How To Trim Your Beard Without Making A Mess

I get it. Some of us want or have to trim our beards quite often. For example, stubble beard styles require trimming each and every week.

But every time we trim our beards we make a mess…

Trim Your Beard Without Making A Mess

Is there a way around it?

In short, there are many tricks you can do to trim your beard without making a mess:

  1. Use A Beard Apron.
  2. Use A Vacuum Beard Trimmer.
  3. Cover the Sink (Towell, Newspaper, Toilet paper strips, Trash bag)
  4. Trim your Beard Outside-(with a small cheap mirror)
  5. In the Shower (non-fogging mirror)

After interviewing hundreds of men, these are the most common ways to prevent making a mess when you trim your beard.

In this article, we will discuss each one of them and let you know how to minimize the amount of mess we make in our space. We will also answer other possibly related questions you may have around the topic.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Ways To Prevent Making A Mess While Trimming Your Beard

1. Using A Beard Apron

A beard apron is just a piece of cloth that you can place around your neck from one side and it can be attached to the mirror from the other.

It is very useful if you are a very careless guy and you don’t want to have to clean after trimming.

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Some men don’t even care about it. They just trim their beards above the sink and they clean for 1-2 minutes the sink and maybe the floor and they are done. It is another option.

But for those of you that do not want to clean anything and neither listen to your girlfriends shouting at you, beard aprons are quite good and also very inexpensive.

2. Use A Vaccum Beard Trimmer

Vacuum beard trimmers are not new. They have been on the market for quite some time. But still, some men tend to forget they exist!

Vacuum beard trimmers are just normal trimmers that have one additional feature that other trimmers don’t. They utilize vacuum technology to collect beard hair before falling down so that you don’t have to deal with the cleanup. In short, vacuum beard trimmers use detachable chambers to prevent hair from falling off during the trimming process.

However, some of you may wonder…

Hey, Tasos, but do vacuum beard trimmers actually work?

To be crystal clear with you, vacuum beard trimmers do not collect ALL hair. But, they are able to keep around 90-95% of it. I think for most of us, this is enough.

I mean you ain’t gonna trim your facial hair in your living room or anything like that. You will still either do it in the bathroom or outside.

But, you won’t have to clean as much and if you are in your bathtub or over the sink you probably won’t have to do anything else other than open the water to clean the sink a little bit.

Literally, 5 seconds!

Now, if you are wondering which are the best vacuum trimmers to choose from, I will give you some examples. But, I won’t tire you with a ton of details about them. This is not the point of this article.

Best Vacuum Beard Trimmers

Check these out if you are interested in vacuum beard trimmers.

#Best Overall

Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 7200 with Vacuum

#Best Affordable Option

Remington Hc6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

#Cheaper But Great Alternative

Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit

In this blog (you already know if you read us long enough) we value our readers way more than our potential earnings.

Another time that I will prove that to you is today.

These trimmers are actually the best vacuum beard trimmers.

However, they are not the best beard trimmers in general. What I mean by that is that if let’s say a vacuum trimmer costs $60 it is certain that there are trimmers without a vacuum that cost $60 which are much much better than this one.

And also, you can find a better trimmer than a vacuum trimmer that costs $60 with only $40 or $50.

Now, you have to give this answer to yourself.

How much do you value the prevention of a potential mess in your bathroom?

I know that many of you will get discouraged to buy by what I am saying about vacuum beard trimmers but I want to be clear and honest both with myself and with all of you.

I know I miss out on sales with what I am doing. But, honestly, I do not care. If you want a trimmer and wanna show me some love you can click one of my links and buy something from Amazon within 24h.

But keep my advice about vacuum trimmers and choose wisely.

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Let’s move on.

3. Cover the Sink With Various Things (Towell, Newspaper, Toilet paper strips, Trash bag)

This is the most commonly used method. According to my research, most men that actually care about not making a mess(because many of us don’t) cover their sinks with something.

Some cool ideas to cover your sink are:

  • A towel you don’t need
  • An old newspaper
  • Some Toilet paper strips
  • Or even a trash bag

In my opinion, the best one is a towel. Just place it over your sink, trim your beard, and then just go to your balcony and shake it. Most hair will fall. (Don’t let your neighbors know!)

Then, throw the towel in the washing machine. Done!

I think all of these ideas are legit. Maybe the worst one is the trash bags because they will be made of plastic most often. You may care or you may not care about the environment but I just give you another perspective.

4. Trim Your Beard Outside Your House

Not everyone has this option. Some of you may have a backyard while others do not.

And yeah, it is not that cool to trim your beard at a random public place. I wouldn’t recommend that!

Never mind you get the point. If you have a place that you can shave without annoying anyone just go for it.

What you will need if you choose this method to keep your house clean, is a shaving mirror. Just a small cheap one will be just fine. Remember you won’t have the luxury of your bathroom. With one hand you ”ll keep the mirror and with the other one the trimmer.

Super easy.

5. Trim Your Beard In The Bathtub

Trim Your Beard Without Making A Mess
Trimming Your Beard In A Bathtub

Last but not least, many men prefer to trim their beards in their bathtubs before they take a shower in order to minimize beard trimming mess.

This option is also great but again you have to keep a shaving mirror unless your bathtub is opposite to your large bath mirror. Preferably, your mirror would be a fogless one. It helps if someone took a shower prior to you or you want the water running for some reason.

Be careful. Most trimmers are not waterproof. Don’t mess it up, please.

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How To Trim Beard Without Clogging Sink

I get it. As a man, you can’t stand cleaning and you want to get out of the bathroom as soon as possible.

But please, keep in mind that if when you collect beard hair from beard bibs, vacuum trimmers, towels, newspapers, etc you have to throw it into the rubbish bin.

Don’t just throw it in your sink if it is too much. If not, it is fine. Plumbing costs are high. You already bought a trimmer or other things and you don’t wanna pay someone to fix your sink, do you?

Throwing head or beard hair in a sink or even brushing our beard or hair in the sink is not a very clever idea.

Of course, if you shave outside you won’t face this problem as well.

All of these methods we have discussed if used correctly prevent beard hair from clogging the sink.

To Sum Things Up

There are plenty of ways that can prevent a potential mess when you are trying to trim your awesome beard.

A beard bib or apron, a vacuum beard trimmer, something that can cover the sink, trimming your beard outside, and shaving in the bathtub are just some great ideas that most men use daily. Each one has pros and cons but all of them work fine. Choose according to your preferences.

Personally, I just trim my beard in the sink if I don’t want to cut much. Then, I throw some water and I am done. If 7 hairs fall to the floor, my robot vacuum cleaner will take care of it. I don’t give …much attention.

If I want to trim it much and I know I will make a mess I just use a towel. But I do it very rarely.

Before we go, remember that vacuum beard trimmers do work and they collect most hair but they compromise quality. However, the 3 trimmers we saw above are pretty ok.

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And that’s it for today…I really hope you found this article helpful and interesting cause I tried my best to serve you.

If you have any questions or you just wanna share your thoughts feel free to comment below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe and happy grooming gentlemen,


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