much better than when it grows (if it grows randomly)

This is an instant fix-trick. Most fixes will take time because this problem is mostly caused by genetics and hair follicles but this one is fast and will help some of you.

We will also discuss other things you can do but if you want fast results, please consider to just trim your beard a little bit so that your facial hair looks tidier.

It may sound like a brutal action, but the truth of the matter is that beard growth is different in every part of your face, which necessitates ruthless action sometimes.

Note: Don’t use this technique excessively as it might cause your beard to be shapeless or very short.

Use Beard Products That Actually Help

There are many beard products that you can use to help your beard look awesome. However, the best products that help facial grow in a certain way are beard brushes, beard oils and beard waxes.

Everyone knows about combs and oils but why should we use beard waxes?

Beard waxes allow you to style your beards because they provide a nice and strong hold. Therefore, they will keep your stubborn hairs in place.

In my opinion, the use of beard wax is necessary if you have problems keeping your beard in place. Also, keep in mind that nearly every beard product is extremely cheap.

You can check out our best recommended beard wax here.

Shampoo Your Beard

As mentioned earlier, beard texture varies due to genetic formation and numerous other factors. Even so, not everyone desires a beard with thicker hairs, as these are more difficult to tame.

Fortunately, you can now level up and make your beards have a soft texture. Consider washing and then applying beard shampoo to keep your beard hairs softer.

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Adopting new methods including washing, applying shampoo, and combing your beard helps it grow in the right direction for sure.

Here is our best recommended beard shampoo.

Train Your Facial Hairs To Grow Downwards

The ultimate best method is to keep your facial hair growing in a downward direction. Whether you choose to comb or brush your beard downward, you can rest assured knowing this process promotes shape and length.

Use the appropriate beard oils to style and keep your beard hydrated. While applying these products, use a rubbing motion that goes in the downward direction.

Blow Dry Your Beard Correctly

Rushing through your morning routine as you prepare to go to work means you also dry and style up your beard as fast as you possibly can. In such a situation, a quality hairdryer for purposes of blow-drying your beard is a godsend.

Unfortunately, you might experience problems if you resort to setting it to blow hotter than necessary, as this will dry out the hair thus making it feel brittle.

You can prevent this and make your hair grow in the right direction by using the coolest setting and untangle the knots with the appropriate beard comb and oil at the same time.

How To Make Your Beard Grow Straight


Use A Beard Straightener

A quality beard straightener will work by efficiently controlling your beard. The process of straightening hair using this device is simple and straightforward. As a result, it saves you time even though the pleasant results last only until shower time.

As you take a shower, dry your beard using a blow dryer. Remember, allowing your beard to dry naturally makes it curl up even more. Consequently, you should first dry your beard with a towel and proceed to use the blow dryer.

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When using a straightener, it helps if you work closer to the roots of your facial hairs. Then draw the straightener slowly across the beard. Since the risk of getting your skin or hair burned is high with this tool, you need to be extra careful.

Also remember. Practice makes perfect. You won’t do it perfect from day 1 and that’s ok!

Here is our best recommended beard straightener if you want to a look.

Comb your beard regularly

As your beard starts to grow longer, a dedicated beard comb will come in handy. After 1 month of beard growth, it is imperative that you invest in a high-quality beard comb.

Unlike the normal beard comb or hairbrush, cellulose acetate or quality wooden beard comb will provide more benefits by styling and detangling. Over time, you are bound to realize growth in the form of longer, deeper hairs which your beard brush might not reach.

However, the right beard comb with longer teeth will go deeper and detangle these hairs.

If your beard grows sideways and you wish to correct this, detangling is an essential process to keep these hairs straight and growing in the same direction. Make sure you comb by applying motion (short, simple strides work just fine) that does not cause tugging on your beard.

Brush your beard before retiring to bed presents yet another effective way of making the hairs grow in one direction. While this technique may initially seem weird considering you’ll still wash up in the morning, repeating this routine on a regular basis allows your beard to grow in the right direction.

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Can You Change The Direction Your Beard Grows By Shaving?

The direction that you have been shaving your beard has nothing to do with its direction. As we have previously discussed, the problem is deeper. It has to do with genetics and hair follicles.

So, to bring this myth to an end, shaving in a different direction will have no effect in the direction of your beard growth.

How Often Should You Brush Your Beard?

how often should i comb my beard

Brushing your beard once per day is adequate. Take note that if you brush your beard more often than recommended, you are likely to damage it.

You may use a beard comb 3-4 times per day, as this won’t cause any potential beard damages. Brushing 5 times or more each day, on the other hand, means you are combing excessively. You should avoid doing so.

Some additional factors also determine the number of times you can brush your beard each day as we shall quickly discover below.

The Texture

The texture of your hair plays a critical role in determining the frequency of brushing your hair throughout the day, especially if you need it to look its best.

Men with thinner beards often find it more difficult to keep their hair from tangling, especially when going about their businesses on days when it’s windy. The finer hair also tends to suffer breakages easier if you brush through the tangles too often.

For this reason, consider brushing less often each day and whenever you are brushing, do so gently while applying an untangling product that reduces the breakage. Beard oil definitely helps.

While the curlier types of beards are harder and thicker compared to their fine counterparts, keeping them together in place is also tricky. As a result, many individuals with curlier hair overbrush while trying to keep them neat.

The Length

How long have you grown your beard? This period plays a huge role in helping you determine the frequency of brushing. If you are just starting out, brushing your beard once per day will be enough.

If you have a long beard, brush your beard as many times a day as it needs to keep it away from tangling. (2-3 if possible)

The Style

If you settle on growing a more complex or longer beard, expect it to be more complex to groom. Brushing through the hair multiple times a day with an ideal brush helps to style and also prevents straying hairs that often stick out.

The complexity of your chosen style might require additional touch-ups in the course of the day to keep your beard looking and feeling its best.

The Weather

The weather also determines how often you need to brush to keep it healthy all year round. Humidity causes facial hair to frizz up. Some people often try to brush through the hair to remove the curls.

However, brushing your hair when humidity levels are high could be the worst thing you do to your facial hair. When it’s humid, facial hair tends to be overly sensitive and could easily suffer breakage during brushing.

The application of beard oil or an anti-frizz product keeps your beard looking great, even when the weather is acting up.


Training facial hair to grow in a certain direction is not difficult but it requires much patience. You should follow a daily beard care routine if you want to have a tidy and neat look.

However, once you make it a habit you will realize that it is not that tough. How important your beard is to you? Are 10-15 minutes a day too many for taking care of your beard?

The key things you can do to train your beard are to brush it, use beard oils and waxes, blow it dry, shampoo it, and trim it a little bit when needed.

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And…that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you found it helpful.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

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