Should Men Dye Their Beards? [Pros And Cons]

As humans grow older, the idea of experimenting with your hair becomes more appealing. This may be from a desire to change your appearance, look younger, or wanting to try something new. One of those ideas is dyeing your facial hair.

So, should men dye their beards?

should men dye their beards

If you’re planning to treat your beards like the fashion statement that they are, the thought of dyeing your beards is sure to cross your mind. You must consider certain factors before dyeing your beard, whether you’re trying to look hip, younger, or experiment with new looks. These factors range from the goals you’re trying to achieve to your skin sensitivity and permanence of the dyes.

The beard dyeing process requires more than adding dye colors to your shopping cart. It includes the less fancy stuff like checking the contents of the products to ascertain if they are too harsh or mild for you.

It also requires you to decide how long you want your beards to stay that way. If this sounds boring, not to worry, we’ve simplified it below.

Why Beards Turn Gray?

gray beard

To be honest, most men at the beginning freak out when they see their first white hair!

Of course, this has to do with genetics. Not everyone has gray beard hair at the same age, does he?

Genes ”decide” everything! Everything is written and there is little you can do.

If your close relatives all have a gray beard or even gray hair in general the chances of you having a gray beard about this age are very high.

Most men start to have gray hairs in their early or mid-20s but things get worse at the age of 30.

If you want a more scientific view, according to hairs lose their color because the pigment cells in our hair follicles die. Fewer pigment cells mean that this hair follicle will contain less melanin and its color will eventually become gray or white.

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Pros of Dyeing Your Beards

should men dye their beards

Dye, by its nature, has some chemical compounds that can change your beards to any color depending on your preferred look.

Beard dye has, over time, provided a solution to men seeking to change the natural look of their beards.

Getting Rid Of Gray Hair Makes You Look Younger

Men dye their beards for several reasons, like boosting their confidence, regaining a uniform color for men with different beard colors or shades, and having a younger look.

There are also some men who, by gene, got gray beards, which is not because they are aging. Men in the category might be battling with their self-esteem and confidence.

Dyeing the beards will do them a lot of good. Beard dyeing is not a permanent solution, but it will give the desired look immediately!

It Achieves a Uniform Look

Some men have dark beards with little blondes mixed in them, while some have a combination of deep brown beards and lighter shades of brown beards.

Men who are not comfortable with it opt for the use of beard dye. Beard dyes help to blend the color differences to achieve a uniform look.

Cons of Dyeing Your Beards

Dyeing your beards can bring some setbacks like having issues with getting the right color, which can give an unnatural look in the long run—the need to get frequent touch-ups and the damage it will cause to the skin.

Your Beard May Look Unnatural

If not done properly, your beard may look unnatural. There are a lot of things you should take into consideration to eliminate the risk of this happening such as the color of the dye, the quality of the dye, how you apply it, how you maintain it and more.

The bottom line is that you should find the right beard dye that makes your beard look natural and not weird.

It needs a frequent touch-up.

A frequent touch-up on the beards is required because the dye doesn’t have a permanent effect on the beards, and in no time, the new hair will grow out, and the dye will start fading. A regular retouching of the beards is necessary to maintain the desired look. This process is stressful and also not economical.

Damage to the skin

Prolonged use of beard dye on the skin can lead to irritations in different parts of the face like the eyes and nose, leading to respiratory problems.

Beard dye also damages the skin, and it’s often inevitable. This results from certain compounds in the dye, which help the dye run through the hair properly and is a lasting effect.

Beard dye is a suitable fix for men wishing to dye the beard for various reasons, but it’s essential to know that continuous or prolonged use will damage not just the skin but some vital parts around the face.

Will My Beard Still Look Natural?

Having a natural-looking beard after dyeing depends on the quality of the dye, the dye color, the procedure used to apply, and the quantity applied. Before proceeding to dye the beards, one must be sure of the type of dye and probably also get good reviews before use.

Natural hair has some tonal variations that you may be unable to achieve by dyeing. Regardless, one can get excellent results with proper understanding and guidance. It is often advised to get a dye color slightly lighter than the color of the beards to maintain a natural look even after dyeing.

Getting the right dye is essential, but getting the proper technique and the quantity to apply is more critical. It is safe to meet a professional if you’re unsure of getting it right.

There’s no harm in doing this. Avoid very dark dyes as it often gives an unnatural look and creates an obvious contrast among various skin types.

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Can You Dye Your Beard If It’s Short?

david beckham stubble beard

Short beards would be impossible to dye with the use of a dye that contains some chemicals that will cause irritations and burns to the skin. Also, dyeing a short beard might not take in the dye properly.

The only safe recommendation for dyeing short beards is to use hypoallergenic beard dye free of harsh chemicals because dyeing a short beard means it will have close contact with the skin.

It’s important to know that the skin on the face is susceptible; therefore, great care should be taken while dyeing a short beard.

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How Often Should You Dye Your Beard?

There is no fixed duration of time for this, but there are two determinants; The level of beard growth and the lasting effect of the dye used. For permanent beard dye, it could last for a while.

It’s best to retouch it once it starts to fade away. With semi-permanent dyes, the beard dye could last for a period spanning between 4 to 6 weeks.

So, dyeing could be done again after 4 to 6 weeks. Some beard dye starts fading earlier and the effect of this most times is a result of rapid hair growth.

It’s best to retouch the beards once fading occurs but not excessively to avoid irritations and other effects.

How Can I Get Rid Of Beard Dye If I Don’t Like It?

Sometimes the color you’ve imagined in your head doesn’t look as cool as you expected it to, and that feeling of regret may set in.

Thankfully, even the most permanent of beard dyes can be washed off. If you are tired of the beard dye or don’t love the outcome and want to revert to your natural look, you can get rid of it by seeing a professional or using DIY solutions.

Some factors to consider in reversing the effects of beard dye include how long the dye has been on the beards, the type of beard dye, and the hair follicle’s porosity level. For permanent dyes, it might not be so easy to remove them by mere washing with shampoo, unlike other types of dyes which might eventually go after thorough washing.

We have also created a full article on how to remove beard dye properly. You can read it here.

The easiest way to reverse the effect of permanent dyes is to book an appointment with a professional. There are also other alternatives at home that you can use.

1. Baking soda and water

Baking soda is a natural cleaning agent that will fade off the dye when appropriately used. The process is a simple one. Get a teaspoon of baking soda into a bowl and add enough water to make it become a paste. Be careful when adding water to avoid it from being watery.

After getting a paste out, apply gently on the beards, spread, and massage. Be gentle while massaging to avoid irritations. Let the paste stay for about 20 minutes, and then rinse off properly.

You can repeat this process with the use of plain white vinegar. Before applying on the face, it’s safe to do a patch test. The test often requires you to apply the removal mixture to other body parts to test if your skin will react to the mixture.

If it shows no form of reaction, one can proceed with use. The introduction of shampoo to the mixture is a safe one. This will reduce the effect the mixture might have on the skin.

2. Beard Shampoo

Beard shampoo is ideal for removing temporary dyes and will have you back to your natural look in a few minutes.

You may also consider getting a hair color removal to save you the hassle of walking around with a beard color you dislike.

Do Women Like Men With Gray Beards?

This particular question is based on preference. Gray hair stands for different symbols. It shows a sign of maturity, a level of experience, and a sense of security.

Various studies, surveys, and research has shown that about 72% of women love men with gray beards, provided they still look attractive and do not look too old.

The reason is that some women feel safer around older men because they could pass for a father figure, and it also portrays a level of maturity among men with gray beards.

Although, some women prefer when some of the beards are gray and not everything.

Some other women generally like bearded men and will take whatever color is available as long as you’re well groomed. Other women may also be biased against beards and prefer clean-shaven men. In honesty, you never know what to expect with the female folk, but one thing is certain, you’re never fully dressed without a beard.

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To Sum Things Up – Should Men Dye Their Beards?

It is totally up to you if you will choose to dye your beard. I would suggest you do what makes you feel more confident.

If you find your gray beard attractive, don’t dye it!

On the other hand, if you feel more confident without the gray hair then absolutely go for it.

Most of the time, gray beards look good and give you a more mature look that women find extremely attractive. But, if you are very young and you wanna dye your beard you can do that as well.

If you choose to dye your beard, keep in mind that there are no permanent dyes that last forever and that you should dye your beard, again and again, every month or so to keep its color fresh.

And that’s really all I have to say about this topic. I really don’t want to tire you with unnecessary details. I hope you found this article helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be glad to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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