Buzz Cut No Guard: How To Get Buzz Cut Without A Guard, Pictures, Length

Are you interested in learning about the number 0 buzz cut or as also know the buzz cut no guard, how to get it properly, if you will look good and more?

If yes, you are in the right place!

buzz cut no guard

While many men prefer longer haircuts, buzz cut styles have been trending like crazy nowadays.

However, with the number of buzz cut styles we have, it often gets challenging to pick the right style for ourselves.

That’s why we are going to talk about buzz cut without a guard.

By the end of this article, we want you to know if this haircut is for you and also how to get it at home!

In short, buzz cut no guard is the buzz cut number 0. It is the closest you can get to look bald, but it isn’t shaving your hair completely. You will use the clipper but without any guard to get this look.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of trying the buzz cut no guard, who is this haicut for, its length, its step by step process and much more.

So, let’s get straight into it!

What Is The Buzz Cut No Guard: Hair Length?

buzz cut no guard length

The shortest buzz cut is buzz cut, no guard, or in other words, zero buzz cut. It requires no guard whatsoever.

Just use the clippers, and you will get a bald fade look. This hair cut will have a 1/16-inch hair length.

This should give you a clear idea about how short it is going to be. If you like the bald fade look, buzz cut no guard could be the right style for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that since you won’t use any guard, the length may vary from device to device. But then the length is going to be the shortest.

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Who Is The Buzz Cut No Guard For?

Buzz cut no guard gives you a strikingly different look. You may or may not be going bald, but if you like the bald head look, you can definitely try buzz cut no guard.

However, since it is the closest you can get to look bald, buzz cut no guard is undoubtedly an excellent option for balding men.

Even men with thinning or receding hairline issues can try buzz cut no guard. Since your hair will become so short, no one will even realize that you have hair problems or are going bald.

Balding men can try buzz cut no guard because it can be a good transition for them.

We understand that society has different beauty standards, but balding is a natural phenomenon. Unless you have the money to go for a hair transplant surgery, buzz cut no guard will be a great option.

This look will allow you to accept reality.

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Also, the short buzz cut is extremely good for people who don’t have time or do not want to waste time in front of their mirror to style their hair.

Buzz cut style is easy. You just wake up, you wash your head, dry it and you are ready to start your day! Literally in 2 minutes!

Pros Of Buzz Cut Without A Guard

Everybody seems to be hung-up on hair. Well, just like we said, society has different beauty standards, and it’s so hard to break the norms!

All of us are so fixated with how a man should look like, wear, and even behave. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion about men, especially when it comes to their hairstyle choices.

We, unfortunately, grow up this way, and hence nothing much can be done about it. But it’s time to change the norm.

Bring in a style that will change the way people have perceived men’s hairstyle, and that style is buzz cut without a guard.

Fashion and style evolve when you break normalcy and try something different. When you wear and embrace a style as your own, you only become the center of attraction.

We care about our hair, right, so before going for a buzz cut without guard, why not get to know about its benefits?

Buzz Cut Without Guard Saves Your Money
No Need To Worry About Balding
No to Minimal Maintenance
It Saves You Time
  • Buzz Cut Without Guard Saves Your Money
buzz cut benefits

You hear it, right, guys! Buzz cut without guards will set you free from using all the expensive hair grooming products.

If you want to style your hair the minimum products you need are a hairdryer and a hair styling product like a matte paste which is not cheap if it is good.

You will probably need a brush, preferably a brush that can be used to straighten your hair a little bit.

There is no need to worry about combing your hair, getting your dirty while roaming around the town, and neither you have to worry about the hair getting oily, if you have a buzz cut 0!

Longer hair means more money spending at a barbershop trying to fix the look. On top of everything, the number of hair products you will have to use will cost you extra.

Fade haircuts don’t last for long. Most men to maintain their fade haircut visit their barber at least twice a month.

As you can easily understand, the costs add up really quickly here.

The buzz cut without guard totally eliminates the need for using most hair products. Apply some hair balm to keep your scalp feel hydrated and soft, and that will do it.

Also, while stepping out, don’t forget to rub some sunscreen lotion on your scalp too, if it is summer.

  • No Need To Worry About Balding
buzz cut pros

If you are balding, here’s something that will make you happy. No need to shave your head; just get a buzz cut without a guard. Along with your balding areas, gray hairs will hide as well when you cut your hair to the buzz cut 0 length.

The more hair you will have on your scalp, the more noticeable your balding problem will become. Buzz cut without guard benefits balding men tremendously.

I mean I have many friends that used to have hair on the sides only. And I kept telling them ”go get a buzz cut, you look like my grandpa!”

Eventually, they listened to me and their life changed. Their confidence went up and they are more optimistic about their future and their appearance.

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  • No to Minimal Maintenance

If you don’t like to groom yourself much, get a buzz cut without guard. Forget about how-to tutorials that you see online. This cut will not ask for any maintenance, although your scalp skin will.

You will have to trim your hair once every two weeks to keep the look intact. And to keep your scalp skin hydrated and smoothly apply some hair balm, and you are good to go!

  • It Saves You Time
buzz cut advantages

There are many men who are really busy. But also, there are those who really want to spend their time on more significant things for them.

And that is ok!

Having a short buzz cut haircut makes your life easier. You don’t have to worry about washing your hair before styling, maybe straightening your hair, applying the paste or the pomade, brushing it, and much more.

You don’t even care how your hair looks today, because guess what. Every day it will look the same!

Now, isn’t that fantastic?

How To Do Buzz Cut No Guard Step By Step?

Those who want to know how to go for a buzz cut no guard style go through the instructions. The only thing that you will need is a clipper, and that’s about it.

Step-By-Step-Instructions How To Get Buzz Cut No Guard

Step 1: Wash your hair

You might think that you are going for a buzz cut number 0; why on earth do you need to wash your hair? Here’s why! Clean hair is always easier to cut. So, go to the washroom, and wash your hair.

While washing your hair, try to exfoliate the scalp as well. This way, your scalp will be free from grime, dead cells, and dirt lingering deep inside the skin.

Step 2: Go Grab Your Clippers

Now that your hair is wet, it’s time to grab your clipper. Use good quality clippers only, that won’t hurt your skin.

You will be trimming your hair close to your scalp skin. Hence you need to be sure that the clipper is working perfectly fine.

You will also need to repeat the process every 1-2 weeks. So, your hair clippers will be your best friend.

If need be, clean the clipper before using it. See if the blades are cleaned or not. While trimming your hair, make sure that you look at yourself in the mirror. You need to see your scalp while trimming your hair.

Remember, sometimes clippers need maintenance. (not very often) Keep it clean, sterilize it (especially if you also cut your friends’ hair), apply some hair clipper oil.

Step 3: Prepare the place that hair will fall

This step is crucial because your girlfriend or wife will hate you! We tend to believe that hairs will fall in the sink but this is far from reality!

Put something on the floor such as old newspapers or something similar. Another idea is to cut your hair inside your bathtub if it is big enough.

All in all, remember you are not at the barbershop. Cleaning the mess will be a thing if you are not careful. You thank me later for this tip!

Step 3: Begin Trimming From the Sides and Move Towards The Top

Even though this technique is debatable, we still feel that trimming your hair from the sides helps. Once you trim your hair from the sides, you will understand clearly how much hair needs to be removed from the top.

Take the clipper close to the roots. Make sure that you remove the guards. The thumb rule is to cut your hair against the direction of your hair. While trimming the hair behind your ears, be extremely cautious.

You don’t want to get cut but you also don’t want to leave some long hairs around your ears. This would be a nightmare.

Don’t think about getting it perfect at one go; nobody is perfect. Just start trimming your hair first, and if required, run the clipper all over your head again wherever you see extra patches of hair.

Step 4: Time to Trim Neck and Back of Your Head

Once the sides and top are done, it is time to grab a handheld mirror and start trimming hairs from the back of your head and neck. The way you have been trimming the sides and top, you need to follow the same approach.

While trimming your hair, stop in between and feel your hair to understand how it feels and whether all the areas feel the same or not. If not, one more trimming could be required.

While trimming the hair from your neck, be careful because this is a sensitive area. You may ask someone to help you to get rid of the extra hair from your neck.

Step 5: Check and Go Shower

Now that you are done trimming your hair, it is time to take a good look at yourself. See if you see darker patches anywhere on your head.

If you do, take the clipper and trim that area only. The idea is to make the whole haircut look-alike throughout the head.

This is really important. Use a big mirror and good lighting.

After everything is done, and you are satisfied with the new, handsome you, take a shower. And you are done!

Congrats! You have got your first buzz cut!

Last but not least, always remember that practice makes perfect. No one is born good to anything. Trial and error will make you succeed in cutting your own hair!

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Buzz Cut No Guard Vs. Shaved Head

buzz cut vs shaved head

Buzz cut no guard vs. shaved head is kind of an old debate. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while going for either of them.

Buzz cut number 0 is a style that will make you look like you have shaved head but won’t be a shaved head. Your hair roots will still be visible.

However, when it comes to a shaved head, you are literally shaving your head, just like you shave your beard.

Buzz cut 0 is better for slim and athletic physiques, such as Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Adam Lavine. However, a shaved head is a look that will suit more of those who have a masculine physique, for example, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

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The rivalry between the two will never end, but choosing the right look will depend on your personal taste.

Can You Do Buzz Cut With Beard Trimmer?

Can beard trimmers also trim hair

Here’s the good news for everyone. A buzz cut can be done using a good quality beard trimmer. Just make sure that it is clean.

A buzz cut is a relatively easier haircut to do on your own. This means you don’t need to visit any barber.

If you are not searching for a fade haircut, we are confident that you can do it yourself at home with your beard trimmer.

But is this the best thing to do?

Well, if your beard trimmer is really high quality that can trim very short, evenly, then why not?

But, if it is a cheap trimmer, not very powerful, that may leave some uneven areas after the haircut then it is a big No.

Everyone will look at your head immediately. Remember you are nearly bald. Every little detail on your head will be seen.

Especially women have a real talent in detecting these little details and tell you this is not good, I don’t like this or that!

We all have experienced that, haven’t we?

Can You Fade The Buzz Cut No Guard?

buzz cut with fade

Buzz cut no guard is the shortest hairstyle. It will make you look close to being bald.

The maximum length you will have with a buzz cut no guard is 1/16-inch, which is very short.

What can be done for a fading look is completely shaving your sideburns and the back while keeping 1/16-inch on the top.

It is not that easy to fade a number 0 buzz cut. You will most probably need a skillful barber that will shave you with a straight razor.

If you want to have a fade buzz cut, we would suggest you choose a buzz cut number 3 or 4. Even 0,5-1 like Drake does can work.

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Best Hair Clippers For Buzz Cut No Guard

When it comes to choosing a hair clipper these are the factors that you want to keep in mind.

  • Corded Or Cordless
  • How Strong The Clipper Is(Motor)
  • Weight and Handle
  • Variety Of Guards
  • Maintainance Requirements

These are the most important parameters when we choose hair clippers.

Now, let’s see the best of them.

#1 Best On The MarketPanasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper

#2 Runner-up – Wahl Peanut Cordless Clipper/Trimmer

#3 Our Top Budget Option – Philips Series 5000 Norelco Electric Cordless

All of these tools are tested by us and they are very well-known and successful. We would never recommend anything that is not extremely valuable to YOU.


We hope you have found our buzz cut no guard article interesting, and it has inspired you to go for this look.

Just remember that the length is too short; hence, if you are willing to carry an extremely short hairstyle, try it!

If this is your first time trying a buzz cut, we strongly recommend choosing a guard 3-4 for your hair clippers, see the result, and if you want it shorter then just remove the guard and do it.

Remember. We can always trim shorter but when hair is gone, is gone. Obviously it will grow again, but it will need time.

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So, try to cut your hair with a guard just to test the waters and if you are pleased with the result and want more just remove the guard and go for it!

For us, it is always, ”play it safe”!

And…that’s it for today’s article! I really hope you found it helpful and interesting.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to come back to you!

Are you ready to get your first short buzz cut number 0 today?

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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