Extended goatee: How To Grow, Trim And Maintain

The extended goatee is a classic beard style that has adorned the faces of celebrities and royalty alike. It has a subtle and yet powerful elegance to it that makes a statement without being loud. 

An extended goatee is a popular choice for many men looking for a versatile and stylish facial hair look. But what exactly is an extended goatee?

Put simply, it’s a beard style that combines a goatee with a mustache and hair that extends down the sides of the mouth and along the jawline. This style is sometimes referred to as a ‘Hollywoodian’ or a ‘tailback’ goatee.

In this article, we will take you through all the intricacies involved in crafting this look. We will show you how to trim, groom, and maintain your extended goatee. 

Get ready to rock this versatile look and win the admiring glances of onlookers. 

What is an extended goatee?

extended goatee

The extended goatee is the classic goatee that connects with the mustache, and a beard covers the jawlines. However, there are no sideburns. This is a popular style among celebrities, also sometimes called the Tailback. 

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The extended goatee has a long and storied history, with variations of the style appearing in art and literature dating back to ancient times.

In modern times, the extended goatee has been popularized by actors and musicians, with many different variations on the basic style.

Many a time, this style is confused with the Hollywoodian beard. We will explain the difference to you. 

Difference Between Extended Goatee and Hollywoodian Beard

The extended goatee and Hollywoodian beard look similar, and therefore the confusion is commonplace. 

However, the subtle difference between both lies in the fact that the extended goatee is thinner than the Hollywoodian.  

The Hollywoodian beard is also longer on the chin and the jawline. By contrast, the extended goatee is cut closer to the chin and merely presents as a guide for the outline of the jaws.

Why You Need an Extended Goatee Style? 

why you need an extended goatee

 Here are some of the top reasons why you need an extended goatee beard style. 

  1. If you have patchy facial hair growth, the extended goatee beard style can help you out. 
  2. It is great for men who want something more than a mustache but don’t want a full beard. 
  3. The extended goatee is a natural suit for men who have strong growth around the chin and mustache. 
  4. It is a beard style that looks good across age groups
  5. If you are an amateur beardsman who has just started his beard growth journey, the low low-maintenance extended goatee beard will be an ideal fit for you. 

When you go for an extended goatee, you are sending out a subtle message that you’re more adventurous than men with full goatees or classic goatees.

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You’re open to experimentation, and you don’t like the confines of every day and the regular. 

Having said that, you are also stating that you’re not a bohemian but life is about trying out different things. 

If you have been feeling the need for some change without catching the glaring attention of people, the extended goatee style is something that could be just perfect for you. 

How to trim an extended goatee

how to trim an extended goatee

Step 1

The first step to getting an extended goatee is to let your beard grow longer and thicker than usual. 

Grow your hair under the chin and along the jawline. 

Only when you have thick hair growth can you shape the hair using a trimmer or shaper. 

It can take you around 2 weeks to grow your facial hair. 

Step 2 

Create the initial shape of the extended goatee using a shaver or trimmer with no guard in it. 

Keep your cheeks clean-shaven and create the shape of your beard. 

This cut aims to have hair that is thicker at the chin and grows out in the direction of the jaw. 

Keep in mind that the hair below your chin should not touch your Adam’s apple. Preferably keep a gap of one inch between the hair and Adam’s apple.

Shaving the neckline can require some expertise. The shape of your face could change depending on the amount of hair you shave from below your chin and jaws. 

Step 3

Once the outline of your goatee is defined and you are satisfied with the length of the beard, you don’t have a lot on your hands. 

Depending on the length you want to keep, you can have anywhere between guard numbers 2 and 3 or guard numbers 4 to 5. 

With the first set of numbers, you’ll have a short beard, while if you go with the higher guard numbers, your beard will be long. 

What You Will Need

  • Electric beard trimmer or safety razor
  • Beard comb
  • Beard shaper tool (optional) 
  • Beard butter or oil 

This is all the stuff needed to get this beard style. Nothing special or expensive. Every man who respects his beard should have these things whatever beard style he wears.

How To Maintain An Extended Goatee

Once you’ve grown out your extended goatee, it’s important to maintain it properly to keep it looking sharp and well-defined. Here are some tips to help you maintain your extended goatee:

  1. Trim Regularly: To keep your extended goatee looking its best, you should trim it regularly. Use a good pair of scissors or a beard trimmer to carefully trim the hair around your goatee, making sure to keep the lines neat and clean.
  2. Use Beard Oil: Beard oil is a great way to keep your goatee looking soft and well-moisturized. Apply a few drops of beard oil to your goatee every day, making sure to work it into the hair and skin.
  3. Cleanse and Condition: Just like the hair on your head, your goatee hair needs to be cleansed and conditioned regularly to keep it healthy and looking its best. Use a gentle beard shampoo and conditioner to cleanse your goatee hair, making sure to rinse thoroughly.
  4. Use a Comb or Brush: To keep your goatee hair looking neat and well-groomed, use a good quality comb or brush to style it. Gently brush or comb your goatee hair every day, making sure to work out any tangles or knots.
  5. Maintain the Shape: To maintain the shape of your extended goatee, use a small amount of beard balm or wax to help hold the hair in place. Apply a small amount of balm or wax to your fingertips and work it into your goatee hair, making sure to focus on the areas that need the most hold.

By following these tips, you can keep your extended goatee looking sharp and well-defined, ensuring that you always look your best.

Celebrities with Extended Goatee Beards 

Some of the Hollywood celebrities who have carried off this style over the years are Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlie Hunnam, Christian Bale, and John Travolta. 

Extended Goatee With Stubble: The Ultimate Beard Style

This beard style is also known as a stubble goatee. Such a beard is composed of two things – Stubble and goatee. 

An extended goatee is a goatee with hair that is very short.

The stubble is not a style but refers to the length of facial hair when kept very short. In other words, very short facial hair is called stubble. In terms of numbers, this means hair that is less than 5 mm in length. 

Stubble helps you give a neat look and also gives you beard length that is popular among most people.

Stubble can be of three types – light (1-2mm), medium, and heavy (up to 5mm)

Now, let us tell you how you can trim your stubble goatee

Step 1  Bring your hair to a trimmable length

The first step involves growing your hair to a trimmable length. 

If you are already clean-shaven or near about it, you need to grow your hair to a length that is 2mm longer than the stubble length you want.

For e.g. If you want heavy stubble, you need to grow your hair to 7mm in length since a heavy stubble is 5 mm in length. 

If you already have a long or full beard, you need to trim it down to 2mm more than the length you finally want. 

In case you have patchy growth, give time to slow-growing hair to catch up with the faster-growing ones. 

Step 2 Exfoliate 

While you might be wondering correctly that this is not related to trimming, the fact is that exfoliating your skin is a process that does wonders to the trimming process. 

Exfoliating is just the process of removing dirt, oil or dead cells or skin from the surface of your face. 

A face with all the above components clogs the pores of the skin and creates friction while shaving. 

Exfoliating will give you less irritating skin and a closer shave.

Step 3: Trim the full beard and the entire neckline 

In this step, trim the full beard while making sure that your mustache, cheeks, neck, and chin all have hair around the same length. Keep in mind the parameters mentioned in the previous step. 

Your stubble goatee neckline needs to be very short and shouldn’t extend beyond the corners of the mouth. The lowest point in your neckline should be above your Adam’s Apple. 

Step 4 Create the stubble goatee

With the naked blade of the trimmer, outline your goatee. 

Make the goatee a bit wider initially. This leaves the scope of narrowing it down later, instead of making it too thin. 

Outline the stubble goatee along the lines of your mustache curves going downwards. 

Step 5 Give your mustache a shape

Make sure that any hair dangling over the upper lip is trimmed. Use a trimmer or a pair of scissors. 

Step 6 Don’t forget the soul patch 

Goatees don’t look the same without a soul patch. The soul patch is a small patch of hair below our lower lip. 

Make sure to remove any stray hairs from the soul patch. 

Step 7 Shave the cheeks and the neck

Once you outline and shape everything ready, it is time to shave the cheeks (high only) and the neck. 

The more you are clean-shaven in areas you don’t want hair in, makes your actual goatee look more pronounced and defined. 


The extended goatee is a versatile style that goes well in different social scenarios. The best part is that it is not hard to craft. Give yourself this look, and tell us how it worked out for you. 

Some people think of traditional goatees as weird and, yes, they do look weird on some men. However, others look amazing with goatees.

An extended goatee is a lot safer because you have more facial hair and most of us look great wearing it.

And…that’s for today’s article. I really hope you found what you were searching for. We always try our best to help you.

Are you ready to make a change?

Take action!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below.

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