Best Gift Ideas For Bearded Men: He Will Love Em

Are you perplexed about buying a gift that would show your true emotions, affection, and concern for your bearded guy? Is there some special occasion coming along? Like anniversary, wedding day, birthday, or Valentine’s day and you want to make him feel cared for and valued?

If you answered yes to any of these questions this article is for you!

best beard gifts for bearded men

Men’s facial hair that came out of style for much of the mid-1900s, is now getting popular day by day. It is associated with craftsmen of all stripes and blue-collar work, the beard got the spotlight in 2014 when it was announced 2014 that beards are making news in the boardroom.

In short, the best gift ideas for men with beards are:

  • Beard Grooming Kit
  • Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Beard trimming tool
  • Pre-shave oil
  • Beard Oil gift pack
  • Shaving Brush
  • Leave-in beard conditioner
  • A pack of shaving soap with shaving cream bowl
  • Beard Shaping kit
  • A Beard Mug
  • A reliable body & beard trimmer
  • Beard Comb
  • T-Shirt With Beard Quotes
  • A Book About Beards

If you want to learn more about these ideas, how a bearded man can benefit from them, and exactly which items and brands we recommend, keep reading!

Let’s get started!

Why Do Bearded Men Love Gifts For Their Beards?

best beard ideas for men with beards

Gifts for men who love beards can be challenging, as far as I know. I don’t wait for others to buy me things I love, and I like buying things by myself that are my style.

But, at festivals and gift-giving holidays, I’m always asked “what do you want?” as my friends and family know that I’m really picky and everybody thinks that I already have the things that they were planning to buy for me.

Growing a beard is something really important for some men. Facial hair becomes a treasured possession of us. It boosts our confidence and improves our appearance pretty significantly.

However, in order to look good wearing a beard, we should not skip grooming.

Many men think that growing a beard is easy but in reality things are different.

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Some guys avoid flexing the bathroom sink into a clearing home of oils, scissors, soaps, conditioners, pomades, tweezers, and razors. But there’s no other way to maintain professional and attractive beards without taking care of them.

Let’s have a look at the 14 best gift ideas for men who love beards.

14 Best Gift Ideas For Men With Beards

  1. Beard Grooming Kit

There are many beard kits that come with several essentials for an invincible beard grooming experience. These kits include top-quality beard wash available in various fragrances, as well as premium quality bread butter and especially developed beard oil.

A beard kit can be a perfect gift for those who enjoy fishing, hiking, traveling, hunting, etc. You can choose a beard kit containing a fragrance that your man would adore.

Here is our best recommended beard grooming kit.

  1. Double Edge Safety Razor

At times, innovation is not needed. Hair grooming companies have launched outstanding safety razors. You can tell your man to dump the cartridge shaving systems which pluck at the skin, causing ingrown hairs, hold bacteria, and above all cost much money.

This razor makes an ideal gift for men who love beards as it can be cost-effective and has a flex hinge for facial contouring.

Here is our best recommended double edge safety razor.

  1. Beard trimming tool

When a man has a beard that requires trimming, a razor can never be enough. You first need a trimmer to cut it short and then attack the hair off with a good razor.

A beard trimming tool like Norelco Multigroom by Philips can be a perfect gift for men who love beards. You can read our full review on the best but affordable Philips trimmer.

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This groomer is multi-functional and can trimer ear and nose hair and can run for 5 hours when connected after charging.

  1. Pre-shave oil

Often neglected but extremely important, pre-shave oil is applied before shaving cream to create a friction-free layer above the skin.

This is the best gift for guys who have a constellation of razor bumps on their neck.

Here is our recommended pre-shave oil.

  1. Beard Oil gift pack

It can be a perfect gift for a bearded man. There are several companies that have launched starter packs of beard oils containing 3-5 different beard oils like clary sage, pine & cedar, and sandalwood.

They smell amazing. Beard oil can restore the shine and softness of a man’s beard and it’s the biggest bonus when the odor and feeling they deliver is divine. Beard oils can now be made at home, and you can do that for your man to make it more thoughtful.

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Here is our top recommendation.

  1. Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes produce chromatic whips while lifting and softening facial hair before a shave. Companies have introduced handmade shaving brushes like Edwin Jagger Handmade Silvertip badger.

This handmade brush is loved for holding more water and cream into it. As a gift, it will help protect your friend’s face.

  1. A Beard T-Shirt

A t-shirt with a clever beard quote or a beard picture is one of my favorites, to be honest. Beard grooming products are necessary but a shirt can be really fun! I think your man will love it!

There are a ton of wonderful T-shirts you can choose from or even create one yourself but here is one we find awesome.

  1. A book about beards

Books are awesome. That’s not debatable for me. However, some men will respect a good book while others simply don’t like them! If your bearded guy wants to learn about his facial hair, then a good book is a very nice gift for him!

Obviously, what may be a good book for me might not be a good book for you but if you want my opinion you can check out this book.

  1. Leave-in beard conditioner

A leave-in beard conditioner will make your man’s beard softer with an exotic smell and he will adore this gift. There’s a very popular beard conditioner by Billy Jealousy in the market carrying fantastic odor and superb reviews.

It will help reduce the coarseness of his beard hair. Looks like a promising beard-conditioner and a winning gift.

  1. A pack of shaving soap with shaving cream bowl

All-inclusive drugstore shaving soaps/foams usually dry out a man’s skin and are full of irritants. It’s ideal to use shaving foams which need a brush and little work to formulate a lather appropriate for shaving, but paying for it worth it.

Nowadays shaving creams are available with their own wooden bowls like Taylor of Old Bond Street.

  1. Beard Shaping kit

The beard shaping kit is a fun add-on regiment to manscape the lumberjack-worthy look on his face.

This would make a stunning gift or stocking stuffer present for your beard man and is easily available. You can add perfectly to his manscape and beard beauty.

  1. A Beard Mug

There are hilarious beard mugs available online. He will fall in love with a beard mug with an innovative quote.

Moreover, you can add his favorite candies or beans into the cup and enfold it in cellophane to showcase your handmade crafting skills.

  1. A reliable body & beard trimmer

Choose a trimmer that is not only dependable for style points but also for its ergonomic design, easy-washing head, convenience, and rubberized grip.

14. Beard Comb

If your man has a long beard, a beard comb would be the necessity to style and maintain the order of an unruly beard. A beard comb can keep your beard hair from sticking out, train your beard to grow in the right direction, cover patchy areas, etc.

Beard combs are very affordable and extremely helpful.

Here is our best recommended beard comb.


I hope with these 14 gift ideas for men who love beards you got the point. Stun the bearded man in your circle with one of the above-mentioned gift ideas on occasions from weddings, Christmas, and birthdays, you name it.

We hope you found some interesting gift ideas and inspiration today!

And if you want to save this post to keep the best gift ideas for his birthday or any other special event like Valentine’s day or anniversary, you can share this post to your FB/Twitter or Pinterest account, save it, and find it later.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

That’s all for now!

Happy Grooming Beard lovers!

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