Best Beard Styles Without Mustache: Can You Look Good?

Are you interested in getting inspiration and ideas about beard styles without mustache?

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Beards without mustache

The typical public perception of beards without mustaches is no longer of lofty disdain. A lack of mustaches with beards is not still associated with “neckbeard” culture.

In fact, whether you believe it or not, mustache-less beard styles are worn by millions of men worldwide!

It is surprising how well beard styles without mustache work when a person knows their way around them.

Today, we will discuss some facts about beards with mustaches and the best mustache-less beard styles to sport.

Let’s get started!

Is It A Beard Without Mustache Ok?

First of all, everything is OK. Being different is actually ok.

More and more stereotypes no longer exist. But, not only that.

Men have been wearing beards without mustaches for many many years. It is not anything new.

There are a lot of mustache-less beard styles. Even more than those that we will cover in this article.

As long as you like a beard style like that it is fine. As long as your confidence is up it is fine. As long as it suits your face shape it is fine.

Do you get the point?

There are many reasons that someone prefers a beard style without a mustache both functional and also personal. Therefore, we should not judge people that look different from us.

If you ask my opinion I wouldn’t try a mustache-less beard style not because I fear what other people will think about me but simply because I don’t like most of them.

In fact, I only like the Wolverine beard! I do love this style! It is so badass!

But, there is a huge variety of them that may suit you better!

Before we get into the beard styles let’s briefly discuss the reasons why some men want to try a beard without mustache.

Why Even Go For A Beard Style Without A Mustache?

mutton chop beard

Beards and mustaches are a winning combo, no doubt about it. So, why try to fix what isn’t broken? Well, think of it as a risk and reward system.

Stand Out From Most Men

Whether we like it or not, most men grow full beards.

However, some of you wanna try to establish a sense of style that allows you to stand out from the crowd, to distinguish yourselves from everyone else. That can unfortunately go two ways.

You can end up standing out in an endearing, confident manner, a la the crazy Met Gala outfits. Or you could end up drawing attention owing to how ridiculous the whole ensemble looks.

It’s a precarious balance, and if struck well, can pay off. But, you have to be willing to take the risk because honestly, a beard style without a mustache is not for everyone. Later on, we will discuss who is this style for.


Keeping a beard without a mustache can also be a functional choice. Many people face difficulties in maintaining a nice-looking mustache.

Be it accidentally trimming one to make it lopsided, or accidentally shaving a side off, there’s a lot of precision involved. A beard requires maintenance as well, but there’s a lot of room for trial and error.

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If you trim a bit much off of one side of your mustache, the error can easily be remedied on the other end. Whereas if one trims too much off of their upper lip hair, they run the risk of pulling a Hitler mustache.

No matter what the problem may be, maintaining a mustache can get tricky so many men shave it completely but continue to grow their beards.

Religious reasons and tradition

Yes, there are still people that shave their mustaches due to religious reasons and tradition. The most obvious example is Amish men.

Amish men do grow different beard styles but all of them don’t have mustaches.

You have a patchy Mustache

Finally, it’s about a sense of attractiveness. Some people look damn good with a beard, and a mustache only serves to draw attention away from the main event.

Yes, you may roll your eyes at the idea, but plain beards can look good. Who doesn’t love Wolverine?

Also, if you have a mustache gap or your mustache is not connected to your beard you may look weird.

In these cases, it is wise to at least try a style without a mustache and give it some time. Remember when you look yourself in the mirror for the first time after growing a beard without mustache most probably you won’t like it.

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But, give it some time. It is the first shock. You will get used to it soon.

There are a lot of beard styles without mustaches so I am quite confident that you will find one the suits you!

With that said, let’s have a look at a few bears styles, and see how well they work!

Best Beard Styles Without Mustache

Light Stubble Without A Mustache

Maybe you’re looking to slowly develop confidence in the mustache-less beard. That’s completely fine, and accordingly, it’s perhaps best to start small.

A light stubble minus the upper lip hair will work in almost any situation. It’s a go-to look for many celebrities, and you can simply not go wrong with it.

The safest and easiest option. Clean-shaven mustache and very short facial hair on the rest of your face(less than 2mm, 1-3 days to grow)

The Wolverine Beard Style

wolverine beard style

Yes, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the mutton chops sported by Hugh Jackman’s character Wolverine across the X-Men movies.

This beard style consists of mutton chops without the mustache and a full beard.

This is perhaps the most well-known example of mustache-less beard styles.

It also made a comeback at the end of the Logan movie! If you’ve got a wider face with a chiseled jawline, try pulling it off.

You won’t regret it and you will look masculine and really badass.

This is my favorite mustache-less beard style by far.

Traditional or Long Goatee Without Mustache

goatee without mustache

Goatees, in general, are of the best beard styles ever and had stood the test of time.

The long goatee without mustache is another look that many people enjoy pulling off. Then why would I ask you to be careful?

Well, there’s quite a difference between handsome and stereotypically Amish.

We want to make sure that you fall closer to the former side. This style also works really well with “salt-and-pepper” colored facial hair.

Pro tip: Don’t let it grow out too much, and avoid chinstraps.

Chinstraps With Short Goatee

Now here’s a look that can be attempted with the chinstrap. Chinstraps are a beard style that essentially goes along the chin and jawline.

They don’t necessarily look good, alone or even with mustaches. But pair them up with a well-maintained goatee and you’ve struck gold, my friend! It’s a reliable style, and can even be the start of your mustache-less lifestyle.

Chinstrap Variant With Chin Curtain

This is essentially a more embellished form of the chinstrap. No goatee needed here, all that’s needed is to let the chinstrap grow out a bit.

The point here is to let your beard form a curtain around your chin and jawline. This beard style is known for classically not requiring a mustache.

It’s a style that’s also associated with rapper and musician 50 Cent, who spent a lot of the 90’s avoiding mustaches left and right.

Long Beard Without A Mustache

Now we’re heading closer into Amish territory. Instead of a long goatee, we’re going for a full-on beard without the mustache. How would this work? This a style that works best on wider faces, with less prominent jawbones.

That allows it to stand out in a good way, providing the face a more interesting look. However, the best way to make long beards work is accessorizing.

For example, wearing long coats has never been out of fashion. Prop one up with the beard, and you suddenly have a rustic look about you.

It’s actually quite comparable to that of a grizzled captain, sailing about the seven seas.

Different Stubble Beard Styles Without Mustache

Instead of having mangled stubble, try fashioning it into a beard. Countless celebrities have tried this, to very consistent success and approval.

This styles works incredibly well with and without a mustache because the contrast won’t be as obvious as it would be if you had a really long beard without the mustache.

Most celebrities and models wear stubble beard styles nowadas. It’s also relatively easy to both grow and maintain if you have a good-quality trimmer.

You’ll need to do some work to maintain it but it will result in a very stylish look. This works better on thinner faces, but honestly, can be pulled off anywhere.

“The Lincoln Beard Style”

abraham lincoln beard

Are we joking with this entry on the list? Only partially.

It’s true that many people have tried to pull this off, with disastrous results. However, it adds an air of effective dignity around a person, as evidenced by Abraham Lincoln himself. This look works better on aged people or individuals with more pronounced cheekbones.

The square style of the beard also warrants some looking after. This is one of those “coin flip” choices that could end either very well or very badly.

But, honestly, if it’s the latter you can shave the whole thing off. If it’s the former, you now have the honor of looking like a US President.

The Chin Puff

I’ll be honest: I don’t understand chin puffs or their appeal.

But it’s a style that was incredibly popular across the 2000s and was even attempted by the likes of John Travolta. Clearly, there is a market for this.

This look essentially boils down to having a single tuft of hair on your chin. It needs to be centrally placed, and letting it go below the chin is typically a bad idea. Frankly, this look could do without the neckbeard association.

The Soul Patch Is An Old Classic

famous soul patch beard

A soul patch is having a tuft of hair directly below one’s lower lip. So many celebrities have had an on-and-off relationship with this style.

It’s a statement that can bewilder people, and typically for the better. Keep it small or large, the soul patch does work. Sometimes. Not always. You right.

It’s one of those rare styles that never really went out of fashion. Even the likes of Zayn Malik can be seen sporting the look.

A minimalist approach is what really makes this look stick. It is easy to maintain, versatile, perfect for guys with patchy beards, and finally it adds a sophisticated flair.

It can also be sported with chinstraps or stubble, and will actively elevate their look.

The Anchor Beard

This is a look that’s very similar to a goatee. The difference is in their shaping. The anchor is a downwards pointing, closely trimmed that traces the jawline.

It’s named such because the end result looks like an anchor. It’s a look that’s commonly associated with Johnny Depp and Iron Man himself, Tony Stark.

While the previous examples pull the look off with mustaches, the end result looks great without one as well. It also works really well with glasses, if Johnny Depp and Tony Stark are examples to judge by.

Friendly Mutton Chops

This has the same concept as Mutton chops. The only difference is in how closely they’re trimmed to your face. Friendly mutton chops have a tamer, more professional look to them.

They work just as well without a mustache as normal mutton chops do, so no need to worry. But for people looking to maintain a professional sheen without completely losing their personality, this look will be just perfect.

A Little Zany With The Klingon Beard

This look is named after the famous villainous aliens from the Star Trek series. The look involves a normal chinstrap beard, with a soul patch to boot.

However, the main idiosyncrasy is in two lines of facial hair that curve from the beard. They meet the corners of one’s lips. This look, when encountered in real life, can be weirdly intimidating. Unless one knows the media being referenced, in which case, you get high-fives from fellow nerds.

It’s a win-win!

The Spartan Beard Amish Beard

The typical Spartan beard isn’t what King Leonidas sports in 300. The actual beard, however, is no less manly.

It involves growing a full beard, to whatever size requirements you wish for.

From there on, you simply trim away the mustache until reaching the corners of your lips. It feels like a monarch’s facial hair, and can thus come off as downright regal. The full beard also avoids the less conventional look offered by the Klingon beard.

Amish Beard

amish beard

Amish men don’t use technology and their livelihood is mostly around farming. One of the reasons they don’t grow mustaches is that they associate mustaches with the military.

Most Amish men have medium to long, unkempt beards without mustache.

This style is the dream of lazy guys that do not grow full thick mustaches. It is not a very professional style so if you are trying to get a job better avoid it.

How To Grow A Beard Without Mustache

Growing a beard with mustache is nothing special or difficult. My recommendation is to let your facial hair grow at a length that you are comfortable with.

Then, get your beard trimmer trim your mustache. After that, get a razor and shave the stubble.

The next step is to trim the rest of your facial hair having in mind which of the above or which style, in general, you want to ”create”.

Once every 2-3 days you will need to shave your mustache with a razor. This will literally take you 30 seconds. Not a big deal.

If you don’t like your style either trim your beard short (light stubble) so that your mustache’s absence is not very visible, or shave your whole beard and start over.

And remember. Give it some time. You will need some time to get used to it.

How To Enhance A Beard Style Without A Mustache

Dying one’s hair in a multitude of colors is very popular nowadays. Whether this can be owed to the exploding K-pop scene, or just people being creative, I cannot say.

What I can say is that this trend can work very well with beards.

And this is all about preference. While my personal preference would be going with your natural color, mixing up shades of grey and black can also change the way you look and make your beard style look awesome.

Your beard is a canvas, flick colors over it as you wish. Confidence is what will ultimately pull the look together. Cause remember. No one cares more about you than yourself.


A beard can do so much for a person. It’s their personal signature, often the first thing that others judge them off of.

Adding vibrancy and a flair to it signifies that you’re different.

That you’re making active choices to stand out. Putting yourself out like this is kind of a brave move. And if your way of doing that is by pulling off a beard without a mustache, we hope to have been of help.

Today, we discussed the reasons why you may want to get a beard style like that, if it is ok to wear a beard without mustache, and finally the best mustache-less beard styles.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Happy Grooming!

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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