Best Haircuts for Goatees (The Definitive Guide)

A lot of time and effort goes into growing a goatee, and it would be a shame if your intentionality goes unnoticed due to a poor haircut choice. As defining as goatees are, they can be less effective on your looks when combined with a haircut that draws attention away.

The difference between a nice goatee beard and a poor one may be maintenance or haircut choice. Goatees look good with just about any haircut, but the best haircuts for goatees are a bald head, low cut fade, buzz cut, and slicked back.

best haircuts for goatees

These styles add more personality to the goatee and ensure your goatee beard strikes maximum effect on the aesthetic scoreboard.

To help you achieve that distinctive and appealing look, I’ve developed a guide about the best haircuts for goatees!

Let’s get into it!

What Is A Goatee beard?

First things first, let’s make sure we are all on the same page.

A goatee is a beard that starts under the lower lip and extends outward toward the chin, often with a slight curve towards the edge of the mouth. In simple terms, a goatee refers to facial hair that grows on your chin.

The goatee beard gets its name from the male goat, which grows a tuft of hair under its chin.

However, the goatee style has evolved in recent years, and you may wear it with a mustache (popularly called a Van Dyke), as a circle beard (under your chin, around the soul patch, and with a mustache), or with full facial hair.

How To Choose A Haircut That Goes With A Goatee?

bald with goatee

Growing a goatee is only one part of the job; you must choose a haircut that suits your goatee perfectly. This is easier said than done, as the perfect haircut depends on several factors.

1. Your Goatee Style: As mentioned earlier, the goatee generally refers to the hair that grows beneath your chin. However, your goatee could extend upward towards the edges of your mouth to join your mustache or could be worn short.

2. The thickness of your goatee: The thicker your goatee hair, the lower you want to grow the hair on your head. This is because thick goatees are like a lion’s mane, bringing that masculinity to the surface. While you can rock a goatee with full hair, it’s advisable to have one more pronounced than the other.

3. Hair type: Your hair type, whether it’s thick, slender, wavy, or straight, can likewise impact the best hair style for you. For instance, a hair style that adds volume and texture might be more complimenting for somebody with thin hair, while a smooth, slicked-back style might turn out better for somebody with thick hair.

4. The look you’re aiming for. Consider how you’re trying to pass off. Are you trying to look older or cut some years off your appearance? A bald head and trimmed goatee do a great job of hiding receding hairline, while a fade could help you look younger.

5. Work: You also need to consider your job. In the corporate world, you’d need a haircut and goatee combo that appears confident and professional. If you’re creative, you have more room to experiment.

6. The shape of your face: Face shapes are essential in choosing facial hair and haircut styles because it determines how the hair turns out. Your face shape may be oval, round, square, etc., and it plays a massive part in how specific hairstyles look on you. Your chin and cheekbone angles are also essential factors that should affect your hairstyle choice. The Crew Cut and Pompadour are great styles if you have an oval face, while the Slicked Back is more suitable for round-faced men.

7. Maintenance: Consider how much effort you need to put into styling your hair consistently. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your hair, a shorter, low-maintenance haircut may be the best option for you.

Best Haircuts for Goatees

Congratulations on your admission into the men’s club, having decided to grow a goatee. While you can style the goatee in various ways to boost your appearance, your haircut must complement your facial hair. From the iconic Tony Stark look to Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba, and Johnny Depp, there are many goatee-inspired haircuts to choose from.

The following are some of the best haircuts for men with goatees.

The Bald Head:

the rock goatee

A bald head complements facial hair, especially the goatee, in amazing fashion. Asides from highlighting your masculine looks, it gives you that tough, no-nonsense look and draws attention to your goatee.

Some celebrities who have rocked this style with a goatee include Idris Elba and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Rocking a bald head with a goatee also gives a professional and responsible style, meaning you won’t be out of place in a boardroom meeting or suit and tie.

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The Bro Fro: The Bro Fro is a shorter version of the Afro and fits well with a goatee, especially if your goatee is thick. This haircut can make you look younger and trendy and pass for a nine to fiver if the occasion demands. The Bro Fro is adaptable to all lifestyles, whether you’re the geek in the room, the ladies’ man, or everyone’s go-to person.

Low Cut fade: You can never go wrong with a low cut, with or without beards. The low-cut and goatee combo is a classic that is sure to get heads turning your way. You may also add a fade for that killer look. The low cut makes you look clean, responsible, trendy, and younger, letting you roll up your sleeves and switch from that office nerd into the party animal when necessary.

The Slicked Back:

slicked-back hair with goatee

The Slicked Back haircut is an excellent fit in the early days of your goatee journey. If your goatee is still a stubble or grows naturally short, this haircut can make your beard defects less noticeable, ensuring you stay confident and attractive. You may also style it in a side part to get the best of your haircut. Ideally, the haircut-to-facial hair ratio is 1:2 and vice versa. If one grows thin, it is always better to grow the other long. However, some men still grow both long and look great at it.

The Buzz Cut:

buzz cut with goatee

The Buzz Cut is similar to a low cut, only longer and without a fade. This haircut is ideal if you have high cheekbones or a set face. The buzz cut combines with a circle beard, hiding greying or balding hair. The buzz cut is easy to maintain and requires little to no styling products.

Obviously, all buzz cuts can be combined with fades and in my opinion a buzz cut with fade is an amazing style that pairs awesomely with a goatee.

Can You Actually Look Great With A Goatee Beard?

Yes, all facial hair generally improves your looks, making you more attractive and intentional about your looks. However, looking great with a goatee beard requires much more than growing one.

Several factors, such as the style and thickness of the goatee, your complexion, hair color, and your face shape, play a role in how the goatee looks on you.

For men with a square face, a goatee beard may make you look awkward, while men with slim faces generally look great with a goatee. Men with square faces can still look good with a goatee beard if they grow a mustache.

The mustache makes the goatee fit better due to the curved shape of the hair above your lips and at the sides of the mouth. Your chosen goatee style also determines whether growing a goatee beard will be a hit or miss.

Another essential factor to looking great with a goatee beard is maintenance. Goatees require proper care, from styling to regular trimming, conditioning, and oiling.

Regular maintenance of your goatee beard rejuvenates the hair and makes it look appealing. Without proper care, your goatee may become scruffy and unattractive. A scruffy goatee beard may also give a perception of being rough and having poor personal hygiene.

To look great with a goatee, you need to have the proper tools and products for maintenance and choose the right haircut and goatee style that matches your personality, face shape, and other peculiarities. If you’re unsure what goatee style suits you, you can read our guide on goatee beard styles here.

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To Sum Things Up

All in all, picking the best hairstyle for a man with a goatee beard includes considering various factors, for example, face shape, hair type, individual style, and the degree of upkeep you will focus on.

A hairstyle that supplements your goatee and compliments your facial features can assist with upgrading your general appearance. It is also a good idea to talk with a hair specialist to track down a haircut that works for you and fits your specific individual needs and preferences.

And that’s really it for today’s article! I really hope you liked it and found it interesting and helpful.

As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

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