James Harden With And Without A Beard: Beardless, No Beard

I guess everyone that reads this article knows very well who James Harden is.

However, we will make a quick summary of who he is and why we care about his famous beard.

james harden beard

In fact, no one actually cares too much about his beard. But, well, some of us that we are NBA fans we wanna know some more spicy details about our favorite players.

For example, how Lebron James would look like if he was completely bald (since his hair has started to fall long ago), or how other famous players would look like if they were bald or fat or without facial hair, etc. Makes sense, right?

We are just curious to know more stuff or laugh at our favorite players.

Whatever the case is, if you are a true NBA fan, you wanna see James Harden without a beard!

In this article, we will make a really brief discussion of who James Harden is and we will go straight to the spicy photographs.

If you are bored to read his story, feel free to skip it and just check the photos, no worries!

Who Is James Harden?

James Harden is one of the best NBA players heading into 2020. He is an eight times NBA All-star and also he has 6 All NBA team first-team selection.

In 2018 he was named the NBA most valuable player (MVP) and was also a member of the United States national team who won 2 gold metals the first one in the 2012 Summer Olympics and in 2014 Fiba World Cup.

Harden is also one of the NBA best scorers if not the best (for some people) of all time. The last 3 years he is averaging over 30 points per game. In his best season, 2018-2019, he was averaging 36,1 points per game which is really impressive.

He started his NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder as the third overall draft pick and now he is playing for Houston Rockets.

After this brief reference to Harden’s achievements let’s move on to the spicy details and pictures that you are here for.

James Harden Without A Beard: Beard Evolution

You will be shocked how much James Harden has changed compared to how he looked like in college.

Beardless James Harden In College

James Harden except for basketball is also known for his beard and his nickname is ”The Beard”. He has said that he is not going to shave his beard except for charity.

Harden in his college years couldn’t and didn’t want to grow a beard and he is totally different than now. Not even close. Would you imagine a no beard James Harden?

Here he is, James Harden before the beard or with a goatee.

James Harden in Oklahoma City Thunder

In 2009 Oklahoma City selects James Harden as the number 3 overall pick. They knew they had found something special at Harden but as we all know thee team lost all their three superstars Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and James Harden sooner or later.

While he was playing for OKC, Harden has started to grow his beard and he was saying that he is doing it because he was too lazy to shave.

But, come on, we are all sure he liked that new style!

If you see how he looks like before growing a beard, you clearly understand why he is denying to shave (except for millions of dollars for charity)

Nothing against James, but he looks awesome with his long thick beard.

James Harden In Houston Rockets

At the time Harden’s contract with OKC was expiring, the team did not have enough cap space to offer him a good deal since they prioritize Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook.

In short, Harden signed a contract with the Houston Rockets and he upgraded both his game and his beard!

He actually turned into a beast scoring like crazy.

Here there are some of his recent photos and he has changed a lot compared to his college years.

In 2020, his beard is longer than ever before. It is his trademark. He is called The Beard by everyone.

The lost bet: Did James Harden Shave His Beard?

His colleges years are not the only years you can see Harden with no beard, though.

In 2015, James Harden made a crucial mistake. He lost a bet to his friend and NBA player Demar Derozan and he was forced to shave his beard completely.

The result is…this. James Harden with and without beard!

Final Words

In 2020, Harden has a very long and thick beard that he is proud of. And I will be honest, he looks great with this beard.

However, James was not always a bearded man!

If you see high school or college videos of James Harden, you may not even distinguish who he is. He is that different than today.

Also, he shaved again in 2015 after losing a bet to Demar Derozan.

Twitter and Facebook had gone crazy after this if I remember correct.

All in all, this article does not have the purpose to criticize Harden or anything like that. James Harden is one of the best to ever play the game of basketball and all his fans including us wanna know everything, all the spicy details about our favorite players.

That’s it for today’s article. I hope you found it useful and easy to read.

Until next time,

Stay safe and…let it grow!


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