Are Goatees Attractive? Pros And Cons, Goatee Styles

Beards are one of the most striking features of the male gender.

Some guys start growing beards from as early as their teenage years, while some may have to wait until their twenties and, in rare cases, in the thirties.

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Men that wear goatee styles do not have facial hair on their cheeks. However, are goatees attractive or everyone should grow a full beard?

While goatee beard styles are quite popular among men, women generally prefer either full-bearded men or clean-shaven faces. Goatees are no doubt attractive, but research has shown that girls prefer their men to not shave their cheeks or be fully shaven.

Obviously, there is much more to discuss because many men cannot grow full beards and they also have baby faces or look bad when fully shaven.

With further ado, let’s get into it!

What is A Goatee Beard Style?

The goatee beard is a style where visible hair is seen stretching from and around the wearer’s chin. This hair sometimes extends from the upper lip region round the mouth before it gets to the chin. In other forms, it starts first from the side of the jaw, just around the ears, before it reaches down to the chin.

To be more specific, the term “goatee” traditionally refers to the patch of hair under the lower lip and chin. A goatee comes naturally and is usually the first area hair starts to grow for most guys. Nonetheless, a lot of guys still like to style their goatees the way they want.

A goatee is simply a beard style that consists of facial hair on the chin but not on the cheeks.

With the recent facial hair wave among men, goatees have now become a huge statement. Men are seen to spot a goatee more often these days. Goatees usually come in various sizes and shapes. 

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Choosing to grow a goatee is dependent on several factors.

These factors may include the shape of the wearer’s face and the thickness or thinness of the hair. In the latter case, thicker goatees appear a lot fuller and attractive than goatees with thinner hair. This still comes down to personal taste and appeal.

Are Goatees Attractive? Who Looks Good With A Goatee?

are goatees attractive?

Although beards are naturally occurring among the male gender, not all men can carry a great beard. But it is not always the case that these men can’t maintain a great beard; some men simply don’t know how to groom theirs. 

Grooming is also an essential part of growing a beard. How you treat your beard will ultimately pan out in the way it looks in the long run. So it is always essential that you take good care of your beard every day to make it look attractive.

As discussed earlier, you may have to consider a few factors regarding who looks good with a goatee. The texture of your hair is a decisive factor when you think about growing a goatee. Secondly, the shape of your face will tell just how great your goatee will turn out.

Let us discuss facial symmetry a little bit.

Now, according to experts, there are six different facial shapes which are as follows:

  • Round: A round face has a more subtle curve leading to the chin with a more elaborate cheekbone.
  • Heart or Love: The heart or love shape is similar to a round shape but with a much broader forehead and thinner chin.
  • Square: This face shape has a broad jawline.
  • Rectangular: Similar to the square, but is longer than is broad on the sides. 
  • Diamond: A diamond face shape has sharp and pronounced cheekbones but with a narrow forehead and chin.
  • Pear: The pear-shaped face is like a reverse heart. It usually comes with a smaller forehead but with a wider jaw.

There are still slight variations to each of the shapes mentioned above. However, all six forms should act as a blueprint to know which face shape suits a goatee beard style.

Generally, a goatee looks best on a much thinner chin than one that is broad. Since a goatee simulates a sleek look, a narrow chin line will accentuate this style a lot better. Consequently, a goatee will work best with diamond and heart-shaped facial symmetry.

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Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Goatee

john Travolta goatee

A goatee is a staple amongst a lot of men. However, it can come with its pros and cons. We will discuss a few of these pros and cons below.

Pros of Growing a Goatee

  1. Goatees give you a sleek, relaxed look. It can act as a middle-ground between a fully bearded face and one that’s bare.
  2. Goatees make you appear more responsible, especially in the corporate space.
  3. They make you look masculine.
  4. A lot of women are attracted to men with goatees.
  5. People tend to respect you more when you spot an elaborate goatee.
  6. You command a higher level of authority.
  7. A goatee is far easier to maintain than a fully-bearded face.
  8. You appear more approachable with a goatee.
  9. A goatee makes you appear wiser.
  10. Growing a goatee can help boost your confidence.

Cons of Growing a Goatee 

  1. Although goatees are easier to maintain, they can still look unkempt if not correctly managed.
  2. A very long goatee may make you appear irresponsible.
  3. You may have a hard time getting a job with an elaborate goatee.
  4. Thin-haired goatees don’t give you an appealing look.
  5. Goatees can hide skin problems or bacteria
  6. A goatee may make you appear older than you are.
  7. Food can drop on your goatee.
  8. Most women generally prefer full beards.

Best Goatee Styles

Facial hairs have made a massive comeback over the last couple of years. This leaves the male folk with a ton of choices to pick from. For those longing for a goatee, we have outlined the eight best goatee styles to help you set up your desired look: 

This goatee style is inspired by Anthony Van Dyke, the great 17th-century artist. It comes with a French mustache with a wholly shaved jawline.

The conventional goatee spots just a patch of hair on the chin. However, this style of goatee stretches upwards to cover the jaw bone. 

  • Vague Goatee

This type of goatee is ideal for guys with beard growth issues. They can find it very easy to feign a scanty-beard appeal with a tiny patch of hair just at the tip of the chin.

The goatee is the standard patch of full-long hair underneath the chin with less thick ones extending to the sides.

  • Full-feature Goatee

This goatee goes around the upper lip with an elaborate mustache that joins back down to the other side.

  • The Anchor

This goatee style is unique in that it stretches right from under the lip before spreading out around the jawline.

  • Landing Strip

The landing strip is almost the same as the anchor except in this case; it is a single straight line to the chin tip. This differs from the anchor, which spreads out along the chin bone.

  • The Untrimmed Goatee

The untrimmed is a great setup, especially when you are trying to let off a soft vibe. This works when styled in addition to a very pronounced mustache and thick sideburns.

Obviously, this style is special. Growing a beard without a mustache is not for everyone. But there are some cases that guys look better without a mustache for various reasons. If that’s you then try this style!

What Beard Style Do Girls Like More?

It is hard to give a straight answer when asked: What beard style do girls like more?

What may hold for one will certainly not fit for the other. Having that thought at the back of your mind, you may also consider what occasion your beards serve as well as your intent.

Sometimes, even a scruffy fully-bearded man can be appealing to a corporate-type lady. This could be in many ways contradictory to popular thought. Things and times have changed. We may be rocking to the #beardgang era, but there are still ladies who love well-shaved men with lesser facial hair.

On the whole, it simply comes down to individual preferences in women.

But according to this study carried out by Dixson et al., it appears that ladies will most of the time go for a guy with a full stubble beard than those with a clean shave or a goatee style.

Also, of all the beard shapes, styles, and lengths, stubble (light, medium, heavy) and short beards, in general, are ideal for most women.


From all indications, women seem to love beards and are likely to find you more attractive with a beard on.

However, as masculine as a goatee is, you may want to consider a stubble or full beard for girls to like your facial hair. Combining it with the perfect stubble beard may be a creative way to look attractive if you are bent on keeping a goatee.

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Whichever beard style you choose, it is essential to consider your hair texture, facial symmetry and maintain proper beard hygiene to look attractive.

Also, if you can’t grow a full thick beard then a goatee style may be your ultimate solution. Try it and give it some time to get used to it.

The first time you will wear a goatee you will think you look very weird. But, in most cases, that’s not the case!

And… that’s it for today’s article! I really hope you found it helpful and interesting.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to reply.

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