Best Beard Trimmers Under $30: [Tested]

Searching for the best beard trimmer to get a perfectly manicured beard?

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best beard trimmers under $30

In this article, we enlist the best beard trimmers under $30 to get you the lavish, luxurious look without breaking the bank.

When it comes to styling either a stubble or long beard, the difference between an overgrown unkempt beard, a messy beard, and a modern and stylish look is often a minor one.

Some people without beards think that beard grooming only requires daily shaving, however, men with well-groomed beards understand that it’s not that simple.

The trick lies in having the best beard trimmer that will work best for YOU. Unfortunately, finding the perfect beard trimmer for you is a demanding task, given the hundreds of beard trimmer brands and hundreds of razors available in the market.

Luckily, we have made it easy for you!

With our list of best beard trimmers under $30, you can buy a cheap beard trimmer with almost all the accessories, quality, and cutting power of high-priced beard trimmers.

In short, the best beard trimmers under $30 are;

  1. Philips Norelco Beard & Stubble Trimmer
  2. Suprenant Beard Trimmer Kit
  3. Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom
  4. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum
  5. Wahl beard trimmer

If you want to keep your beard look attractive and groomed cost-effectively, we have the best tools that you must have in your grooming arsenal.

Let’s discuss them in detail!

Why Are Beard Trimmers Essential For Men Nowadays?

best beard trimmers under $30

First things first, no matter what your beard style is, there isn’t a more helpful grooming product than a beard trimmer. I mean you can replace or make beard oil at home, you can also try to straighten your beard naturally and even try to comb it without a beard comb.

It is not optimal but you can do those things. What you can’t do, though, is trim your beard without a high-quality trimmer.

Tons of accessories can keep you feeling refreshed and stylish without leaving the house, but looking for products like beard and body trimmers can be challenging.

First, it’s crucial to decide your purpose because these grooming tools work differently. Some of them are good for short beards, and some work great for long, thick, or patchy beards.

All beard styles need to be neat, but they are not created the same way.

“No matter what you are searching for – everything from short stubble to gloriously long beard – a beard trimmer is all you need. Maybe, you’d prefer to have a neater five o’clock shadow or a short stubble with a square jawline. Whichever beard style you are interested in, the beard trimmer you pick for it matters.”

Think of trimming your head hair and facial hair more often; a good trimmer keeps your beard from looking rowdy & wild and makes it easy to maintain and groom.

Presently, every man strives to look attractive. All of us want to improve the way we look.

A high-quality beard trimmer can handle a lot of problems while a bad trimmer will often be a headache for you.

Finding a perfect beard trimmer can feel like a Goldilocks-like adventure, as they all made of different materials, and they have different functions.

Do you want a trimmer that can change the length and can do it all? Or you want one that can give clean lines and sharp shape every time?

Before we discuss the trimmers one by one let us tell you a few things about what distinguishes a good from a bad trimmer. This will help you make better decisions not only today but also every time you buy a new trimmer.

Let’s get into it!

What Makes A Beard Trimmer Good?

what makes a trimmer good

Beard trimmers must-have features are features essential for bearded men to groom their beards properly.

Most trimmers are available with a clip-on comb to help manage long beard and smaller, more adaptable settings to lock in your preferred look.

Moreover, it’s critical to understand the difference between beard trimmers and electric shavers. There are some hybrid trimmers, but mostly grooming kits are designed to trim facial hair or shaving but not both.

I mean barbers have both. You don’t need both. You just need a good trimmer.

Electric razors are particularly intended to assist you in maintaining a clean shave look regularly. They almost replace your safety blades and disposable razors.

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As you search for a beard trimmer, you will have several options.

Here are some of the best features you should consider when buying a good beard trimmer.

  1. Material – the material and durability of the unit’s blade will influence how long the beard trimmer will last. Titanium coated blades are recommended.
  2. Attachmentsattachments are extremely important when choosing your beard trimmer. A beard trimmer with few accessories is one-dimensional. You need your trimmer to be precise. It is vital. Choose trimmers that can trim your beard at various lengths at least from 0,5mm to 12mm.
  3. Motor – Motor is the most important feature of a trimmer. A trimmer with adequate power to cut thick hair without pulling hair. A beard trimmer that pulls hair and mustache is bad no matter how many guards it has.
  4. Battery life and indicator – if you like to buy a cordless beard trimmer, you should keep in mind that batteries last for a short period of time, like 1-2 hour. However, some trimmers last for 30 minutes only, and the drained battery could be a problem. Thus, try to buy a beard trimmer with a charge indicator and long battery
  5. Weight and grip – Obviously you don’t want your trimmer to be heavy. It is not the most important thing you should look for but it is a nice feature to have.
  6. Price – Pricing is also a very significant factor when choosing a trimmer. Hopefully, beard trimmers are not that expensive especially compared to head clippers. The one we recommend, in general, costs around $55.
  7. Washable and easy to clean – If you are using your trimmer quite often you will soon realize you need to clean it regularly. Being able to wash it makes your life much easier. Doesn’t it?

5 Best Beard Trimmers Under $30 (Pros and Cons)

There are tons of trimmers available in the market, but the goal is to get the best one at reasonable prices. Therefore, we have chosen five trimmers under $30.

Stay with me!

#Our Pick Philips Norelco Beard & Stubble Trimmer

This beard trimmer doesn’t have separate guards for you to place. It has. Its main characteristic is that it has a zoom wheel that helps you choose the right length. This saves space in case you want to carry it and you don’t have any fear of losing or forgetting to pick up a guard or two.


  • This beard trimmer has 10 adjustable length settings at 3/64 (1mm) increments.
  • Its battery life is one and a half hours (longer than most other trimmers at this price range) and it also provides an indicator for you to be able to see when it needs charging.

There are a lot of men who complain that their trimmer doesn’t have this option.

To be honest, we were a bit in doubt about this Phillips Norelco trimmer, but after using it, it quickly became one of our favorite trimming tools.

  • Blades have rounded tips that let you trim your facial hair smoothly. Also, its 2x steel blades are self-sharpening which makes this tool last longer.

Keep in mind that the most important issue that cheap trimmers have is that despite the fact they do work ok at the beginning, they stop working very early on.

  • Finally, this tool has a nice grip and it is easy to clean.


  • It may create a mess in your bathroom. Stay near the sink. You may need to trim multiple times a specific area for best results. But, it doesn’t pull hair.

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All in all, an amazing trimmer at this mid to low price range.

#Runner-Up Suprenant Beard Trimmer Kit

This trimmer is strongly suggested for its supreme quality and durability. It has top-quality attachments and has a full kit with an extra head-to-nose hair trimmer.

The trimmer weighs 1.38 pounds and offers a nose hair trimmer, mustache trimmer, and other heads. It consists of a charging dock that ignores messy best beard trimmer below 30 wire. It is available with 420-grade stationary blades and stainless-steel moving blades.

It includes 11 combs which is not amazing but it is bad.

Its battery lasts for 1 hour and it is cordless.

  • Pros – the dock is extremely easy to use. It keeps hair soft.
  • Cons – the shaver is not good. The nose trimmer is relatively short.

All in all, this is a great trimmer at this price point. I would like it to have more guards and a better motor though.

#Best Value For Money Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom

Phillips is one of the most well-known brands for beard trimmers. Everyone knows that. This beard trimmer features a friendly design with various useful add-ons and just the perfect amount of power required for precise grooming and comfort.

Having tested nearly every beard trimmer available on the market, this one is my favorite when it comes to quality but also extremely low price.

The package contains everything that a man could ask for.


  • With a slim design, the trimmer can stand in a small cabinet or upright on a countertop.
  • It’s an all-purpose hair, beard, and body trimmer.
  • It consists of 13 combs, 3 guards for beard and 1 for stubble beard, 3 different widths for the head, and a nose hair trimmer.
  • Battery life is 1 hour which is ok for that cheap of a trimmer.


  • This trimmer is very good for short beards. Not the best one for long facial hair.
  • No battery indicator

Obviously, these cons are only compared to other products at the same price range. If you compare this to a very high-quality yet more expensive beard trimmer it will lack in every category (motor, blades, battery, weight, etc)

# Budget Option Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut and Beard Trimmer

Remington provides its users a lot of attachments with multiple functions. It is another very recognizable and professional brand.

The Remington HKVAC2000A trimmer can be equally used both on hair and on beards.


  • It includes 6 different combs
  • An amazing dual motor,
  • A cleaning brush and much more (18 piece kit)

It is also able to capture 90% of the cut hair which makes cleaning much easier. (vacuum system)


  • More powerful but less precise compared to Phillips Norelco.

#Also Great Wahl beard trimmer

Wahl has made plenty of efforts to create this remarkable product for its outstanding performance and precision. The product holds really high quality and comes at the top whenever supreme-quality affordable beard trimmers are named.

Wahl is a well-known brand for creating beard trimmers with great success. Wahl 5622 is an amazing product that is used by thousands of men daily.


  • This trimmer is easy to handle, and it also offers precise trimming.
  • It can work while it is charging which is a big deal when you want to use it for an extended period of time. Of course, it can also trim the rest of your body relatively well.
  • The package includes stainless steel blades,14 different trimming lengths, 3 stubble, and 3 hair combs.


  • This trimmer is a bit loud and small if you have big hands. Some men do have hair pulled but it is rare and the technique matters a lot.

All in all, it is an excellent trimmer for its price. Obviously, it is far from perfect but you can’t find better trimmers than those we recommend here after testing most trimmers on the market.

I tried to enlist the top beard trimmers with the best features and low prices; I hope you will get one that fulfills your requirements and is the best match for your needs.

Please keep in mind that these companies can alter their prices at any given time. For example, one product that now may cost $30 in 3 years may cost $25 or $35.

How Often Should You Trim Your Beard?

I would love to answer this question in two parts. First off, you should decide what your growth goals are? Secondly, do you want stubble or a long beard?

Although there are no hard and fast rules about how often you should do the trimming session, you’ll more likely need to do at least one time per month.

You can trim your beard a little bit each time. You don’t have to shorten it.

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The answer to the question is;

If you intend to grow your beard into a longer and thicker one, I’d suggest trimming every two months. This will be enough to keep your facial hair healthy and let them grow. However, if you want to maintain and groom it at the same time, cut it every 3-4 weeks.”

Although beard lovers see the shears as enemies, they can genuinely be your beard’s well-wishers. Keep your goals in mind, and then set a trimming schedule for your beard.

To Sum Up

In this article, we discussed the best beard trimmers under $30.

Finding a budget beard trimmer is not a walk in the park.

However, we did our best to find the best options for you. While all of them do have their drawbacks, they are the best in this price range.

Check them all and see which one fits you the most.

We also discussed another important topic which is ”what makes a good trimmer”. This will help you choose trimmers and form your own opinion rather than listening to other people that may want to sell you on a specific product.

That’s it for today’s article. I really hope you found it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to reply.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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