Mustache Gap: Best Ways To Fix It And Look Good

If you are trying to grow a mustache, we bet you see a gap!

No matter how much you dislike it, but mustache gap is standard. If your mustache gap is playing with your self-confidence and you want to fix it, this article is for you.

mustache gap

Mustache gaps are not uncommon. It is a natural feature and happens in an area known as the philtrum, otherwise known as the cupid’s bow. By styling it in different ways, you can actually hide your mustache gap. There are also ways to make it thicker.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the mustache gap and help you get back your lost confidence.

Let us get straight into it!

What Is A Mustache Gap?

mustache gap

A mustache gap is a natural thing to happen to you. We know that you would like your mustache to be perfect, but the mustache gap is something that many men suffer from.

Take a look at yourself in a mirror. Right above your upper lip and below your nose, you have a region called the cupid’s bow; this is where you will see the gap.

Now, some people may have a more significant gap, while some may have a lesser gap. For men with a lesser gap, hiding it is relatively easy, but things become a little tricky when it comes to the larger gaps.

So, what needs to be done is making your mustache thicker; this is how you will hide the patchiness. But the process will take a good amount of time, which means patience will play a key role.

Some Things To Keep In Mind For Your Mustache

fix mustache gap

When it comes to facial hair and more specifically our mustaches there are a lot of things to realise.

Let’s discuss some of them.

Have You Let Your Mustache Grow?
Are You Old Enough To Worry?
Shaving Facial Hair Doesn’t Make It Thicker

First of all, have you given time for your mustache to grow? If you grow your mustache only for 4-5 days for most men there might be a gap in the middle of your mustache.

Letting your mustache grow will allow your facial hair to cover or hide the gap for the most part. This also applies to patchy areas of your beard.

Secondly, age matters a lot when it comes to growing a full mustache.

In fact, there are even more problems that men deal with such as the mustache not connecting to the beard, or when we grow facial hair unevenly and more…

If you are under 30, just learn that facial hair growth doesn’t stop until then. Now, if you are over 30 chances are not in your favor.

But if you are a teenager or a very young man, just keep in mind that facial hair doesn’t stop filling in sooner than 30 years of age. So, please keep calm.

The last thing I want to talk about is a huge myth that surprisingly millions of people believe in. To be honest, even my parents used to tell me that shaving my mustache and my face will allow me to grow a beard sooner and it will be thicker!

However, multiple studies have shown no correlation between shaving and increased facial hair growth.

So, don’t fall into this trap. The most important thing when it comes to beard and mustache growth is genetics. It is actually 90%. The rest 10% is diet, exercise, environmental parameters, beard care, and more.

Why Some People Have A Mustache Gap?

hide mustache gap

Facial hair, such as your mustache or beard, is made up of thousands of hair follicles. You will start seeing vellus hair on your mustache and beard areas when a boy hits puberty.

Even then, it is less visible; it is only when you start growing the hair in your beard and the mustache region start becoming thicker.

Now, having a mustache gap is actually a natural phenomenon. As your mustache starts becoming more and more thicker, you will notice the gap vividly. The area where your mustache hardly goes is known as the philtrum region.

Why it doesn’t go there will largely depend on your genes, just like why some men have less facial hair and why others have more.

You don’t have a patchy mustache right in the middle; it is the philtrum area. And as per science, this is the area where you will see very little to no hair at all.

What is the philtrum, you ask? Well, it’s the vertical groove that you have underneath the nose and above your upper lips.

So, a mustache gap is not something that you should worry about; however, if you have a large gap, which makes you lose your confidence, and not allowing you to grow your mustache properly, we might have some tips that you can try.

How To Fix Your Mustache Gap?

how to fix mustache gap

See, if your mustache doesn’t grow in the cupid’s bow area, which is the philtrum area, then it won’t grow. So, rather than fussing over it, and feeling upset, find out some ways to fix it on your own.

However, before we share the tips that will help you hide the mustache gap, we want to share a few essential things, which you must follow.

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We know that you would like us to get to the main point, but what is the point of sharing the tips if you are not taking care of your mustache properly?

Whether you have a mustache gap or not, if you are thinking about growing your mustache, you must give it some time. Give it around three to four months, and then see whether your mustache gap is getting hidden or not.

While growing it, don’t make the mistake of trimming it. Minimal clean-ups are fine but don’t cut it or trim it heavily.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is you shouldn’t shave your mustache by any means. Even if you see a mustache gap, you shouldn’t shave it out of disappointment. Keep growing your mustache.

Many men think that when they shave their mustache, it will grow thicker, and it might then fill in the gap. Well, that’s a myth. The only thing that will happen to you once you shave your mustache is no mustache at all.

Now that we have shared two important facts let’s move on to how you can fill your mustache gap.

Those who are seriously concerned about their mustache gap and want to fill it in no matter what, first don’t feel disheartened, and second, we are there to help you.

Tip No. 1: Brush Your Mustache 

Sounds bizarre, right! But this actually happens. When you train your mustache with a brush and keep brushing it in the direction that you want it to grow, the hair follicles change their growth direction.

Since mustache has its own course of growing direction, so unless you train it, it won’t change its course. All you will have to do is brush it with a boar bristle beard brush.

However, don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. The bottom line is to stay patient. Don’t keep checking yourself out in the mirror because the process is relatively slow, and it will only disappoint you more.

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Tip No. 2: Mustache Wax Can Help

Along with brushing your mustaches, there’s another thing that you should do is and that is using mustache wax to get good results.

Mustache wax can help give a nice shape to your mustache and will keep the mustache in place. Apart from mustache wax, you should use beard balm and oil to enhance its health.

However, please note that these products will make your mustache grow better and healthier; they won’t make fill-up the gap, though.

Since you would want to cover the gap, try using mustache wax. Wax will allow you to give your mustache the desired shape that you are looking for.

You can move a few mustache hairs towards your gap, giving it an illusion that you don’t have any gap. Just a small trick that works wonderfully.

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Tip 3: Mustache Fixers And Fillers Will Let You Cover The Gap

When we say mustache fixers, we mean facial glue that you can buy online or offline easily. They are affordable and will let you paste your mustache in place.

We won’t recommend using a fake mustache on top of the gap area because fake hairs can’t be compared with real hair.

Beard fillers also work for mustaches. In short, a beard filler is a product that helps you fill yor mustaches mainly with very little dye to create the illusion that it is fuller that it really.

I am not a huge fan of beard fillers if you have a really patchy beard but for the mustache gap, a beard filler can be a difference maker because the area we want to fix is not large.

You can check out our best recommended beard filler on Amazon.

Tip No. 4: Mustache Needs to be Trimmed Low

See, the shorter your mustache will be, the more evident the gap will become. Hence, the best natural solution to go for is trimming it low. Keep the length of the mustache a bit longer. Let it cross your upper lips.

This doesn’t contradict the fact that we told you to grow a longer mustache. You should grow a longer mustache and try to hide the gap. This is the best option.

But, if you can’t then trimming it down (at a stubble length), your mustache gap will not be easily seen.

That happens because if the rest of your mustache is short then the gap doesn’t differ too much from it.

Makes sense, right?

Don’t give it any shape. Just brush it and keep grooming it with your fingers to hide the gap. When your mustache is a bit bushy, it will automatically spread evenly. Bushy mustaches are great to hide the gap as well.

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Extra Tip: Shave Your Mustache

Finally, if the mustache is giving you such a headache, make up your mind and simply shave it off.

Either you can embrace the truth that there is a mustache gap, and you need to style it accordingly; else, if accepting the fact is difficult for you, the only option left is shaving it off.

We won’t recommend this additional tip to anyone because you give it your all to grow your mustache. But if the mustache gap is mentally causing pain to you, trust us, shaving it all off will be a good idea.

There are also other solution that we can apply but only for a mustache gap, we don’t feel it is worth it.

Minoxidil is a product that studies have proven to increase beard growth and decrease hair loss. However, Minoxidil’s results are expected at least 3-6 months after its daily application.

And also, the results are not permanent which means that if you stop using it the new hairs will fall.

The last way to fill your mustache gap is with a transplant. If your beard is very patchy and you are desperate to grow a beard and a mustache then go for it. It will boost your confidence.

These are all ways you can deal with a patchy mustache with a gap in the middle.

Is A Mustache Gap Actually A Problem?

Here’s something that you need to know.

The mustache gap is not a problem at all! Digest it. Mustache gap is a common thing to happen to most of the men out there. It is a natural feature that you have on your face.

No matter how much you dislike it, your genes are made that way, and they are programmed to let you have a mustache gap. Taking it as a problem will only make your life difficult.

There are so many mustache styles that you can go for even after having a mustache gap, so why take it as a problem?

Cheer up; we have the best beard styles that are perfect for men with mustache gaps.

Best Beard Styles If You Can’t Grow Full Mustache

As we said, we have some of the best beard styles for men who can’t grow a full mustache because of the mustache gap.

If you are in it, and you know you can pull it off, here are our best picks!

  • Stubble
keanu reeves stubble

A simple stubble actually looks great on men, and this is one look that you can go for without the need to grow a mustache—all you have to be careful about is keeping it neat.

  • Chinstrap

Chinstrap does need some shaping, shaving, and trimming, but you know what makes men attractive. Ask any woman about a chinstrap, and they will tell you they love it!

  • Goatee
asian goatee

Now, you might have seen many men with goatee without a mustache. Doesn’t that look cool? We will recommend trying this look if you can’t grow a full beard.

  • Soul Patch

A soul patch without a mustache makes you look masculine yet soft. Men do add a mustache to look more masculine, but then the softness disappears.

  • Mutton Chops
beard without mustache

Bring in some sophistication to your look with the old-school mutton chops. This style is popular among men who don’t want to grow a mustache.

  • Chin Strap and Goatee

Mix chin strap and goatee for an amazingly fashionable look! This combo is a bomb, and you can trim this style at home, which means you will save yourself some bucks.

  • Lincoln Beard

Just like Abraham Lincoln, his beard is quite famous too. This one is considered to be a prestigious and influential look. If you can pull it off, nothing like it.

  • Chin Puff

Another beard style without a mustache that we like is the chin puff. Whether you prefer the long or the shorter version will depend on your personal choice, but don’t forget to trim it from time to time.

  • Chin Curtain

Chin curtain will extend through your jawline and chin. This is another old-school style, but a prevalent one. We would recommend this one.


Never think that mustache gap is a problem because it is genuinely not.

Men with a bushy mustache can also have a mustache gap. Embrace it, and go for other styles, which will satisfy you, and won’t make you worry about your mustache gap!

A mustache gap is a very common problem that millions of men have. The most important thing is though how you handle this situation.

If it hurts your confidence, then do something about it.

If you are ok, just accept the situation and make the most out of it by trying to hide it either by letting it grow or by trimming it down to a stubble length so that it can’t be easily seen.

Try beard styles that don’t focus on the mustache.

At the end of the day, enjoy your life and don’t let little things distract from being great.

And…that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you found it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Are you ready to hide your mustache gap and start feeling good again?

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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