David Beckham Beard Styles: How To Get Them, Tutorial, Pics

David Beckham doesn’t need a big introduction, does he?

Well, as everyone knows, David Beckham is one of the most handsome, famous and successful men worldwide.

Except for being a legendary soccer player, he was/is a model, an entrepreneur and much more.

David Beckham is the synonym of fashion in a way that when you think of what to wear you mostly likely have a photo of his in your mind unintentionally.

However, in this article, we will also focus on the best David Beckham beard styles. He likes changes a lot and he has tried a large number of both beard and hairstyles.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

David Beckham Beard Styles

david beckham beard styles

As we have briefly mentioned, David is not shy of trying new things. He has tried a huge variety of both hairstyles and beard styles.

Well, now you may think, that yes, he has tried many beard styles but he is handsome and that’s why he always looks good, which is partly correct.

He can’t look too bad. Even with blonde hair which I hugely dislike, David Beckham can’t look too bad.

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But, here is the truth. These beard styles are the beard styles that one of the most, if not the most, handsome man on the planet wears. So, they should be at least good if not excellent!

Let’s see!

David Beckham Stubble Beard

David Beckham Stubble

There are 3 categories of stubble.

  • Light Stubble
  • Medium Stubble
  • Heavy Stubble

In this article, we only wanna take a good idea and summarize the best beard styles that David wears so it is pointless and tiring for you to get into great detail about these.

A stubble beard is something between a short beard and a clean-shaven look. This style is one of the most stylish beard styles of all time.

Except for David, who looks stunning in this, many more celebrities wear a stubble beard for example Jason Statham who is the idol of the bald with stubble look.

How To Get David Beckham Stubble

To get this stubble look, you need a high quality beard trimmer. In fact, every bearded man should have a quality beard because it makes our lives much easier.

The trimmer will have many guards, you choose whatever you want depending on how long you want your stubble to be.

Remember, if your facial hair is more than 4-5mm long then it is called short beard and not stubble.

David Beckham Goatee

David Beckham Van dyke

A goatee is a beard style that requires facial hair on the chin, below our lip and a mustache.

Yes, there are different variations but the traditional goatee is like that.

David sometimes wears a variation of goatee which is called Van Dyke beard and it is a very very styling beard style if it suits you.

In short, the difference between a traditional goatee and a Van Dyke Goatee is that in a Van Dyke goatee the mustache is not connected to the rest of the facial hair.

Also, a Van Dyke goatee, most of the time, has a handlebar mustache but it is optional.

This is an amazing beard style, especially, if you can’t grow a full beard (you have a patchy or scraggly beard).

How To Get David Beckham Goatee

To get David Beckham’s Goatee-Van Dyke beard you should follow these simple steps:

Wash Your Face With Warm Water
Trim Your Beard-Facial Hair
Shape The Traditional Goatee
Disconnect Mustache From Chin Beard
Apply Shaving Foam Or Gel
Shave Your Cheek Hair With A Razor To Get Rid Of Stubble
Apply After Shave Lotion

Of course, you can skip the last 3 steps, but in our opinion, it is good for you to use a manual razor for a more precise and deep shave of the 5 o’clock shadow.

But, it’s up to you!

David Beckham Long Beard

David Beckham Long Beard

It is not very often but David Beckham sometimes grows a long(er) beard.

Most of the time, he has a stubble or a short beard but check out his long beard.

He doesn’t have a full thick beard such as James Harden, Dan Bilzerian, etc but his facial hair is thick.

In fact, the only areas he doesn’t have facial hair are the areas around his soul patch. Most men struggle to develop beard hairs there.

How To Grow A Long Beard Like David Beckham

Growing a long beard is not that tough if you have good genetics.

This beard style will need some patience if you are clean-shaven. It will take you 4-5 weeks minimum to get there.

Also, when you are growing long facial hair you may have to deal with some common beard problems such as itchiness, under-beard skin dryness, dandruff, beard hairs sticking out, and more.

But, do not let these problems stop you.

There is always something you can do.

David Beckham Short Beard

David Beckham Short Beard

This is the final beard style, we will discuss because these are his main beard styles.

Other people may try to tell you these 17 styles or these 50 styles but this is misleading. His beard styles are these 4 styles and nothing else.

I have done my research in detail.

A short beard is self-explanatory. It is longer than heavy stubble which is 4-5 mm long and shorter than a long, bushy beard.

Most of the time, Beckham wears either a stubble or a short beard.

The only real difference between those two styles is how often he wants to trim and what guard he wants to use.

If he wants a stubble he uses the 1 or 2 guard of his beard trimmer while if he wants a short beard he uses higher guards such as the 3.

The Beckham Effect: Impacting Grooming Trends with Iconic Beard Styles

The influence of grooming trends with iconic beard styles cannot be underestimated, and a prime example of this impact is seen through the legendary footballer and style icon, David Beckham.

Over the years, Beckham’s ever-changing beard choices have left a significant mark on men’s grooming preferences worldwide. From his rugged “Designer Stubble” to well-groomed full beards, each of his facial hair looks has sparked trends and inspired countless men to experiment with their own appearance.

Beckham’s ability to effortlessly switch between different beard lengths and shapes has redefined traditional notions of masculinity and self-expression through facial hair.

As a result, beards have become more than just a passing fad; they have become a symbol of sophistication and style in the modern era of male grooming.

By embodying a wide range of beard styles, David Beckham continues to drive trends and motivate men to embrace their individuality through their grooming choices.

David Beckham Grooming Products

These products are David Beckham’s products, they do have his name on them and I suppose it is a good addition to this article and good for you to know.

  • House 99 Softer Touch (Beard Oil)
  • House 99 Get Groomed (Purifying Beard Scrub)
  • House 99 Seriously Groomed (Beard And Hair Balm)
  • House 99 Neat Cut (Shaving Cream)

He has more products, but these are the products for facial hair and making your stubble softer.

I have tested most of them, they are high-quality products but I don’t know if they are that good to not buy locally.

But, if you want to show off a little bit with David Beckham products and photos with them, go ahead. They are not that expensive after all.

Final Words

To sum up, David Beckham is one of the most successful, famous and handsome men worldwide.

A lot of men want to mimic not only his beard styles but also his hairstyles, his clothing, his attitude, etc.

Remember, he has been making women go crazy for years!

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In this article, we discussed his most iconic beard styles and how to do them and we briefly told you about his grooming products.

And that’s it for today’s article, I really hope you found it helpful.

If you have any questions or you just wanna share your thoughts with us, feel free to comment down below.

Are you ready to take action and steal David Beckhan beard styles?

Take action!

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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