How To Grow Seth Rogen Beard Like A Pro!

Are you interested in learning about Seth Rogen beard style and how he can grow and trim such an impressive beard?

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seth rogen beard

Seth Rogen has a bushy, thick and badass beard that both men and women can’t overlook. In fact, we have seen him with a terrific 1-month beard, a 2-month beard and also shorter (stubble) beard styles.

In this article, we will discuss all of these beard styles and help you choose and trim your own beard like Seth Rogen!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Who Is Seth Rogen

Before we discuss Seth Rogen’s beard styles, let’s make sure everyone knows a few things about him.

Seth Aaron Rogen, which is his full name, is a Canadian-American actor, writer, comedian and film director. Really talented guy. He was born in April 1982.

Rogen was named the Canadian Comedy person of the year in both 2008 and 2009!

Seth began dating his wife, Lauren Miller in 2004 and they got engaged in 2010. According to they don’t intend to have children for various reasons.

He is very well-known because of his movies, but only a few people know he is active in raising awareness against Alzheimer disease. He has invested money, time and effort to inform people about Alzheimer. He has spoken in seminars about it too.

The disease runs in his wife’s family and he had also a member of his family dealing with it.

But, I don’t want to tire you with details, let’s move on!

Seth Rogen Beard Explained

seth rogen beard

Seth Rogen typically wears one of the three beard styles:

The 1-month beard is the beard style you get after 30 days of not shaving your beard. Obviously, it all starts from clean-shaven. The 1-month beard is awesome.

It makes him look really badass cause his beard is quite thick and with no patchy areas. He could trim the sides a little bit and get the ducktail beard to have better angles on his face.

When he loses weight, his face is spectacular. On the other hand, when he gains some weight and lets his beard grow to the 2-month length, it makes him look quite chubby.

The 2-month is not for everyone. If you have a rounded face, it can help you create the illusion of a better face but it needs to be pointed. If you just have a 2-month-old beard and you don’t shape it, it may look weird. Some men look ok with it, especially that have really nice physiques, tattoos and stuff.

Rogen’s final beard style is stubble beard and, more specifically, heavy stubble/ 10-day stubble. Women took part in studies and voted heavy stubble as the best beard style.

When he is not overweight, his face with stubble or the 1-month beard looks excellent.

The color of his beard used to be brown and reddish, but now he also has some white hairs on it. However, this doesn’t make him dye his beard. He accepts it the way it is.

How To Trim Your Beard Like Seth Rogen

Trimming your beard like Seth Rogen is not very difficult. But, you have to be careful with it and choose the style that is more suitable for you.

You know everyone is different. Everyone’s facial hair is different.

Here are the steps you need to follow to grow and trim Seth Rogen beard:

  • Let Your Beard Grow (depending on which beard style of the 3 you chose)
  • Use Beard Care Products Daily
  • Wash And Brush Your Beard Daily
  • Trim Your Neckline
  • Style Your Beard

The above steps are generic, and you should do them no matter which style you choose.

If you choose the heavy stubble you should maintain your beard by trimming it down with number 4 or 5 guard of your beard trimmer. Keep in mind that heavy stubble is 4-5mm long.

You can also shave your neckline and your cheek lines to make your beard look sharper and your face more angular.

The 1-month beard requires more time but has the same concept. After one month, you will start trimming your beard with the 12 guard or with beard scissors.

The 2-month beard, which I do not personally recommend, needs 2 months to accomplish and then you have to trim your beard with scissors every once in a while to keep it at this length.

Also, make sure you clean your neck and cheek hair a little bit to make your beard sharper and well-groomed.

Seth Rogen Without A Beard

seth rogen no beard

Most of the time, Seth Rogen wears one of the three beard styles that we already mentioned, but sometimes he is clean-shaven or with light stubble.

I definitely don’t agree with this choice, but he may need to wear this style for a role or something.

He looks better wearing his beard, for sure. In fact, most men do!

To Sum Things Up

Seth Rogen has awesome beard genetics and can grow an epic beard.

His most worn beard styles are the 1-month beard, followed by the 2-month beard and heavy stubble.

He looks way better in those styles when he is not overweight.

In my opinion, the 1-month beard and the heavy stubble are the option you should opt for. If you want to grow a longer beard, go for the 6-month beard or the yeard which is very very impressive and you will stand out from everyone else.

And that’s it for today’s article gentlemen. I really hope you found this article useful and easy to understand.

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts with us, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment; we will be happy to reply.

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